Club Run to The Goat at Skeyton. 25th January 2017. Leader, John Sharples.

The trees were hung with ice – a product of the temperature and fog – very pretty, but somewhat disturbing when the weight overcame the grip.  The ice fell, sounding like a very local hail storm or it formed glacial features under the trees concerned.  As always, when conditions are like this, there is the odd question as to whether you should go.  But it was quite safe and the temperature was set to improve.  So, off we set for a 23 mile run to lunch via Cawston and Brampton.  Four of us met at PC and Trevor joined us for lunch at The Goat.

Conditions weren’t great, though – the fog hung around for longer than expected and we were damp and cold when we got there.

A straight line was selected for the return to PC – Banningham, Ingwoth and Gresham defined the route.

Despite the conditions, this seemed to be the day when farmers decided to plough their fields – lots of mud on the roads.

Still – the consensus was that it was better to go rather than not go – even on days like this.

5 out.  37 miles PC to PC.  0 punctures.  Some very muddy bikes.

Club Run to The Erpingham Arms. 18th Jan 2017. Leader, John Dimascio

Seven! That’s how many met to follow John on his run to Erpingham.  And it was cold.  No temperature at all when we left, but no wind, and dryish roads.

Erpingham isn’t far away from PC, and so you have to think a bit about the route.  It’s also a chance to get creative and do something unusual.  John did just this.  The original plan (yes, there was a plan!) was curtailed a tad given the cold, but it was entertaining nonetheless and kept us on our toes. It did make us wonder why we were taking (what seemed at the time) so many turns away from Erpingham!

It’s best to look at the map to get a feel for where we went.  The bit parallel to the A140 through Ingworth and then on to Itteringham is the return leg.

A very satisfying ride in cold conditions.  It was good to get a full Club Run in.  Many thanks, John.

7 out.  37 miles PC to PC.  No punctures.

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 17.39.18.png

Club Run 11 January 2017 – Abandoned due to Wind

Only two turned up at PC forAndrew’s ride to Walsingham – if I am honest, it was two more than expected!  The forecast was for wind with with some heavy gusts in the afternoon.  The forecast was also for it to be dry – but it wasn’t.  We decided to curtail the route in view of the wind and planned a 25 mile loop that would see us back to our bases by lunch, thus missing the gusts forecast for the afternoon.

Off we set towards Baconsthorpe but, as we turned for Edgefield, we discussed the situation and decided to cut the run down even more.  The side gusts on open stretches and as we passed breaks in the hedgerows were troublesome.  We could feel them playing with our front wheels.  So, we headed off down to High Kelling to then wend our ways home.

It was possibly the shortest club run ever but we made the right decision.  Thanks to Andrew for turning up – we will re-schedule the run to The Bull for later in the year.

2 out. A few miles.  No punctures.

Club Run to Food Lovers, Aylsham. 4th Jan 2017. Leader, Alan Fisher.

With four regulars missing due to illness or other duties, it was nice to see four turn up for the planned ride to North Walsham.  But, we cancelled last week’s run on safety grounds, and with our planned leader missing and Alan present, we decided to take the opportunity to ride to Food Lovers in Aylsham, leaving the run to North Walsham for later.

Off we set in blustery but sunnyish conditions.  It was Saxthorpe, Wood Dalling and Themelthorpe before starting to explore some new lanes (are there any left?) taking in the Witchinghams and approaching Aylsham via Marsham.  We had a significant puncture delay en-route and this, combined with the 32 miles to the cafe, meant we arrived later than anticipated.

We were ready for some sustenance and the helpful folk in Food Lovers responded well to our bespoke orders.  Wonderful!

Given the time, a direct route was chosen for the return to PC, but the wind, that had been fairly neutral on out outward ride, was now quite troublesome.

It was a wonderful ride with quite a few new lanes in taxing, yet rewarding, conditions.  A real treat to be out.

Alan, many thanks for stepping-in and giving us the opportunity to ride the route that was planned for last week.

4 out.  42 miles PC to PC.  2 punctures (one self-inflicted!)