Walsingham Pies and Miles 22 April

Two  club members left Pretty Corner and rode to Itteringham Bridge where a third was waiting to join them for the club run to Walsingham . We rode back towards PC from Itteringham and turned left to go past the great house and gardens of Mannington Hall. From here we turned left to go to Corpusty and then over the hills towards Briston via Horseshoe Lane. From here we rode on minor roads turning left down Sandy Lane and a bundle of back roads to Hindolveston. It was then a quick canter down to Kettlestone and across the main road via the Snorings and past the “oldest round church” in Norfolk.

With the temperature a mean 8 there was no loitering and we made our way to the famous pie café. Here, we were joined by GT looking fit and fast.

After pie’s galore we set sail for home, now facing a bitter cold wind which had been building all day. The route home was via Hindringham to Sharrington and then towards to Edgefield. Instead of riding directly to Hempstead, GT took us on a more entertaining route to Edgefield where the riders split into two groups..

A good days ride, no rain, 50 miles and a few more for one or two.

GP would like to say thanks to his comrades who helped him round the route after being his first club run out for over a months due to back problems.

Role of honour : Brian P, Guy T, Nick and Geoff