Club Run on the 25 May 2016 to The Black Lion at Walshingham

Club Run on the 25 May 2016 to The Black Lion at Walshingham

Five club members met at Pretty Corner for our ride to The Black Lion at Walsingham. The weather was anything but conducive to a long hard slog on minor roads so a shorter version on a more direct route was taken. The BBC weather forecast (seaweed) indicated that all would be well after 10.00am. This forecast proved to be as helpful to the riders as a third ear is to an elephant.

Leaving PC we rode to Kelling Heath, Langford, The Dome, Binham to Walsingham and then the pub. With the rain still descending we were grateful to find a large fire waiting for us as well as excellent food and service.

After lunch and suitable dried out, we rode homeward going via Hindringham, Bale, Sharrington, Hempstead, Baconsthorpe, West Beckham and finally home.

My thanks to those hard riders who braved the elements and made poor conditions irrelevant.


Conditions: Cold, light rain most of the way with a moderate cold wind.

PC to PC 41 miles.


Role of Honour: John S, Andrew, Alan, Kevin and Geoff