Club Ride to Hadfield Garden Centre at North Walsham (The Growing Club Tea Party)

Club Ride to Hadfield Garden Centre at North Walsham (The Growing Club Tea Party)

3 February 2016 Leader: David Carrier

On a cold and blustery morning five club members met for our ride to the garden centre at North Walsham. After a slight delay in setting off due to a minor mechanical difficulty we rode out towards Itteringham but turning left to Matlaske and then back to Itteringham, past the Worpole Arms and then turning left towards the back of Blickling . It was a fast ride with the wind on our backs round many back lanes which were for once, dry. Eventually our leader’s route took us to Skeyton where we rode to Worsted. Here, after much debate, we turned left out of the village and then left again. This was a long drag up what appeared to be a never ending hill but eventually we actually arrived at the top. Here, we dismounted and crossed the road and then walk up a pathway. At the top, one of our “local” riders temporary went the wrong way……

The café was heaving with customers when we arrived. After some discussion we elected to stay and fortuitously a table came free. The question then was how many cyclists could you sit round a table for four ?.

Peter L joined for a short time. Then, John D arrived. Then Malcolm S arrived. So did Trevor N. Finally, Chairman Chris K made a welcome appearance.

So, our numbers became 10 in total. Not bad for a cold February day.

Homeward bound we had a tour of North Walsham and then across to Bradfield and Hanworth to Gresham and home.

Our thanks to David C for his excellent ride aided by the ability to navigate by way of a small piece of paper.


10 riders out and 9 rides out I total. Milage 40. Weather COLD and Windy on the return.


Dave C, John S, Trevor, Kevin, Peter L, Chris K, Malcolm S, John D, Alan F and Geoff.

And NO punctures !