Club Run to The Red Lion at Coltishall 28 August 2019

Run 28 Aug 20198 Wheelers met at PC on a (surprisingly) wet and (not so surprisingly) warm morning for John’s ride to Coltishall. Two riders, including the leader, were equipped with mudguards – a wise decision as it turned out!

The first part of John’s ride followed the small lanes via East Beckham, Gresham, and Bessingham, by-passing Thurgarton and Aldborough to Alby Hill, Alby, Suffield, Corvette Kingdom and Felmingham. After the first visit to our crossover point at Swanton Abbott we headed towards Worstead but a sharp right turn took us to Sloley and past the extensive soft fruit farm. On the way a front wheel puncture delayed us briefly but was swiftly dealt with by nimble fingered Kevin!

We then crossed the main train line (cue for Alban’s air horn impression ha ha!!) and on to Crowgate Street and Ashmanagh, across the Bure Valley Railway line to the Tunstead Road and then Belaugh Green and our lunchtime destination. It looked like we were going to have completely dry weather for the afternoon but too late for the mudguardless roadbikes!

After an excellent lunch Peter left us for a direct route home while the remainder began the return leg via St James, Tunstead, Market Street, Scottow, Swanton Abbott, Skeyton, Banningham and Colby where Malcolm peeled off for a second visit to Suffield and home.

The bunch of 6 continued on to Erpingham, Wickmere and Plumstead and then the long haul up the Barningham Road and Red Barn Lane back to PC.

Many thanks to John for leading today’s ride which included one or two new lanes!

Alban, Andrew B, Graham, John S, Kevin, Malcolm, Peter, Stephen

48.5 miles PC to PC

18.5m Hilly TT results 20/8/19


Hilly 18.5m TT 20-08-19
Name Club Time Handicap time Notes
R.POSTANCE Guest 49.39
GRAHAM DENNY NN Wheelers 50.59   46 31
JOHN MORGAN NN Wheelers 53.21
MARK WATSON NN Wheelers 55.34
GUY THOROLD NN Wheelers 57.03   43 03
PHILIP WEST NN Wheelers 57.26
TIM DAYKIN NN Wheelers 60.53

Updated TT calendar for Sept/Oct 2019

See updated TT calendar HERE

Due to a previously cancelled 18.5m hilly TT the reserve date has been used. (6th October).  The September 10m TT’s might be run on the revised Thursford-Fakenham course as roadworks planned so keep a watch on the website and Facebook.



Club Run to The Barns Café at Great Walsingham 21 August 2019

In a change to the advertised programme 10 left PC, soon to be joined by one other, for Peter’s ride out to the best pie café in town.

Warm weather and a gentle breeze is always guaranteed to generate a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in the group so it was unfortunate that yet another idiot of a motorist saw fit to take out his frustrations with the world on us as he sped round a bend shouting obscenities as he did so!

After Plumstead and Edgefield our route took in Thurning, Hindolveston, Fulmodeston, Croxton, Little Snoring, Great Snoring, Little Walsingham and finally our lunch time destination. Peter shortened the outward leg slightly as 2 mechanicals had delayed us, a rear wheel puncture for one and a broken quick link for another! Andrew C and Alexa having cycled on after the first mechanical had taken a different route to the café, pedalling 5 miles further than the main group and arriving shortly after us.

After a very enjoyable refuel a group of 9 began the return journey, Mark and Stephen having left us, and benefitted from a tailwind as we passed through Hindringham, Bale and Field Dalling. After Saxlingham Peter confirmed that we were pointed in the right direction and turned for home while the remainder took a deep breath for the ascent from Wiveton of Bridgefoot Road and Bridge Road to High Kelling (nothing like the 7 mile Cat and Fiddle so this must have been a breeze for Don!)

While one or two had peeled off on the way a group of 6 completed the gradual climb up to Geoff’s Corner where 2 went straight to Sheringham while 4 carried on to Mill Road for a final split where 2 returned to PC and 2 descended to Gresham then Bessingham and their own ways home.

Many thanks to Peter for leading us on a great route and thanks to the guests for joining us!

Alan, Alexa (local guest), Andrew C, Don (Buxton Cycling Club), Hamish (from Liverpool), John S, Kevin, Malcolm, Mark, Peter, Stephen

46 miles PC to PC (67 miles max)

Cub Run 17/08/19

7 Wheelers plus 2 guests met at the bridge over the Bure at Itteringham for today’s run to the ever popular Tabnabs at Mattishall.

The route out was Saxthorpe, Wood Dalling, Guestwick, Themelthorpe, Foxley, Bawdeswell, Elsing, North Tuddenham and Clippings Green arriving at our lunchtime destination just as the wedding party was pouring out of All Saints Church no doubt looking forward to their own festivities!

The route back followed a similar pattern except at Bawdeswell where there was a split with 3 heading off to Reepham and Heydon (needing to get back quickly and thinking it was a more direct route) while the remainder of the group returned via Themelthorpe and Guestwick. However both groups completed the circuit back to Itteringham, just at different times!!

47 miles Bridge to Bridge

Ben, Ben (from Bedford), Brian, Geoff, Graham A, Harvey, Malcolm, Robin, Ian (lapsed)


Club Run to The White Horse at Crostwick 14 August 2019

11 Wheelers met at PC on a warm but damp morning for John D’s ride out to Crostwick. Just how wet and how hard might the ride become as the day progressed?

The first part of the route down to Itteringham should have been straight forward enough but an incident with a driver who clearly wanted all the road to himself nearly spoilt the fun. In the end only expletives were exchanged as each party continued on their separate ways.

We continued on to Oulton, Oulton Street, Aylsham, Burgh, Oxnead, Buxton, Stratton Strawless, Hainford, Newton St Faith, Horsham St Faith (where there was a split in the group as 2 waited with a puncture victim while the remainder of the group were told to pedal on), Frettenham and to the pub. Our leader punctured just a quarter of a mile short of our destination and decided to walk it from there and fix things after lunch!

The weather was turning and plans for an al fresco lunch were abandoned so we settled down inside. Peter, hoping to get home before the heavier rain, had not joined us and by the time we were ready to leave it was raining steadily.

John D had already decided to head straight home after replacing a tube so Malcolm took up the reins and lead the group on a direct path to Banningham via Frettenham, Buxton, Oxnead and Tuttington. The pace was quite high mainly in an attempt to keep warm in the worsening conditions! Malcolm followed the Trans-Norfolk Highway to Felmingham and home while the remaining 8 riders pedalled hard in the wet back to PC on familiar roads.

Many thanks to John D for leading today’s ride, particularly in view of the fact that he had lead the NVL group the previous day.

47 miles PC to PC

(Unsure of today’s max but Stephen could well be the gold star winner for the second week running!)

Alan, Alban, Andrew B, Andrew C, Ben (from Bedford), John D, John S, Kevin, Malcolm, Peter, Stephen

Club Run to The Horse and Groom at Tunstead 7 August 2019

9 Wheelers met at PC for Robert’s ride to Tunstead on a bright and breezy but cloudy summer’s day.

Just to be different Robert lead us back across the A148 and then down, down to the Coast Road at Beeston Regis to mix it with the holiday traffic! Not for long however as we were soon ascending Sandy Lane to the A148 and then into the Lion’s Mouth descending as far as the back entrance to the Felbrigg Hall Estate. Walkers seemed slightly taken aback as we approached them but they were friendly enough and the only real causes for concern were random sheep leaping across the road in front of us!

Safely through the Estate and Felbrigg Village our route then followed a familiar path to Crossdale Street encountering an idiot of a driver on the way who seemed to want the road to himself and unsuccessfully tried to push (or was that punch) John D off his bike! After Northrepps came Southrepps, Trunch, Knapton, Paston, Bacton Village, Witton, Honing, Dilham, Smallburgh, then the small lanes to Crowgate Street and the pub at Market Street in Tunstead.

It can only be assumed that the kitchen was short staffed as the food was a while coming and the quality variable but nevertheless it was a welcome break and we enjoyed a pleasant 45 minutes or so.

John S left us for home, so 8 pedalled their way back towards PC by way of Scottow, Swanton Abbott, All Saints Skeyton (where John D parted company with the group), Tuttington, Banningham (where Malcolm peeled off for home), Ingworth, Wickmere, Thurgarton, Bessingham, Lower Gresham and East Beckham.

Many thanks to Robert for leading today’s ride.

48 miles PC to PC (85 miles max – Stephen is awarded this week’s gold star!)

Alan, Andrew C, John D, John S, Kevin, Malcolm, Peter, Robert, Stephen