Club Run to The Kings Arms at Blakeney 21 November 2018

21 nov 18The 4 Wheelers who met at PC quite understood if others chose to stay inside and keep warm but we nevertheless looked forward to Kevin’s ride to the North Coast. The forecast had promised 6 – 9 degrees but with the wind chill it was nowhere near this.

The first part of today’s route took us south through East Beckham, Gresham, Bessingham, Matlaske and Itteringham, at which point we turned right to follow twisting and narrow lanes to Corpusty, Thurning and Hindolveston.

It was then due north to Melton Constable, Briningham, Brinton and Sharrington. An unfortunate (doubly so as it was a rear) puncture, in a Gatorskin no less, did not delay us for very long and in some ways the stop was useful allowing for natural breaks and a walk around to get the circulation going. Not sure if John felt the same way!

The last leg of the outward journey was Field Dalling, Langham and a cheeky curve (rather than the direct Langham Road) to Blakeney. Unsurprisingly we decided against al fresco dining and grabbed a table inside. Alan had driven out to join us – unfortunately not able to come on the run due to feeling rough after a flu jab! Just as we were leaving Francis arrived but sadly we couldn’t stay and share news; so after a brief hallo we were on our way, firstly making the customary parade alongside the harbour.

Andrew left us to head towards The Three Swallows and home while the remaining three climbed up to Bridge Road and High Kelling. We took a breather just after crossing the Cromer Road before following the familiar route to Geoff’s Corner and on to the junction of Mill Road and Red Barn Lane where Malcolm headed off to Gresham, Hanworth and home leaving just the two to return to PC.

Thanks very much to Kevin for devising a great route out and the shorter more direct route back meant that there would be enough time and light for the necessary bike wash after getting home.

Andrew, John S, Kevin, Malcolm – Alan and Francis at the pub.

65 kms or 40 miles PC to PC (max 60 miles ish)