Club Run on the 14 May 2016 to The Olive Branch at Tunstead – Leader Geoff Poulter

Club Run on the 14 May 2016 to The Olive Branch at Tunstead – Leader Geoff Poulter

Riding up to Pretty Corner GP found only one person – Charlie from the Cotswold Cycle Club – ready to join him. We rode directly to Banningham where we were greeted by Robin Rush. A discussion then followed on the length of the route to take. This was curtailed slightly from the planned one due to the persistent cold wind that showed no sign of abating.  

Our way out was Tuttington, Skeyton, Swanton Abbott, to Worstead and then Briggate, Honing , Dilham Church, Dilham, Anchor Street and then back lanes to Tunstead.

At the café we were joined by Malcolm. 

Food was good as usual at this cyclists café and our visitor was suitable impressed at the cycling memorabilia on display as well as the bikes for sale at the end of the café.Break over. It was now a hard slog into a bitter NNW wind all the way home which was via the only dual carriage way in Norfolk then Tuttington, Banningham and finally Sheringham.

Our guest thanked us for our hospitality and commented that this was one of the most scenic rides he had been on.  

We hope he will join us again for a further excursion into deepest Norfolk !. 

Conditions: hard and bitter cold wind – not much fun on the way out and certainly not much fun back. 

50 miles

Role of Honour: Robin, Charlie, Geoff and Malcolm – at café.