Hill Climb Results 18th October 2020

Hill Climb TimeHandicap
(based on Age)
14. Kieran Jarvis NM2.03 
3. Mike Padfield (10)2.11  2 11
7. Nigel Walsh (18)2.26  2 06
6. Graham Denny (17)2.38  2 33
8. Phil Hurr (22)2.38  2 18
5. Paul Harrowing (16)2.40  2 35
9. Rob Kitchen 2.41  2 41
10. Pete Farrell NM2.44 
15. Ben Johnson2.44  2 44
12. Steve Swindon NM2.56 
16. Mary Padfield (F)3.38  2 30
13. A.Coles (F) NM3.41 
2. Brian Platts (7)3.41  3 06
1. Sarah Jay (5)DNS 
4. Adrian Jay (11)DNS 
11. Sarah Sanderski NMDNS 

Hill Climb Start List 18th Oct 2020

West Runton Hill Climb – 10am
1. Sarah Jay (5)
2. Brian Platts (7)
3. Mike Padfield (10)
4. Adrian Jay (11)
5. Paul Harrowing (16)
6. Graham Denny (17)
7. Nigel Walsh (18)
8. Phil Hurr (22)
9. Rob Kitchen 
10. Pete Farrell NM
11. Sarah Sanderski NM
12. Steve Swindon NM
13. Abigail Coles NM
14. Kieran Jarvis NM

Club Run to The Art Cafe at Glandford 14 October 2020

A “full” complement of 6 Wheelers gathered at PC looking forward to Andrew C’s ride to a lunchtime venue not visited for some time.

As we made our way towards Briston via Baconsthorpe, Plumstead and Edgefield we were pushed along by a tailwind blowing from the north-east. Craymere Beck was a mere trickle, even after the recent rain, and thereafter the roads were surprisingly dry and mud free (mostly).

The group began to feel the sidewind as we pedalled the long straight stretch to Fulmodeston (with Swanton Novers National Nature Reserve to our right hand side). Then we turned into the wind, first to Barney and then Hindringham and onwards to Bale, Field Dalling and Saxlingham. We bumped into Peter en route who was off to pick up his camper van.

After some 28 miles and as it started to rain we arrived at the café, just as Nigel W, out on a training run, passed by saying a brief hallo.

We enjoyed great service and equally great coffee and food before deciding it was time to leave. Stephen headed west while 5 were led by Andrew to Wiveton and then up the hill of Bridgefoot Lane to the junction at the Holt Road where he left us to our own devices. Graham and then Andrew B left the main group shortly after to leave just 2 to make their way back towards PC. A short and not too heavy shower didn’t dampen the spirits and a familiar route was followed to the junction at Mill Road where the final split of the day took place with one going towards West Beckham and the other towards Bessingham.

Alan wins today’s gold star for being the only rider to complete the circuit back to PC.

Many thanks to Andrew for leading the ride.

Alan, Andrew B, Andrew C, Graham J, Malcolm, Stephen

40 miles PC to PC (62 miles max)

18.5m Hilly TT Results 11th October 2020

 18.5m Hilly TT 111020  
PositionRiderTime Handicap
117. Mike Padfield 49.57  46 55
29. Kevin Watkinson NM50.12 
316. Nick Partridge NM51.12 
414. Phil Watkins 51.23 
512. Nigel Walsh 53.37  47 16
611. Graham Denny 53.50  48 12
76. Paul Harrowing 54.22  48 01
813. Phil Hurr 54.51  46 18
915. Trevor Caley NM56.06 
1010. John Morgan 56.19  45 01
118. Simon Hardy NM57.11 
122. Pete Farrell NM59.55 
137. Brian Platts1.02.38  48 12
145. Steve Swindon NM1.05.40 
153. Amanda Marshall1.05.55  54 44
 1. Susie TowningDNF 
 18 Ben KeeleyDQ (wrong turn) 
 4. Ben JohnsonDNS 

18.5m Hilly TT Start List

18.5m Hilly TT 10am Pick up number
1. Susie Towning 
2. Pete Farrell NMY
3. Amanda Marshall 
4. Ben JohnsonY
5. Steve Swindon NMY
6. Paul Harrowing (no.16) 
7. Brian Platts 
8. Simon Hardy NMY
9. Kevin Watkinson NMY
10. John Morgan (no.13) 
11. Graham Denny (no.17) 
12. Nigel Walsh (no.18) 
13. Phil Hurr (no.22) 
14. Phil Watkins (no.14)Y
15. Trevor Caley NM
16. Nick Partridge NM
17. Mike Padfield (no.10) 

Club Run to The Goat Inn at Skeyton 7 October 2020

We had originally planned this ride with 6 but unfortunately 2 couldn’t make it so just 4 Wheelers set off from PC on a cool, blustery, but thankfully dry day. Malcolm took the group in a clockwise direction for the outward leg hoping (at least initially) to take advantage of a tailwind.

We reached Lower Gresham and then pedalled on to Metton and Roughton. Malcolm took a chance that the road through Roughton to Thorpe Market wouldn’t be too busy at this time of day and indeed it wasn’t bad at all. Although this can sometimes seem a long drag up to the crossroads at the A149, the tailwind was definitely still helping.

On to Southrepps and the outskirts of Mundesley where Stow Mill on Stow Hill was looking splendid. Just after Paston Street we took a right to Paston Green and followed the narrow lanes to the North Walsham Road.

After the “suburbs” of North Walsham we headed for Worstead, our route taking us out along the (old) Yarmouth Road with Meeting House Hill away to our left. Then across the A149 again at Bengate to Lyngate, Worstead, Worstead Station and the lanes to the B1150.

On reaching Badersfield it was a freewheel to our lunchtime destination where we received a friendly greeting, good service and a welcome refuel.

After lunch the group of 4 ascended the short climb to All Saints Church and followed the lanes to Tuttington. Alan headed directly for Aylsham whilst the others had a quick sprint up the A140 before turning left towards Drabblegate and Ingworth. Here there was a 3-way split with 2 following their own routes (mainly into the wind) to the coast and home and the leader via Colby, Corvette Kingdom and Felmingham to home.

So nobody completed the circuit back to PC this week but these are not normal times!

Alan, Andrew C, Malcolm and Robert

PC to Ingworth 34 miles (mid 50s max)

Club Run to The Station Cafe, Reepham 30 September 2020

Words by Alan, our leader for the day

On a pleasant dry day after a very wet Tuesday 5 riders met at PC for a leisurely ride to Reepham.

Heading downhill then left (ignoring Malcolm’s “You’ll be sorry!”) along a mucky lane to Gresham, then on to Bessingham, Aldborough and up to the A140. Then to Suffield, Colby, Banningham, Tuttington, Oxnead and Brampton. Where did that headwind come from?

Zigzagging across to the A140 then bypassing Hevingham to the Holt Rd crossing towards Swannington then on to Reepham for a well earned lunch.

Having put the world to right over tasty snacks we headed north to Heydon (Malcolm heading east here), Saxthorpe, Little Barningham, round Barningham Park (Duncan heading west here), up towards Gresham (Robert leaving here) then left towards West Beckham (Andrew heading to Geoff’s Corner) leaving Alan to head to PC via A148.

Great to have a tailwind on the way back.

Great day shame about the wind!

Alan, Andrew B, Duncan, Malcolm, Robert

42 miles PC to PC.

Note from Editor

The Station Cafe Reepham seems to be doing well after reopening under a new name and new management. With all COVID-19 measures in place the staff are friendly and efficient and the food as tasty as ever – even though on this occasion the Rocket in the salad was not quite up to one Wheeler’s expectations – can’t please everyone!