Club Run to The Kingfisher Café at Walcott 14 March 2018

A gusting south easterly was likely to make the going slightly tougher as 6 set out from PC on Malcolm’s ride to Walcott. It was planned to go to Cart Gap but Smallsticks is closed Tues-Thurs like a few other cafés at the moment.

We negotiated a flood just after the Mill Road crossroads and hoped that this wasn’t a sign of things to come and continued on to Matlaske followed by Erpingham, Colby and Banningham. At Tuttington we turned into Beck Lane and even here it was relatively dry!

As we cycled up to Church Road we felt the strength of the wind in our legs but on regrouping adjacent to All Saints Church the leader reassured everyone that it would be easier pedalling to the lunch stop as we wouldn’t be going any further south.

Swanton Abbott, Worstead, Briggate and Honing came and went and as we travelled along Honing Long Lane towards Crostwight it was apparent that it wouldn’t be long before the daffodils opened up. See Club Runs Photo gallery (5th photo down) on the website for how colourful this stretch looks in Spring!

We passed through Ridlington (only slightly flooded) and then, with a good tailwind, sped towards the Café. It was just as well we had reserved a table as this popular venue was packed. CJ’s arrival made 7 but we were all able to squeeze around the table. The good quality and good value refreshments came very quickly and the staff were very friendly and attentive despite the fact that they were extremely busy.

John S headed for home just after departure and the 6 struggled slightly with a strong side wind up the steady drag to Pollard Street and then along to the right turn to Edingthorpe Street.

Paston Green, Knapton, Trunch and then Brewery Lane took us to Bradfield Road where we said goodbye to Trevor. A short distance later at Lower Street we said goodbye to Robin and then just the 4 continued on past Gunton Station to Thorpe Market then across the A140 to Hanworth. Malcolm bade the group farewell at this point and the 3 headed off north to PC and beyond.

Andrew, CJ, John S, Kevin, Malcolm, Robin and Trevor

Just under 50 miles PC to PC although it perhaps felt a bit further!