Club Run to All Things Nice at Cawston 28 March 2018

With 2 Wheelers sidelined with illness the run to Rackheath had to be postponed. Alan agreed to lead today’s run in what has to be said were less than perfect conditions. So many thanks Alan.

Alan’s Report

Meeting at PC, 7 stalwart riders (5 septuagenarians + 2 younger members) braved the wind and rain for the rearranged ride to Cawston.

We headed down to Gresham, Metton, Hanworth then across the A140 to Thorpe Market and South Repps Common at which point Robert aborted leaving 6 to press on to Bradfield.

By-passing North Walsham we headed down through North Walsham woods towards Skeyton and the Old Goat Inn where Trevor suggested a warm fire might be on offer but we proceeded through Buxton over the A140 again, through Eastgate on to our now desperately needed hot lunch.

However on arrival at All Things Nice it was all things bad. Unfortunately due to staff shortages the cafe was not open!!!!!!! However we were offered hot drinks and pasties – an offer that was gratefully taken up.

Having warmed ourselves up we split up for journeys home. Robin had left us on arrival, Trevor headed east to home, Andrew headed northeast leaving 3 to head towards PC by way of Oulton Street and Itteringham where Brian left eastwards with Geoff and Alan alone for the last leg heading into a cold and very wet northerly wind.

40 miles PC to PC.

Thanks Geoff, Andrew, Robin, Robert, Brian and Trevor for your company.

I’ll try for some sun next time.