Club Run to Woodgate Nursery Aylsham 7 March 2018

Six hardy souls met at PC for John S’s ride to Woodgate Nursery.  Rain was forecast and we were getting wet right from the off.  Still, the weather was better than it had been of late and riders were chomping at the bit for a run out.  It might have been wiser to take closer note of the (now filthy) snow piled by the side of the road at the start point!

Off we set to West Beckham, but Malcolm was being bothered by a “mechanical”.  This was rooted out and found to be a loose rear brake calliper – fixed by Alan’s allen key. It was remarked that a bit more dirt might help to keep things tight!

We were now wet but pushed on to Edgefield and took the always filthy road at the end of Ramsgate Street towards Wood Dalling.  Snow was still piled high by the side of the lanes and indeed snow was, in places, a hazard we had to avoid.  However, the North Norfolk “glacial run-off” was washing our bikes as we went – result!  Malcolm got detached from the group (probably being extra cautious in the tricky conditions) and took an alternative route to Aylsham via Corpusty, Oulton and Oulton Street.

As the main group approached Cawston, we thought it prudent to ditch the planned route (which involved more small lanes) and take the B1145 to lunch.  And boy, were we glad to get inside.  Pints of water were wrung from our gloves – we really do need to find a truly water-proof option.  Trevor was now really regretting not having worn a water-proof jacket!

We were made very welcome by the Purdy’s Tearoom staff and other customers alike – they might have felt for us!  We dined well and warmed ourselves but, still sporting wet gear, we opted for a direct route home.  Alan led us out of Aylsham to come home via Ingworth, Erpingham and points north.  Malcolm and Trevor left us just after Aylsham and Kevin and Barry headed for their homes just before Gresham.  This left Alan and John S to climb a really mucky Gibbet Lane.

So, not great conditions, but actually, and surprisingly, quite a nice day out!

6 out.  Just a tad under 33 miles PC to PC.

Editor’s Note

Today’s report was written mostly by John S with a few added words by nnrider. The description of the run as being “quite a nice day out” was the reflection of the run leader. Other members of the group had their own words to describe the conditions we experienced!

Anyway many thanks to John a true advocate of the “Just go” spirit.