Club Run to The Waxham Great Barn – 2 July 2016

Club Run to The Waxham Great Barn – 2 July 2016 

We had ridden to this destination earlier in the year when the weather threw everything at us on the outward and even on the homeward ride.This time we expected an easier day with a fair wind and just the hint of rain. With two from Pretty Corner and two more from Banningham we set out on this classic club run.

The route out was via Sustead, Banningham, Hylton Crossways, Swanton Hill, Honing, Brumstead, Ingham, Calthorpe.

The café was strangely quiet with few visitors which meant service was fast. Bearing in mind the ever darkening sky’s we did not linger and made a fast “exit”.

Our route back was via Happisburgh Common, Crostwight Heath, Dilham, Worstead, Skeyton, Tuttington, Erpingham.

Our luck finally ran out as we headed for Skeyton and rain fell from the heavens making the group of four fracture with two riders heading for home at a rate of knots and the remaining two hammering home to Sheringham and beyond. With the temperature dropping like a stone this part of the ride was reminiscent of our previous club run. Thankfully the weather did not hold for long and warm sunshine returned to dry us by the time we arrived home.

Another excellent ride despite the weather.

Roll of Honour: Trevor, Malcolm, Harvey and Geoff

Showers 1 Punctures 1

PC to PC: 66 miles

Banningham to Banningham: 45 miles

Max: 78 miles

Next week, picking up at Corpusty village green (10.35) for Inspirations, Hoe. Come along and join the superb club run on many unknown lanes!