Club Run to The Rising Sun at Coltishall 20 June 2018 (updated)

Alan’s run to Coltishall – words by Alan

6 members met at PC for the Wednesday ride.

Despite the gusty SW wind we headed South towards Corpusty before turning East past Mannington Hall to Itteringham, Oulton, Oulton Street, Cawston and Swannington. Then up through the woods to Felthorpe heading East to Shorthorn Road before crossing the A140 to Hainford, Frettenham and down into Coltishall and the welcoming sight of our destination. Here we joined CJ for a well-earned lunch and rest in the sun.

Following the break we headed up past Coltishall to Tuttington, across A140 again, Dunkirk, up to Erpingham via the potholed road, Calthorpe, Alborough, Gresham and finally PC.

Alan, Jane (fresh from her epic ride), Kevin, Peter, Robert, Robin

51 miles PC to PC


We hope to include more detail of Jane’s epic ride after getting some details from her.

Meanwhile a quick mention of Robin who had the “honour” of wearing Damiano Cunego’s 2004 Giro d’Italia Pink jersey for 2 days in a recent Italian Sportive (or Gran Fondo) in recognition of his sterling efforts up and over the Dolomites. He was the only person not to dismount on gradients exceeding 10% (the steepest being over 20%) despite being the oldest entrant by some 25 years. What can you say!?!

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