Club Run Accident – Malcolm – Updated

Malcolm writes:

I was discharged from the Norfolk and Norwich yesterday and am now at
home in recovery.

Apart from the inevitable cuts and bruises the actual treated injuries
were a closed fracture of the left distal radius (wrist joint) which
has been fixed with a plate and screws and a left acetabular fracture
(fractured left hip socket) which has been left to heal naturally.
This will mean non weight bearing for about 8 weeks (by which time my
wrist will be healed) and then back on the road in a further month all
being well.

After a long recovery from last year’s accident I am obviously having
a bit of difficulty coming to terms with this and am pretty angry with
the dog owner for not having his dog on a lead or at least waiting
with his dog until the road was clear. As far as I know the dog is
okay (at least it was immediately after the impact) – tough as old
boots these labradors.

I am sad to miss (what should at least be) the warmest and sunniest
part of the year but look forward to the time when I can join you on
club runs again.

All the best



We wish Malcolm the very best return to riding with us





I am extremely sorry to report that on Wednesdays club run there was an accident in which one of our riders – Malcolm Stanley –  was seriously injured. The incident took place as we headed for Briston and was due to a person not having control over his dog which was loose and ran into the path of the group causing the accident. An ambulance was called for and Malcolm was taken to Norfolk and Norwich Hospital.

The latest information we have is that he appears to have sustained a broken his wrist, fractured his pelvis, and a third fracture of his hip joint.

I will keep you updated as and when we hear further details of how Malcolm is progressing.