Club Run to Back to the Garden at Letheringsett 20 September 2017

Six Wheelers met Malcolm just down (or should that be up!) the road and the seven cycled as one – well they tried to since Andrew was clearly turbocharged today as he led us onwards to Letheringsett.

Plumstead, Barningham Green and Edgefield came and went in an instant before we paused to catch our breath at the B1354 to continue to Thurning and Swanton Novers. Shortly after SN a shout came from the back – had someone punctured? It turned out to be a loose cleat and despite all efforts the only solution was to remove it completely since the offending bolt was knackered – I think that’s the correct technical term. We carried on. “This feels very weird” exclaimed Robert.

After leaning his bike against a tree during the aforementioned mechanical Kevin had picked up a hitchhiker – a snail had decided that the drive side crank of his bike would be a perfect resting place. Not sure how it would feel after falling off a few miles down the road and then taking a month or so to get back home!

Where were we – oh yes Sharrington and then gourmet style lunches at the café which was all very pleasant.

Robert and Stephen left us, heading for home along the main road, while the remaining five left the A148 asap and pedalled on via Thornage, Hunworth, Stody and Briston (almost) to Edgefield and Baconsthorpe. Andrew and Alban headed NW and home at this point leaving just three to chat for a while at the T-junction reflecting on life, the universe and everything before two went broadly in the direction of PC leaving Malcolm to wend his way home.

Thank you to Andrew for leading the ride today.

Alan, Alban, Andrew, Kevin, Malcolm, Robert and Stephen

42 miles PC to PC (65+ miles for some)