Club Ride to The Explores Bar and Coffee House at Briston -17 February Leader: Andrew Chapman

Club Ride to The Explores Bar and Coffee House at Briston -17 February Leader: Andrew Chapman

The lure of sound of the Explores Bar and Coffee House brought six riders out initially to follow Andrew on a tour of the back lanes of North Norfolk. We set out from Pretty Corner and rode across to Bodham and then skirted Holt to ride down numerous back lanes towards Gunthorpe where we crossed the main road to the Snorings and then onto Hindolveston and finally Briston and the pub. Our leader had made a point at the start of the club run that it would be all “downhill”. Having transversed fords and a good mix of hills as well as a few very muddy lanes in the 29.6 miles to the stop the general feeling was that the “downhill” section had been forgotten!.

At the pub we met up with two more wheelers – one cycling and one on Shanks’s pony.

The food here is of an excellent quality and calls were made to have this venue a standard club run!

All too soon it was time to mount up for the club run home which was along traditional lines going via Edgefield and Baconsthorpe to Sheringham and home.

A splendid ride Andrew – many thanks for your time and effort.

8 riders out. Mileage 40. Weather cold but dry.

John S, Andrew, Kevin, Dan, John C, David C, Geoff, Barry and Malcolm (only part way)

1 Puncture, 40 miles starting at Sheringham, weather windy, roads muddy in part with ice in the gullies and little snow in the fields. Very Cold