Club Run to All Things Nice at Cawston 23 October 2019

After a chill start to the day the sun came out and greeted 8 Wheelers plus one guest at PC. There was the welcome return of David after a temporary layoff for other pedalling pursuits and local guest Stephen P on his winter ready Trek.

Malcolm did wonder if David had the Weavers’ Way and Marriott’s Way on his route plan for the day as he had turned up on his hybrid. Fortunately this was not the case and David lead us via Bessingham and Thurgarton to Erpingham and thereafter Colby, Banningham, Ingworth, Blickling, Silvergate and Oulton Street.

After a short pause and friendly debate (as we had had covered only 15 miles at this point) we decided on the direct route to our lunchtime destination so arrived a little early. Just as well really as ATN was very busy; but even so the table was already reserved and we were served with the usual excellent food and drink by the friendly and efficient staff.

The group was reduced to 8 as we began the return leg, lead initially by Malcolm, to Heydon. On the outward leg David  had described his hybrid as the bike he uses to “pootle about” on. While David meant nothing by this it must have been on Malcolm’s mind (and he remembers that some who don’t come on Club Runs feel that they are just for old blokes on a bit of a pootle round) as he moved to the big ring and upped the pace to the crossroads at Wood Dalling.

At this point there was a split as 2 headed for Guestwick and beyond as David resumed his leadership, still at a decent pace in spite of the heavier bike and Marathon Plus tyres, to take us to Briston, Edgefield and Baconsthorpe. where there was another split as one half pedalled towards Sheringham Park and the other the more familiar route back to PC.

For once Malcolm did the full circuit and as today’s run was shorter than usual carried on to Sheringham and Cromer and then to Northrepps, Southrepps, Bradfield and home. On that basis he awards himself this week’s gold star for miles covered, although Mark couldn’t have been far behind so let’s make that a share!

Many thanks to David for leading us today and we miss your company so see you again next time!

Andrew B, David, Graham J, Jane, John S, Kevin, Malcolm, Mark, Stephen P

36 miles PC to PC (63 miles max)