Club Run to Jules Country Kitchen at Alby 14 February 2018

It was cold, it was blustery, it’s still winter so what do you expect!?!

If the 8 Wheelers who set off from PC thought that this was going to be a familiar route to Alby we have to remember that Alan always comes up with a cunning plan.

So it was today as we took a westerly route around Baconsthorpe and Edgefield before heading south to Saxthorpe, Corpusty, Salle and onto the B1145 towards Reepham. A left turn into Orchard Lane provided a hazardous descent through mud (albeit dry), ruts and potholes to the junction with New Road where we expected to meet up with Robert and Robin who had got a bit held up on the main road. Alan went in search but came back empty handed so Malcolm made a quick call to learn that R & R were on their way to Cawston having gone into the centre of Reepham and found no sign of us. Apologies for this from Malcolm who should have made sure that R & R knew where we were going!

Cawston wasn’t part of Alan’s plan unfortunately as we continued on through Booton, almost into Buxton and Oxnead. A welcome tailwind took us to Tuttington, Banningham, Colby and finally the lunch stop after some 32 miles. As some had cycled 8 – 15 miles to PC a good thirst and hunger had developed.

Suitably refuelled the bunch split into 3 with Robin heading off to Aylsham via Erpingham and Malcolm and Trevor back towards Banningham and home.

Barry, Kevin and Robert went their own ways at the junction of Plum Lane and Mill Road (Red Barn Cottage, about 1.3 miles from the start).

Just John S back to PC.

Alan punctured on the way home. 

Alan, Barry, John S, Kevin, Malcolm, Robert, Robin, Trevor

40.15 miles PC to PC