Update on David Carrier from David Carrier

Update from David Carrier who asked me to share this with you:
No operation, but standard procedure for such spinal cord bruising is 2-3 weeks lying flat straight on a very hard bed. At times it’s been absolute agony and completely degrading. That’s over now and I’m pain free. Rehab has started. Never lost any feeling in my legs, although I landed heavily on the left leg pulling all the muscles in the groin, so I’m only just able to put some body weight through it.
Unfortunately, what they don’t tell you is the incredible amount of muscle wastage that occurs when you lie in bed for so long and how the brain stops sending signals to the leg muscles about not only how to stand,but also how to walk! Added to which, standing upright feels like you’re on one of those spinning chairs at the funfair! Astronauts suffer exactly the same symptoms when returning to Earth apparently and they to have to be taught how to walk again.
Sat in a chair 3 days ago for the first time and it was like I’d just run a marathon. Much better today. Can sit in a chair much easier and I’m just starting to be able to put weight through the left leg, plus I went to the toilet without aid for the first time. Even taking a few steps seems to increase muscle tone and it’s almost as if some muscle bulk has reappeared over night!
So we’re on the road to recovery.

Many thanks for the update David – we all wish you well