Club Run to The Blue Bell at Langham 30th October 2019

On a cool but dry day with a moderate easterly 8 Wheelers plus one guest rider gathered at PC for Andrew’s run to a lunchtime venue that’s up there on our favourites’ list.

Andrew lead us on a familiar path to Briston but on the way John S suddenly became disengaged – a problem with his freehub probably caused by worn or sticking pawls! Fortunately John was able to freewheel (mostly) to a relative’s house who gave him a lift home.

After Briston came the flowing Craymere Beck, on to Hindolveston and along the Fulmodeston Road as far as the B1110. “Road Closed” signs meant that we took a right and then after a short distance a left to Swanton Novers and more very pleasant lanes past Gunthorpe and then through Hindringham, Binham, Field Dalling and to Langham.

John S had driven out and CJ had pedalled out to join us for lunch. Service was friendly and efficient and the food good quality so replete and relaxed we began the return leg.

Members of the group peeled off at different points along the way to High Kelling via Wiveton leaving just 2 to complete the long haul up to Geoff’s Corner with a final split as one headed for Sheringham and the other Mill Road, Gresham and home.

So this week not one rider completed the circuit back to PC but with the aid of modern technology I am still able to calculate the mileage!!

Alban, Andrew B, Andrew C, Ian W (guest), Jane, John S, Kevin, Malcolm, Mark and CJ for lunch

39 miles PC to PC (60 miles max)

NB Just like all my other Wednesday Run Reports this was written with the help of my Garmin Edge 200 (other GPS Cycling Computers are available) as sadly I don’t have the detailed knowledge and memory to write them without it. However it was flattering that one of my Wednesday cycling buddies thought that I did!