Club Run to The Corner House Café at Mundesley 31 January 2018

As 3 waited at PC wondering if others had thought that the run might have been cancelled Trevor joined us having persevered through a heavy shower after leaving home. Not many runs are cancelled (6 in 2017 and 2 this year) and normally only on safety grounds. It has been suggested that should a Wednesday run be cancelled it could be rescheduled to Thursday. The response to this is maybe but not necessarily but Malcolm will do his best if the occasion arises again!

So off we set, with Malcolm leading, on a cold and decidedly breezy day towards Banningham via Gresham, Bessingham, Aldborough, Suffield and Corby. The roads were not too bad considering the earlier rain – the drying effect of the wind helping here.

After a brief chat it was decided to take a more direct route to the lunch stop and we made swift progress (with the tailwind) along the B1145 to North Walsham; then along the Mundesley Road before rejoining the B1145 (aka the “Bypass”) and on to Swafield. Forgoing the pleasures of Trunch we stayed on the B road eventually reaching Knapton and then big ring, heads down to Mundesley!

Reserved for 6, but just the 4 sat down to a good value refuel before a (yet another brief) chat to agree the return leg. We decided that as a birthday treat we would escort Trevor home – so it was Paston, Bacton and, turning right out of Sandy Lane into an incredibly strong headwind, along the North Walsham Road before a left turn and plunging south through Bacton Woods to Briggate.

Over the A149 to Worstead and then over the B1150 to Swanton Abbott.

As the saying goes “Every cloud………….” Alan punctured, albeit slowly, and slow enough to allow us to reach Trevor’s place, where not only was there a track pump but also a refreshing cup of tea courtesy of Trevor’s better half. Dragging ourselves away from Mr and Mrs N’s hospitality the 3 climbed to Skeyton Corner. Then Felmingham, onwards past Corvette Kingdom to the junction at St Margaret of Antioch Church, Suffield where Malcolm bade farewell to the remaining 2 and headed off back to North Walsham.

The 2 cut through to Suffield, around Gunton Park and then followed a familiar route via Hanworth and Gresham back to PC.

Both parties enjoyed a short, sharp hail shower on their way back.

Alan, Kevin, Malcolm and Trevor

53 miles PC to PC

Many Happy Returns to Trevor!