Club Run to The Old Railway Station Café at Reepham 15 August 2018

Eight of the Wheeler flock gathered at PC for Andrew’s ride to Reepham. The question was would the flock manage to stay together under his leadership?

All began well as we headed down and up Red Barn Lane before the right turn at Mill Road and then a left to run more or less parallel with the A148, through Bodham, Hempstead, Hunworth, Stody and Brinton. A few of the group seemed a bit puzzled as to where we were, such is the twisting and turning nature of the North Norfolk lanes and by-ways. Our leader confirmed that we were passing through Gunthorpe and only one or two more upward stretches to go!

On reaching Swanton Novers a quick check confirmed all were present but then en route to Hindolveston (or thereabouts) 3 became detached. While 4 of the group waited, Malcolm retraced our tracks but could find no trace of our “lost sheep.” Just the 5 pedalled on to Guestwick and then a quick dash along the lanes to Reepham, thankfully managing to avoid the worst of the debris and holes along the way!

The original 8 were eventually reunited at Reepham and we all enjoyed a pleasant lunch in the garden of The Old Railway Station Café in the company of Trevor N and Chris and Maggie K who had ridden/driven out to join us. Apologies were offered for what has to be said was a basic error – not ensuring that all members of your group were together or at least not being aware that some were off the back and may have missed a junction, had a mechanical or worse! It would be unfair to point the finger only at the leader on this or any club run – we all have a responsibility to look out for each other. On this particular occasion it was a missed junction!

CJ, Maggie and their German Shepherd (might have been useful earlier on!!) made their own way home; Malcolm accompanied Trevor N on a wind assisted return via Booton and Buxton and the group of 6 began their return journey via Wood Dalling, Thurning and Briston where Trevor E and Stephen departed for Walsingham.

For the remaining 4 riders Edgefield Street to Baconsthorpe; at the radio mast at West Beckham (Geoff’s corner) Andrew and Barry turning towards High Kelling.

Thank you to Andrew for leading today’s ride.

Andrew, Barry, David C, Jane, Kevin, Malcolm, Stephen, Trevor E

PC to PC 41 miles

Message from Andrew

“Sorry about the lost sheep!!”