10m TT results 24/5/16

North Norfolk Wheelers Pretty Corner 10 mile TT results 24th May 2016

Following a victory in Ironman 70.3 Buenos Aires local professional triathlete Kim Morrison swapped the sun for a cold windy evening on the Norfolk Coast and produced a stunning ride of 22.33 to smash the previous ladies course record of 23.51 (held since 2010 by Catherine Essex).  Kim has vastly improved her time-trialling times over the last few years and training on our local courses seem to be paying off.

In slow conditions Charlie Nurse won on the night with (21.41), with Kim second (22.33) and Mike Padfield third (23.20). Most people were slower this week with the cold air, strong wind and low humidity not conducive to fast times, although John Hayward bucked the trend with a seasons best of 24.17.

With the ladies record broken is there anyone that will break the men’s record of 20.07 that has been held by the late Zak Carr for over 20 years? Charlie Nurse has been the fastest on the course in recent years and is getting close.  Maybe it will need a visitor to come and have a go?

Thanks to all the marshals, timekeepers and riders for another weekly instalment of fine time-trialling on the Norfolk Coast.


25/05/2016 Pc 10m TT
Name Time Handicap time Notes
NURSE 21.41 21.48
MORRISON (f) 22.33 CPB and ladies course record
PADFIELD 23.20 21.33
WATTS 23.37
WATKINS 23.42 21.16
HAYWARD 24.17 21.45
MORGAN 24.36 21.46
WOODLEY 25.22 21.55
JANES 26.04
PLATTS 26.28 21.38
JAY.A 27.33
THOROLD 28.22 22.46
JAY S (f) 30.23
VIDLER 31.54