Club Run to All Things Nice at Cawston 7 February 2018

Words by John S

With some patchy snow on the ground and a cold day forecast, it could have been a day for giving the ride to Cawston a miss.  Not so, though; five plucky Wheelers met at PC to follow John D to a regular haunt.

Off we set, following an unusual easterly trajectory, albeit with a tad of south in it.  We were seemingly headed for Cawston-on Sea!  But John had a plan, and after turning south near Antingham, we pedalled some delightful (if not mucky) lanes to skirt Tuttington and Brampton before turning west for Cawston.  It was a really nice ride with some sunshine and a tail wind for most of the time.  Big smiles all round.

Our arrival at Cawston was synchronised with that of Trevor and Malcolm – the latter sporting a ridiculously clean bike given the conditions.

The welcome and service at All Things Nice was as friendly as ever and we dined well.

It was clear when we pointed our bikes towards home that the sky was about to serve up some precipitation of the winter variety– not a good thing given the pesky north-west wind.  With three riders peeling off after lunch, the four that returned to PC were treated to a mixture of sleety-rain and rainy-sleet.  It was cold and windy and hard work.  What I had not seen before was the degree of flooding on the roads with some really big “puddles” forming.  Still, riding through them was a good way to clean your bike after such a muddy day out!  Another plus was that Geoff was able to confirm, once again, that his new gloves are truly waterproof!

As the four who returned to PC parted, Kevin made the case for always going out even if conditions are challenging – and he is right.  Rule One – always go (but warm up quickly when you get home!)

John served up a super ride that we should do again.  Thanks very much, John.

36.5 miles PC to PC.  7 out. Quite a lot of water about and some cleaning to do.