15m TT results 26/4/17

It wasn’t the rain holding off or the new roundabout on the Holt bypass that was the topic of conversation for the 6 brave souls who road the first 15 mile TT of the season. The 4 C weather plus northerly wind chill which had the riders shivering and shaking after the race. Needless to say, nobody got under 39 minutes and with so many riders away, Nigel Walsh was best with a time of 39m19s. Kudos goes to Trini Middleton on getting under 58 mins on her first 15 mile TT. It is a difficult distance to pace when the body is  used to a diet of 10 miles.

Chris Knowles


Walsh 39 19

Collyer 40 33

Mace 45 28

Platts 46 03

Robson 48 51

Middleton 57 35

Only 2 people qualified for a Handicap, Based on a finish time of 35 minutes.

Walsh 38. 03

Platts 42 07