Club Run to The Corner House Café at Mundseley 30 January 2019

The yellow warnings were out, indeed Aylsham and North Walsham received a decent covering of snow, but at the coast no snow and no frost! What this meant was that the coastal contingent was keen to ride whereas the inland contingent was understandably underwhelmed at the prospect. In the event two Wheelers left PC to pick up one more at Banningham and the trio set off for today’s run lead by David C.

The Trans Norfolk Highway took us to North Walsham, then the Bacton Road to Edingthorpe Green, Broomholm, the Coast Road past the Gas Terminal, then Paston, Paston Street and finally Mundesley. The CHC owners looked tanned and refreshed after their winter break and just as they were taking our order in walked Geoff P. Despite a valiant attempt by David C to start a Brexit debate, conversation soon turned to more parochial, but no less important, matters. Thank you to the CHC for its usual good service and good value food.

We remounted our bikes in bright sunshine and decided to stick to the Coast Road; all the way to Cromer in fact where there was a 3 way split, 2 of the group heading to their homes in Cromer and Sheringham, while the remaining 2 Wheelers did the decent thing and returned to PC via Felbrigg, Metton and Lower Gresham.

In the end a good day out on the bikes, the thaw happened very quickly as the temperature rose a bit and the roads were ice free and only occasionally a bit mucky (due to the fact that we were mostly on B roads rather than the lanes).

Thank you to David C for leading the ride.

David C, Geoff P, Kevin, Malcolm

40 miles PC to PC

Club Run to the Kings Arms at Blakeney 23 January 2019

After encountering sheet ice on the way to the meeting point at PC an H & S Executive meeting was hastily convened to decide on the safest route for today’s run lead by Andrew. We decided to leave it in Andrew’s very capable hands especially as he has such good knowledge of this part of North Norfolk.

The four of us set off on the A148 towards Bodham and High Kelling interrupted only by roadworks which had the bonus of slowing the traffic down on this busy, but ice free, road. Our route then took in Kelling, Salthouse, Cley, Wiveton, Langham, Cockthorpe, Binham, Warham, Stiffkey, Morston and Langham where we discovered that the Blue Bell was not serving food until Friday 25th. Note to self remember that this is the time of year when publicans and proprietors have holidays and carry out maintenance!!

After only a couple of extra miles we arrived at The Kings Arms at Blakeney and enjoyed a welcome break, some warmth and nourishment, before we left, in the rain, via the quayside for Wiveton. Andrew, still suffering the after effects of a chest infection, made his own way home and the 3 of us climbed the climb to High Kelling and then took the customary short breather after crossing the Holt Road. By now the morning’s ice had all but gone and thankfully the rain had stopped. We had an incident free trek further inland to Geoff’s Corner at which point Malcolm headed off to Gresham and home via Hanworth, the A140 and Banningham while the remaining happy couple returned to PC.


In the end today’s run was not as treacherous as was first feared and many thanks to Andrew for leading us safely round.

Alan, Andrew, Kevin, Malcolm

40 miles PC to PC (63 miles max)

Club Run to The Conservatory at Aylsham 16 January 2019

As David C was otherwise engaged Malcolm offered to lead today’s run and met with 4 other Wheelers at PC. The forecast promised wind and showers with possible sunny bits and that’s what we got although the latter only really broke through in the final stretch!

The route: Gresham, Lower Gresham, Metton, Thorpe Market, Bradfield, Swafield, North Walsham, Tungate, Skeyton, Burgh, Aylsham. Robin had things to do etc so left the four of us to it.

The Conservatory served up good food in their usual friendly way and after forgoing the tempting cakes on offer we set off for Oulton Street hoping that the (forecast) heavy showers would arrive once we were all back home enjoying a cuppa!

The route from Oulton Street was a straightforward Itteringham to Little Barningham (let the sunshine in!). Just after The Church of St Peter there was a split with Malcolm and Robert heading off towards Gresham and their respective ways home while the remaining pair completed the circuit back to PC.

Thanks to all for the company. Just after M arrived home there were a series of showers that probably helped with the bike cleaning!

Alan, Kevin, Malcolm, Robert, Robin

36 miles PC to PC (60 miles max)

Club Run to The Red Lion at Coltishall 9 January 2019

Six Wheelers met at PC for Alan’s ride to Coltishall.

A helpful tailwind took us swiftly to Itteringham and carried us up the hill to The Blickling Road where we bade farewell to Robin.

Although dampness was in the air we were optimistic that conditions would remain favourable as we passed through Oulton Street, Southgate and on to Cawston. Our route continued through Brandiston, Haveringland, over the busy B1149 and on via Shorthorn Road and over the A140 Cromer Road to Stratton Strawless. Just before Buxton a not so Sandy Lane, in fact more like Straw Lane, led us to the Coltishall Road and Horstead before arriving at our destination after some 27 miles.

Just after settling down at our table the threatened rain shower arrived which made our excellent lunch at this great venue even more pleasurable. Particularly so as the rain had cleared away by the time we were ready to leave!

John S left us to head eastwards while the remaining 4 went back through Coltishall up to Great and Little Haubois and on to Badersfield and Skeyton. After negotiating a tractor and a section of muddy road the group split again with one heading off towards North Walsham and just 3 taking the following route; Tuttington, Dunkirk, Erpingham , Calthorpe, Aldborough and Gresham where Andrew and Kevin headed west and Alan back to PC.

Many thanks to Alan for leading today’s ride.

Alan, Andrew, John S, Kevin, Malcolm, Robin

PC to PC 44 miles


Club Run to The Old Railway Station Café at Reepham 2 January 2019

Words by John S

Seven riders met at PC for the first Club Ride of the year.  These included Andrew on his first ride with the club and Sue on her first Wednesday run.  And they had chosen an ok day to join us.  Wintery–ish yes; chilly, yes; damp, yes, with a hint of moisture in the air, but not too bad at all for a day out on the bikes.

John S had planned a modest ride to Reepham to allow any post-festivity sluggishness to be gently dealt with.  He had also not cleaned his bike from his last outing knowing that things were going to be a bit on the mucky side!

A more westerly outward leg saw us take in Baconsthorpe, Edgefield, Guestwick and Kerdiston before settling into the Old Railway Station at Reepham for lunch where Geoff joined us.

The track back to PC was more easterly so as not to repeat any of the lanes used on the outward leg.  There was the usual phased break-up of the group.  Andrew C left us just after Wood Dalling, Geoff just before Saxthorpe, Robin around Irmingland and Sue and Graham just after Thurgarton.  New rider Andrew turned for home in Gresham, which left just John S and Alan to return to PC.   A finish by riding up Gibbet Lane seemed just the way to start the New Year!

At 36.2 miles, it was a shortish route, but a pleasing one.


8 out (nice to see some new faces).

Alan, Andrew, Andrew C, Geoff, Graham, John S, Robin, Sue

Here’s to 2019 and many convivial and pleasing days out on the bikes (with not too much post-ride cleaning required!).