Club Run to The Three Horseshoes at Warham 8 August 2018

As 9 Wheelers gathered at “The Reservoir Gates” for Peter’s run to Warham we were all relieved that the excessive heat and humidity of the previous day had given way to cooler, cloudier conditions even if we were going to be pedalling into a headwind for most of the 30 miles to our lunch stop!

Barningham Park and on to Plumstead, Edgefield, Briston and over (rather than the usual through) a very dry Craymere Beck before the long straight stretch to Hindolveston and Fulmodeston. No big black dogs today (if you need to ask you weren’t there!) but we did encounter a roadworks. “There was a sign saying Road Closed!” said the workman “Well we’re only bikes” replied Peter.

Onward through Croxton, over the busy A148 Holt Road to Little Snoring and inevitably Great Snoring. Peter decided to use the RC Church By-pass around Little Walsingham, then Edgar Road aka Sandy Lane to reach the B1105 Wells Road. Had Stephen missed the right turn to Wighton? No he was on his way back to Wells – things to do and all that! The few remaining miles to the pub took us past the Warham Camp Iron Age Fort but you wouldn’t know it as it is hidden from the road and there’s little else to indicate that here lies probably the best preserved Iron Age Fort in East Anglia!

After a very enjoyable lunch enhanced greatly by Andrew’s round of drinks celebrating his 3 score and 10 it was decided that The Three Horseshoes needs to be a regular on the Wheeler’s list. This could prove to be a popular venue although the total round trip of 65+ miles (for some) could be a bit much in the colder wetter conditions likely to be encountered Nov – March.

There was a helpful tailwind on the return leg as we passed through Binham en route to Field Dalling. We had already said goodbye to Paula as we turned north-east to Saxlingham now saying goodbye to Jane as we pressed on to Wiveton, cheers Andrew, and the long climb to Bridge Road. Peter left us at Kelling Road to head towards Holt and home while just 4 reached High Kelling. It was then the familiar route to Geoff’s Corner where 3 followed the road to West Beckham and back to PC and Sheringham while Malcolm reached into his pocket for a snack bar for that last 12 miles or so home.

Many thanks to Peter for leading today’s ride and Happy Birthday Andrew!

Alan, Andrew, Ben from Bedford, Jane, Kevin, Malcolm, Paula, Peter, Stephen

48 miles PC to PC