Club Run to The Dun Cow at Salthouse 17 January 2018

Words by Kevin

Two Wheelers met at PC for Kevin’s ride to the Dun Cow on what was a windy but sunny day.

The route went through Matlaske, along the old airfield road to Itteringham. On turning right out of Itteringham we met Geoff heading in the opposite direction, a short exchange of pleasantries, discussions of our route and the weather and we parted company, Geoff heading off towards Banningham.

Turning left past Mannington Hall and onto Edgefield the wind was directly in our faces making decent progress hard work. I think Alan secretly wished he’d followed Geoff !!

From Edgefield down the hill to Hunworth, going through two fords both with considerable amounts of water in them, onto Thornage and Sharrington, over the main A148 to Field Dalling, through Langham, turning right to Cley and the coast road to Salthouse.

Two very nice sandwiches later and we were off again up Bard Hill. This must be the most brutal second half start to a ride in Norfolk, made even more difficult for Alan with mud under his rear mudguard rubbing the tyre. It was like riding with the brakes on. We removed his rear wheel and cleared the mud away with a stick much to his relief.

It was the usual way back to PC past Holt Rugby Club.

38 miles in total

Runners and Riders Alan and Kevin.


Editor’s Note

Thank you to Kevin for leading the ride and to both riders for ensuring that the Club Run schedule stayed on track.