Club Ride to The Nelsons Café at Wells Next the Sea -20 February Leader: Geoff Poulter

Club Ride to The Nelsons Café at Wells Next the Sea -20 February Leader: Geoff Poulter

With the weather looking unfavourable only three riders met at Pretty Corner for the challenging ride to Wells Next the Sea. Surely, a first for some time, all three riders were from Sheringham. We welcomed back to the Saturday club rides Hugh with Kevin, who had an all-day pass. The route was to ride down to Briston and then along the Beck keeping the worst of the wind off of us and then turn up to the Snorings.

Unfortunately, shortly after leaving, one member punctured. This was the same tyre which had caused problems on the previous Wednesday club rides and it took “old gimlet eyes” to find the offending flint hidden in the cross ways in the tyre. The break did however give David C chance to join us for the ride as he had already been out on a training circuit.

A hard push was then undertaken down to Briston and then to Kettlestone where we crossed over to the Snoring. Here, another puncture slowed us down. Then, with the wind on our backs and dry roads, we road down to Walsingham and up “gut wrench hill” to Wells.

At the café a further puncture was fixed and then the long ride home going via Hindringham to Stody and Edgefield to finally Sheringham and home before the rains started.

Congratulations to all those who came out in far less than idyllic conditions.

3 Puncture, 52 miles starting at Sheringham, weather windy going out but disappeared when we needed it on the homeward leg, roads muddy in part. Café good !