Club Ride to The Small Sticks Café at Cart Gap – 30 January 2016

Club Ride to The Small Sticks Café at Cart Gap – 30 January 2016

The club ride to Cart Gap brought out eleven club members in total despite the forecast of very windy conditions later in the day. As an experiment there was a longer club ride out of Pretty Corner to Banningham. Five left Pretty Corner including two new Bens. They took the back route to Banningham by way of Alby Common, to pick up another 4 Wheelers at Banningham. The route out was Skeyton, Swanton Abbott, Worstead, Honing, Brumstead Common, Lessingham, Happisburgh Common to Smallsticks Cafe at Cart Gap, where we had a large table booked. Two turned off to go straight home, but two more turned up at the cafe. The ride out was sheer pleasure assisted by a strong tail wind which was to become challenging to say the least, on the return leg.

The route back was via Happisburgh, Witton church, Paston, Knapton, Trunch, Southrepps Common, Antingham, Suffield, Colby, Alby Common, Sustead, Gresham for the final split of the remaining 4 riders. Interesting to note we rode past the back of Bacton Gas Terminal – seldom seen – where for once the road was relatively clean. Full marks to our leader who remarkably managed to keep us out of the wind for much of the return trip as well as introducing us to some “new” lane.

PC to Cart Gap 33 miles; Cart Gap to PC 26 miles {59 miles from PC to PC}. – Some did more and some did less.

9 riders out and 9 riders back, but 11 out in total.

Ben, Ben, Kevin, Phil, John S, Trevor, Ian, Darryl, Malcolm, Geoff, Harvey.

And NO punctures !