Club Run to The Butchers Arms at East Ruston 31st May 2017

Seven Wheelers met at the Reservoir for Kevin’s ride. As we sailed through East Beckham en route to Lower Gresham we were stopped in our tracks by a cement lorry about to dump its load (so to speak) but all managed to scramble through a small gap between it and the hedge and onwards and upwards we continued.

With a helpful tailwind we seemed to fly along Cromer Road, where we were joined by David, through Metton and eventually reaching an extremely busy B1436. We waited and waited and waited a bit more and were grateful to a more than decent motorist who stopped and allowed us all out to continue our journey in the direction of Roughton, A left turn into Old Mill Road took us via Carr Lane (again very busy for some reason) the A140 and New Road to Northrepps at which point it only seemed fair to carry on to Southrepps.

Just after Lower Street Robert hit something sharp and his front tyre rapidly deflated but it was a good place to have a short break and in the very pleasant sunshine we chatted while Robert toiled but we were soon underway and reached Trunch via Brewery Road. On to Mundesley, past the Windmill, then Paston, around the back of Bacton Gas Terminal and then a great route which took us via Witton Bridge and Ridlington Street to Walcott Green. After an interesting loop we recrossed the B1159 Walcott to Stalham Road only to find our approach to the Butchers Arms had been sabotaged by the dreaded North Norfolk Surface Dressers. The tar was still wet and the gravel loose which made the riding conditions hazardous to say the least.

Having enjoyed a fine lunch we decided not to proceed to Honing as the NNSD had gone as far as that at least and instead plotted a route that took us back towards Ridlington and then in the direction of North Walsham (Dyballs Lane, Crostwight Road, Heath Road, Broom Lane) to Ebridge Mill then taking a left off the Happisburgh Road along Meeting Hill Road.

On reaching Worstead we were back on track and then a familiar route through Swanton Abbott, right at Skeyton where we said good bye to Robin and Peter and on towards Felmingham. At rapid pace (that is eyeballs out and speechless) we reached the Suffield junction where Malcolm and David headed home and that left Kevin, Andrew, Alan and Robert to return to Pretty Corner via Hanworth, Lower Gresham and East Beckham.

Thanks to Kevin for leading the ride and to the Sun Gods for giving such a lovely day for cycling.

Kevin, Alan, Andrew, David, Malcolm, Peter, Robert and Robin

PC to PC 52 miles (Some did a little more but what’s a few miles between friends)

(Good luck to Robin on Sunday 4 June when he will raise funds for charity cycling the Norwich 100)

10m TT Pretty Corner 23/5/17

Warm, sunny conditions greeted the riders at Pretty Corner layby for the third outing on the regular ’10’ course.  Charlie Nurse edged closer to 21 mins on his penultimate club TT to take the win in 21.11.  Back from a brief break in racing due to a leg injury Mike Padfield came 2nd with a course PB (22.22), narrowly pipping Aiden Bond (22.26) into third.

With no International Female Triathletes on show this week… fastest female rider was Teresa Harman (26.45).  It was ladies night all round on the Handicap times with Tessa Morgan, Sarah Jay and Teresa Harman 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively. Another Pretty Corner 10 next Tuesday with the 18.5m hilly the week after.


23rd May 2017 10m Pretty Corner-Holt
Name Club Time Handicap time Notes
AIDEN BOND NNW 22.26 21.55
JOHN MORGAN NNW 23.36 21.17
NIGEL WALSH NNW 24.13 21.28
JOHN HAYWARD NNW 24.16 21.37
GARETH TOWNSEND Iceni velo 24.51
BRIAN PLATTS NNW 26.26 21.52
TERESA HARMAN TriHarman 26.45 20.48
TESSA MORGAN NNW 28.28 20.29
SARAH JAY TriHarman 28.39 20.30
COE 29.23
TRINE MIDDLETON TriHarman 33.45 21.15

Club Run to the Erpingham Arms. 24th May 2017. Leader, Robert Nixon.

With a beautiful, warm day forecast, it was a fairly safe bet that we would have more riders out for Robert’s run to Erpingham than we had last week!  And so it was, with 8 meeting at PC.  These included returner, Trevor.

Erpingham is an interesting venue in that you have to “weave” your way there to create a meaningful run– and Robert had planned some “weaves” for us.  The route took us to Gresham, Sustead, Roughton and on to Southrepps, Trunch and Swafield.  We then cut back to Antingham to head for Felmingham and Aylsham before turning north for Erpingham.

On the approach to Erpingham, Malcolm warned of a spot in the lane that is nearly always flooded.  Surely not in these dry conditions?   But flooded it was.  The group split roughly 50/50 on how to deal with this.  Those wishing to keep their bikes clean opted for a walk along the verge and braved the nettles.  Those planning to clean their bikes later (maybe) rode on through, successfully avoiding the potholes that lurk beneath the surface.

After just a tad over 30 miles we arrived at the pub to find that Trevor had ridden out to meet us.  Alfresco dining was the choice.

Robert had offered us a choice of routes home, but given the hot conditions, we opted for a directish run to PC, parting with folk along the way.

A very pretty route with some seldom-ridden lanes – made all the better by the delightful, summery conditions.  Many thanks, Robert.

9 out. 39 miles PC to PC.

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 14.12.41

Club Run to The Bull Inn, Walsingham. 17th May 2017. Leader, Kevin Hornshaw.

Words by Kevin.

Two determined Wheelers set off from Pretty Corner under gloomy skies, heading towards Itteringham, passing through Saxthorpe with light winds and at this stage and a  hint of blue sky!. Both riders were happily peddling, along chatting away, setting the world to rights.
On passing Hindolveston, the weatherman’s warnings of increasing rain unfortunately came true with light rain starting and any hope of the earlier blue sky gone.
We arrived at Lt Walsingham, slightly damp, but spirits still intact.
After consuming refreshment and, just as we were setting off, the heavens opened with gusto, we decided on a direct route home through Binham, Langham, Wiveton, skirting Holt and back to PC.
46 miles at just over 14mph.
Thanks Alan for keeping me company.

Club run to Smallsticks Cafe at Cart Gap 13 May 2017

With riders coming from Aylsham, North Walsham, Sheringham and Swanton Abbott it was probably appropriate that the start point today was opposite the Crown at Banningham.

So the group of four set off in slightly disappointing overcast conditions but nevertheless warm enough for three at least to be showing off their knees! Perhaps the fourth had heeded the warning of showers and wanted a bit more protection.

Through Ingworth along the delightful Drabblegate and on to the Banningham Road. Avoiding the centre of Aylsham we crossed the Blickling Road on to the Heydon Road and then followed the traditional route to Cawston. The slight cross/headwind was noticeable but it was generally agreed that riding conditions were good.

After Cawston we continued via Eastgate along the Buxton Road until the Marsham junction taking us to the very busy A140 where we gritted teeth for half a mile before reaching the more tranquil Mill Road to Brampton giving us lovely views.  Geoff remarked he hadn’t been on this stretch of road for some time – always good for the ride leader to hear! Onwards to Skeyton, Swanton Abbott, Worstead, Honing, East Ruston and finally Cart Gap – distance 28 miles (but of course with a few more added for each rider to reach the start point).

Meeting us there was David Carrier. An enjoyable lunch was had with topics of conversation centring mainly on the NHS and the cost of social care. With the average age of the group approaching 70 perhaps this is not too surprising. Anyway with a youthful leap we all remounted our trusty steeds and under threatening skies we set off via Happisburgh and Ridlington. At this point Trevor headed straight home and the remaining four went cross country initially under heavyish drizzly rain via Witton, Edingthorpe and Knapton to Trunch. On to Southrepps where we said goodbye to David and then Thorpe Market and Hanworth where we paused in the middle of the familiar herd of cows who were thankfully far more interested in munching grass than us.

Robin peeled off towards Aldborough while Malcolm accompanied Geoff as far as Gresham before returning to Banningham to complete the route.

Malcolm (lead rider), Geoff, Robin, Trevor and David enjoyed a good Saturday run.

Banningham to Banningham 58 miles

25m TT results 9/5/17

Tuesday evening continued the very cool weather, but the wind started to drop as the evening progressed. A good warm up prior to racing is needed in such conditions.

The evening saw a re-match between NNW’s Charlie Nurse and Team Skipper’s Joe Skipper and this time the tables were turned. Local knowledge may have helped Charlie with pacing, as he returned fairly fresh and beat Joe by 1 minute 5 seconds.

The standout ride however was from Kim Morrison of Racing Hub, who set a new Female Course Record of 57m54s, and that on a far from good night for racing.

The next best effort was by John Morgan, clearly benefitting from his trip to Majorca with Tri Harman, enabling him to set a new personal best time early in the season. A sub 60 minute time should be possible on a warmer night later in the season.

Chris Knowles

09/05/2017 25m Holt-Fakenham TT
Name Club Time Handicap time Notes
JOE SKIPPER Team Skipper 56.14
PERRY 59:59
J.PYE 1.00:29
JOHN MORGAN NNW 1.01:07 54:40 PB
HENRY WOODLEY  NNW 1.02:58 56:31
JOHN HAYWARD NNW 1.08:16 60:31
GUY THOROLD NNW 1.11:03 55:10

Club Run to The Staithe & Willow Tea Rooms, Horning. 10th May 2017. Leader, Trevor Neild.

Words by Andrew.

5 met at pretty corner for the ride to Horning.  Blue skies, a balmy 11deg C and lightish SE winds were the conditions. Amongst the starters was our old friend Graham from Nottingham. 4 of us were in bib shorts, so, summer is officially here.

Off we set collecting Malcolm at the top of Gibbet Lane, then out to Matlask and over to Itteringham.  It was left at the Walpole Arms and north of Blickling to Ingworth and then on to Banningham, Tuttington, and Buxton Lammas. Thence on to Coltishall via St. James where we lost Robin and Malcolm, only to catch them up on the roads north of Wroxham.  They obviously knew a short cut!   Finally, down to sunny Horning after 29 miles at 14.5 mph.

4 went for the steak and kidney pie with mash, all eaten outside in glorious sunshine.

The return was towards Tunstead, Worstead and on to Skeyton, Banningham and home – clocking up 54 miles on dry quiet lanes at 15.3 mph.

Great route, thanks to Trevor.


Club Run to Hamptons @ The Barn, Bawdeswell. 3rd May 2017. Leader, John Sharples.

Just two Wheelers met at PC for the ride to Bawdeswell.; the rest either on holiday or not fancying the conditions.  But, Rule 1 (Always Go) rules and we were glad we did.  A stiff tail wind blew us to lunch quickly.  It was sort of straight there, but with a loop out towards Cawston.

Hamptons is nice to visit, significantly improved since its Park Café days.  Trevor met us there – whoopee! Three out!  We need more.

The return was again straightish, but now with a loop out towards Edgefield and Trevor left us as we turned for Edgefield.  The wind, though, was not now in our favour.  A mixture of strong gusts and calmer conditions punctuated the route home but this did not really matter – the route was nice and we should repeat it.

The beauty of Rule 1 is that it really works, almost regardless of the outcome –  and this time, the outcome was good.

43 miles PC to PC.  3 out.  0 mudguards, but not quite summer yet.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 19.13.33

10m TT results B10/5R 2nd May 2017

If a week in politics is a long time, it certainly was in Time Trialling, on the 2nd May.

The weather was only marginally better, with a sharp N.E. wind, but the turnout was 4 times better than the last 2 races. 13 of the 24 racers were guests and 4 were 2nd claim members.

It took a professional Triathlete, Joe Skipper of Team Skipper to beat our top rider Charlie Nurse into 2nd place, but Charlie still holds the most recent fastest time of 20m30s. The course record of old is 20m07s by the late Zak Carr.

Two other European Triathletes did really well, Kim Morrison of Race MCB setting a new female course record of 22m15s and Dave Chesterman of UEA CC taking 3rd place among the men with 22m05s.

Unfortunately, Mike Padfield crashed whilst road racing in the Lotus League, breaking his bike, injuring his leg and picking up bad road rash. We wish Mike a speedy recovery and return to racing.

Next Tuesday is the first 25 mile TT of the season, starting at the Letheringsett layby just outside Holt at 6 45 pm

Chris Knowles

02/05/2017 10m Pretty Corner TT
Name Club Time Handicap time
JOE SKIPPER Team Skipper 20.43
PHIL WATKINS 34 Nomads 22.41 20.58
PERRY 22.50
KARL READ NNW 23.00 22.06
JOHN MORGAN NNW 24.23 22.04
NIGEL WALSH NNW 24.35 21.50
SMITH 25.43
RICHARD COLLYER TriAnglia 25.44 22.06
PALMER 26.42
MACE 27.05
MARKOS JANES VCN 27.09 22.28
GUY THOROLD NNW 27.36 22.12
BRIAN PLATTS NNW 27.45 23.01
ROBSON 29.17