Club Run to The Old Railway Station Café at Reepham 10 January 2018

Official Report by Alan (a man of few words – he lets his legs do the talking!)

7 met at PC.

Weather damp and foggy.

Route : West  Gresham, Bodham, Hempstead, Holt, Hunworth, Briston, Nethergate, Themelthorpe and then Reepham.

Usual good food. Return delayed by John S puncture.

Back via Salle, Heydon, Corpusty, Matlaske to PC having said goodbye to Andrew and Robin who returned home by other routes.

2 punctures for Alan 1 out and 1 back.

PC to PC 35 miles. 3 punctures.

Alan, Andrew, Kevin, John S, Robin, Geoff and Tim (recently moved to Itteringham)


Further words from John S

Seven!  That was the number of riders that met at PC for the first Wednesday run of the year.  And what great conditions!  Blazing sun and light winds with a hint of wistful aromas adding to the atmosphere.  Well, no, not really, but it might as well have been the case because our magnificent seven were not in the least deterred by the grey skies or dank conditions.  They were ready for the off!

With Trevor laid-up by a winter lurgy, Alan stepped-in to lead us to Reepham.  A bit of a transit to the east via Bodham and Holt set us up for a nearly southerly route to Reepham via Briston and Guestwick.  Nice lanes and the experience was not really marred by Alan puncturing a rear tyre (which was quickly fixed).

A quietish café greeted us and we were joined by Robert and John D just as we were preparing to leave.

Whilst leaving, Andrew pointed out that John S had a puncture – rear again.  Still, a great place to fix it with tables to work on. What planning!

The northerly route back saw us touch Heydon and Saxthorpe for a straightforward return.  We bade farewell to new rider Tim about 3 miles from home – and then Alan punctured his rear tyre again.  Not such a quick fix this time, with no fewer than four inflation devices being tried to get it pumped-up.

Many riders complimented Alan on his chosen route and this was well-deserved.

Many thanks, Alan, for a great first Wednesday ride for 2018 which saw one new rider and three returning from longish absences.  Marvellous!

Quite foggy on the return.