Club Run to The Red Lion at Coltishall 28 November 2018


Leader JD. Words by JD

One rider gathered at PC on a wet and blustery morning and as the little hand reached 29, thoughts of a quick dash back to the car; hot coffee and a day on the sofa were on JD’s mind. As the little hand reached 30, Kevin appeared, and after the traditional game of “shall we, shan’t we”, two set off into a stiff breeze – with rain added to the mix – which was to accompany us for the 20 miles to Coltishall.

The route was through Bessingham and around the back of Aldborough to cross the A140 and head through Colby. A stretch of the Trans Norfolk Highway (no JD ride is complete without this) took us via Hylton Crossways to Skeyton Church where I’m sure was heard the ghost of a question hanging in the air “How far’s The Old Goat Inn?”

It was then past the aforementioned pub and a straight forward couple of miles going through Badersfield and Little Hautbois to a welcome lunch break.

The Red Lion provided its usual tasty fare, and after some cheerful banter with the landlord / owner, who is also a keen cyclist, it was off with a helpful tail wind.

Whilst the roads were very wet and strewn with debris, the rain kept away as we rode back through Little Hautbois and took the direct way back to PC, through Buxton, Banningham, Ingworth, Wickmere, Bessingham and Gresham.

No incidents despite the poor weather for the first half of the ride. Well worth the effort. “If in doubt – Go!”

Two out John D and Kevin

40 miles PC to PC

Editor’s Note

In the less than perfect conditions special praise has to go to John and Kevin for “just going” and keeping the flag flying for the Wednesday Wheelers. No excuse really but MS did have to go to Norwich today and therefore missed the fun – didn’t miss cleaning his bike however!