Club Run to The Olive Branch – 29 June 2016- – Leader John Dimascio

We went the direct way to Itteringham via Barningham (after repairing a water bottle holder!). Then we diverted through Oulton past the recently burnt-out hall to Oulton Street. Approaching Aylsham from Abel Heath we ducked and dived around the towns lanes and its more expensive residences to Dunkirk, crossing the A140 at the second attempt (the men revolting at the first choice route due to mud). The riders were however treated to a tour of the factory’s on the industrial estate which was quite entertaining.

 We then headed through Tuttington, Swanton Abbot and Sloley to arrive at the eastern end of the Tunstead dual carriageway, but a few pedal strokes from our destination.

Lunch was its normal mouth watering excellence as were the bikes and associated cycling gear at the back on the café.

Heading back, we went across the railway twice and then via St James, Great Hautbois to Skeyton where our leader made his farewells.

Rain, never far away, finally fell on the riders on their way home.

Nevertheless, an excellent days riding so thank you John.

PC – PC 47 miles

Roll of Honour: John D, Andrew, Malcolm, Trevor,  Robert, Kevin, Geoff