Club Ride to Nelsons Café at Wells Next the Sea – Leader Geoff Poulter 17 October 2015

Club Ride to Nelsons Café at Wells Next the Sea – Leader Geoff Poulter 17 October 2015

A bitter cold start to the club run suggested that General Winter is on the march and that summer will soon be a distant memory. This club ride is a North Norfolk classic and the four rider who came out intended to enjoy the day. We rode the back lanes to Briston and then round the Beck to go along the long road to Kettlestone where we crossed the main A148 for the Snorings. Here, Harvey took us on a detour to the Barshams which eventually lead us to the gates of Holkum Hall. It is always the highlight of any club run in this area to ride down to Holkum Hall and then out on to the Wells road.

At the café disappointment for some as the soup of the day was for carnivores’ and not herbivores’.

Putting this aside we had an enjoyable break and then it was back on our bikes for the journey home. We rode home down to Binham and then up to Bale. Unfortunately the sky was by now becoming black with rain on the coast which was threating to come inland. JH punctured and shortly afterwards the rain fell upon the riders as we neared Sheringham

GP punctured a few miles from home but was able to get enough air in the tyre to keep going.

A sort of enjoyable day – a bit like the curates egg – good in places.


2 puncture, 60 miles, Weather: Bitter wind – rain – and a tiny bit of blue