Club Run to Smallsticks Café at Cart Gap 23 September 2017

With only one waif and stray (no offence Graham!) to collect at PC Geoff arrived at the Banningham pick up point to meet two more Wheelers for Malcolm’s ride to Cart Gap. Although it had been a slightly chilly and damp start to the day the weather was improving rapidly and the four of us were looking forward to it.

Pretty standard Tuttington, Skeyton, Worstead and Briggate before a left turn just after the North Walsham and Dilham Canal into Corner Common Road and then a steady climb with lovely views across towards North Walsham. It is slightly puzzling how you can cross one North Walsham Road to reach another North Walsham Road; however this is what we did turning right and shortly left into Sandy Lane to take us to Bacton Village before descending to the coast road. We cut back inland following the lanes to Ridlington and then straight to Happisburgh and the café stop. About 21 miles from Banningham but all four had put in extra miles to get to the pick up point.

We were joined by Trevor and David C and after good food and friendly service we set off under increasing cloud to retrace our steps (or should that be wheel tracks?) to Ridlington. Then Witton Bridge and back to North Walsham Road! Trevor left us to head off home and the five continued along the lanes to Edingthorpe Street, Paston Green and Trunch. David C bade us farewell.

We reached Lower Street where we met two thirsty cyclists (with a dog in a basket) in search of a pint at the Gunton Arms. We pointed them in the right direction which in fact was the direction in which we were going but having said goodbye to Robin we pedalled ahead of the two thankful cyclists reaching Thorpe Market and then eventually the junction with the A140. Geoff was not with us, had he had a mechanical? Malcolm and Graham waited and then cycled back a short distance until we met him.

“Where’s Robin?” said Geoff.

“He left us at Lower Street”

“Oh that’s alright then, I thought we’d lost him”

Malcolm headed off at Hanworth to leave just the two to make their way back to PC.

David C, Geoff, Graham, Malcolm, Robin and Trevor

56 miles PC to PC; 45 miles B to B