Club Run to The Old Railway Station Café at Reepham 21 March 2018

First half commentary by John D

Barely 18 hours into Spring 2018 and nine riders assembled at PC in bright sunshine and positively tropical (well in comparison to recent weeks!) weather.

As the ride was destined for the Railway Café at Reepham it seemed appropriate to visit a few of the defunct lines in this part of the county. First however we headed into the wind through West Beckham almost to High Kelling before turning south to our first rail crossing – the old Melton Constable to Corpusty line at Briston. It was then past the church of St Peter at Guestwick by way of Bray’s Lane (remember the pork pies that were once produced near here?) and under the Aylsham to Fakenham and then Norwich to Fakenham lines (now Marriott’s Way). We crossed back under the latter of these near Whitwell Station having descended Nowhere Lane first.

There were several muddy bits and the roads seemed to be showing the ravages of the recent winter weather as we spotted and mostly missed some big potholes. The general feeling was now that we had Reepham pretty much encircled, we should head along Mill Lane and through Booton to the café.

The men dined – excellent service at this busy eaterie – and then, re-fuelled, took the road through Booton where the peloton was left to its own devices to return home.

PC to Lunch; 24 miles, several very large tractors, and 13.4 mph.

Second half commentary by Malcolm

Andrew said goodbye at the café as he was pedalling back directly to the North Coast.

They thought it was all over as the leader announced that he wouldn’t be taking us back to PC. This duty defaulted to Malcolm who was hoping we wouldn’t go into extra time.

As Malcolm lead the group through Booton he was sure that he could hear John D’s voice in conversation with a fellow Wheeler; however his dulcet tones faded away as he carried straight on in Buxton direction as we turned off to Cawston. We also said goodbye to Trevor at this point.

So the 6 pointed their front wheels northwards and passed through Cawston, Itteringham and up to Little Barningham where Brian and Malcolm peeled off towards Erpingham. Graham now became the leader of the group of 4 as they climbed and descended and climbed and descended the short distance back to PC.

Thank you to John D for a sterling performance in the first half and to all who came out on a day which did feel as if it really was the first Spring Club run of the year!

“A game of two halves Jeff!”

“You can’t say fairer than that Chris!”

Alan, Andrew, Brian. Graham, John D, John S, Malcolm, Robert, Trevor.

40 miles PC to PC

Wednesday 21st