Club Ride to The Kings Head at Blakeney

Club Ride to The Kings Head at Blakeney – Leader Kevin Hornshaw 14 October 2015

This club ride could either have been could have been called “The Tour of the Hills of Norfolk “or even “The Tour of the Fords of Norfolk”. Perhaps, even better “Tour of The Hills and Fords of Norfolk”. Whichever title given would not have done justice to the cocktail of roads, fords and hills Kevin served up for the five riders who joined him at Pretty Corner. Yes, we are still stuck on six riders from the start.

Starting out the ride appeared innocuous enough but it soon became apparent that this would be a hilly day. We rode towards Briston and then turned down “gut wrench hill” to the gravel bottom and then onwards over many hills until unfortunately our leader punctured on a remote country lane.

Quite remarkably, this quite road became a hub of activity as soon as we stopped with tractors and cars coming from all directions. Once the tyre was fixed it was up the hill and then down to the pub where we met Trevor N riding out to meet us.

Good food and a warm welcome from the Kings Head which of course are standard.

After lunch a committee decision was taken to continue with Kevin’s planned route which encompassed a long drag up to Leatheringsett and a couple more fords for good measure plus a few more hill for good measure.

This was surely a five star club ride encompassing so much of the North Norfolk countryside and despite the cooling weather made for a great day out.

Many thanks Kevin.

2 puncture, 47 miles, Weather: A real mixed bag.