Club Run to The Great Deluge – 9 July 2016

Club Run to The Great Deluge – 9 July 2016 

This club run was originally billed as one to the Hoe café of Inspirations and with that in mind four club members turned up for a Saturday treat. One, totally oblivious of the impending rain storm about to descend upon the group, even came out without a rain top.

Leaving Pretty Corner we made our way to Corpusty where we had fading expectations of further riders. By now the rain was falling not in buckets but bath tubs on the riders. The roads had by now given way to rivers and there was as much water coming up as coming down.

A committee meeting was taken and the vote was to ride for another hour to see if the weather would improve. Our route was Little London (now Little Venice), Wood Dalling (the Bermuda Triangle), Tyby, Foulweathersham and finally Bintree Mill Underwater.It was here that a decision was taken to ride back to base as the continuing downpour showed no sign of abating.

And just when you thought things could not get any worse one rider punctured. Fixing wheels in pouring rain is an art form – especially when the valve decides to extracts itself from the inner tube. A few miles later the tyre deflated again to more consternation of the rider. However, North Norfolk wheelers are made of stern stuff and with no problems the wheel was fixed and homeward bound we rode.

Our way home was via Guist, Hindolveston, Craymere, Briston, Baconsthorpe and West Beckham. It was at the Hindolveston cross road we said farewell to Barry the sun finally put in an appearance which was by now a little late.

BUT better days are ahead and next Saturdays ride will be in glorious sunshine

Order of Merit: Barry, Geoff, Graham, Harvey.

Distances: 38-54 miles – (non-stop, but two punctures).