Club Run to The Norton Café at Walsingham 13 June 2018

On what promised to be a more or less perfect day for cycling 11 met at PC for Kevin’s ride West to Walsingham.

So we went due South of course passing through Barningham, Matlaske, Wolterton and Itteringham. Just before reaching the top of the hill and the Blickling Road we headed West for the first time bisecting Corpusty and Saxthorpe and onwards to Thurning.

Now Kevin is probably the youngest of the Wednesday bunch and at times it was a bit of an effort to match his youthful pace and so it was as we sped on to Hindolveston and Fulmodeston, over the A148 Holt Road to Little Snoring, Great Snoring and finally The Walsinghams.

For those that don’t know, Norton’s Café Bar is based at The Shrine of Our Lady and is on the lower level of The Pilgrim Refectory, the upper level being reserved for residents. The Café Bar was busy but there was still space enough outside for all, including Geoff P and Chris (CJ) who were there to meet us.

After some fine and friendly al fresco “dining” the 11 (Geoff and CJ having gone their own separate ways) left Little Walsingham for Great Walsingham passing over the River Stiffkey to then head due North in the direction of Wighton.

Now pedalling eastwards we reached Binham where we said goodbye to Barry, Peter and Paula and then on to Langham and Glandford. From here we plunged South via Letheringsett, Hunworth and Stody to Briston where we bade farewell to Robin. The remaining 7 headed in the direction of Edgefield and Baconsthorpe losing Andrew (of his own choosing of course) on the way.

Of the remaining 6, Alan, Alban, Geoff O and Kevin made their way to different parts of the North Coast or thereabouts while Malcolm and David C carried on to pass within a whisper (okay a shout) of PC, the former taking the Gresham, Bessingham route towards home while the latter had decided that a cup of tea in the sumptuous grounds of Felbrigg Hall would round his day off nicely!

Many thanks to Kevin for leading today’s ride.

Alan, Alban, Andrew, Barry, David C, Geoff O, Kevin, Malcolm, Paula, Peter, Robin

53 miles PC to PC. 75 miles for at least one!