Club Ride to The Small Sticks Café at Cart Gap – 30 January 2016

Club Ride to The Small Sticks Café at Cart Gap – 30 January 2016

The club ride to Cart Gap brought out eleven club members in total despite the forecast of very windy conditions later in the day. As an experiment there was a longer club ride out of Pretty Corner to Banningham. Five left Pretty Corner including two new Bens. They took the back route to Banningham by way of Alby Common, to pick up another 4 Wheelers at Banningham. The route out was Skeyton, Swanton Abbott, Worstead, Honing, Brumstead Common, Lessingham, Happisburgh Common to Smallsticks Cafe at Cart Gap, where we had a large table booked. Two turned off to go straight home, but two more turned up at the cafe. The ride out was sheer pleasure assisted by a strong tail wind which was to become challenging to say the least, on the return leg.

The route back was via Happisburgh, Witton church, Paston, Knapton, Trunch, Southrepps Common, Antingham, Suffield, Colby, Alby Common, Sustead, Gresham for the final split of the remaining 4 riders. Interesting to note we rode past the back of Bacton Gas Terminal – seldom seen – where for once the road was relatively clean. Full marks to our leader who remarkably managed to keep us out of the wind for much of the return trip as well as introducing us to some “new” lane.

PC to Cart Gap 33 miles; Cart Gap to PC 26 miles {59 miles from PC to PC}. – Some did more and some did less.

9 riders out and 9 riders back, but 11 out in total.

Ben, Ben, Kevin, Phil, John S, Trevor, Ian, Darryl, Malcolm, Geoff, Harvey.

And NO punctures !

Subscriptions for 2016

If you have not already renewed your membership then I fear it is time to do so.

For your ease we are accepting bank transfers. Alternatively you could set up a standing order to pay your yearly subscription – saving a cheque and postage, it also saves our finance secretary trudging down to the bank to pay them all in.

If you do pay direct to the bank then you need to email John telling him that you have done so, please include updates of contact details (address, phone numbers or email).

You can, of course still pay by cheques if you so wish. 

North Norfolk Wheelers Bank Details: Sort code 40-65-00 Account 32924355 

If you are paying by cheque please send your remittance to:

Finance Secretary – John Morgan, Greengages, Norwich Road, Corpusty, Norwich NR11 6QD

Or give it to one of the committee members who can pass it on. 

Subscriptions for 2016 are unchanged at:

First Claim membership £12, Second claim £9,

Please make cheques payable to North Norfolk Wheelers CC.

Barmy Binham Club Ride – By Alan Fisher 27 January 2016

Meeting at Pretty Corner in spite of dodgy weather the dynamic duo (Alan & Kevin) took the decision we’re here we will go.
Heading off to Baconsthorpe, into a strong blustery sw wind , up to Holt, down to Thornage , Gunthorpe , Thursford , Gt Snoring and then to Lt. Walsingham. Having achieved a reasonable distance it was suggested to throw in a scenic loop prior to lunch. Heading west undaunted the duo across B1105 and then north up through the south gate and down through Holkham Park greatly assisted by then strong wind. Then along coast road to Wells , then Warham and eventually Binham. ( A wise decision?)

After a good lunch the duo took the most direct route home via Field Dalling, Letheringsett, Holt, Baconthorpe and West Beckham. A very wet return run.
Apologies to the club member we missed.

2 riders , 50 miles , no punctures , very windy & wet later.

Foot Note

GP, late on getting to the start, decided to be the Lone Ranger and ride directly to the pub. Going via High Kelling to Cley and up to Langham and finally the pub. No trace of any Wheelers so a quick cup of coffee and off went The Lone Ranger without Tonto.

Back via Hindringham to Stody and Edgefield the Lone Rider rode but now with a heaven sent wind on his back.

Home before the rains came so for once no need to clean his trusty steed.

40 miles, no rain, no punctures, VERY windy


North Norfolk Wheelers Annual Presentation Dinner

The Annual Trophy Presentation Dinner was held at the Links Hotel West Runton last Saturday.  This is a members meal with the club Chairman’s (Chris Knowles) presentation of trophies that are awarded based on club time trial performances from the 2015 season, as well as trophies for other club related activities.   A good spread of people (twelve in total) picked up the trophies, with the BAR Outright Winner going to Charlie Nurse and the BAR Handicap to Guy Thorold.  Details of all the winners are listed below.  Ladies are eligible for all the trophies and new for 2016 there will be a ladies only time trial trophy to encourage greater female participation in club events (both 1st and 2nd claim members are eligible).

Note in the photos that some of trophies didn’t make an appearance and were substituted with glasses/cups!  Thanks to Ian Spencer for organising this gathering.

BAR (Best All Rounder) – Outright Winner – Charlie Nurse

BAR – Handicap – Guy Thorold

Albert Lefever Trophy (fastest 25 mile tt on our course) – Laurence Wright

Pat Ash Trophy (fastest 50 mile tt on any course) – Charlie Nurse

Hill Climb Mike Kemp Trophy – Mike Padfield

Hill Climb Handicap Trophy – Mike Padfield

Zak Carr Trophy (Single event best 10m TT handicap) –  Nigel Walsh

15 Mile Outright Winner- Aiden Bond

15 Mile Handicap – Guy Thorold

10 x 10 Mile Handicap Trophy – Mike Padfield

18.5 Mile Hilly Outright Winner – Aiden Bond

18.5 Mile Hilly Handicap – Guy Thorold

David Killingback Cup (most improved rider) – John Morgan

25 Mile Handicap – Guy Thorold

Veterans 25 Mile Time Trial Cup – John Hayward

Clubman of the Year – Dave Griffiths

Chairman’s Award – Ian Spencer

Peddler’s trophy (charity ride) – Robin Rush and Hugh Jamieson.

Club Ride to The Parson Woodforde, Weston,– 23 January 2016

Club Ride to The Parson Woodforde, Weston,– 23 January 2016

Three riders met at Pretty Corner for our ride to Weston Longville. Our first stop was at The Crown at Banningham where we picked up two more rides. Then it was a hard push down to Taverham via some not so clean roads where just before the stop GP punctured. A quick fix was enacted with help from a couple of members and at last we arrived at the Parson. The car park was buzzing with Wensom Valley riders getting ready for a ride.

Among the people in the pub was the welcome sight of ex member Christine. GP was particularly pleased with this reunion as she had in her car one of the best track pumps going.

Bills paid we rode off home going via Itteringham and finally Sheringham for one rider.

A decent days riding for the time of the year – roads still diabolical in places but there must be a limit to the amount of sugar beet that can come off the fields.


Puncture 1, 53 miles, Weather: cool and windy

Annual Dinner – Lost Property

Somebody went home with John Hayward’s jacket at the annual dinner last night.  Please can they deliver it back to him at 28 Hamlet close, North Walsham, tel.07919205260.   Their jacket is at the Links Hotel. Thanks

Club Ride to The Forget Me Not Café at Lenwade – Leader John Dimascio

Club Ride to The Forget Me Not Café at Lenwade – Leader John Dimascio 20 January 2016

The weather forecast for this Wednesday’s club ride was artic cold. Notwithstanding this nine club members turned up for John’s ride to one of the best value cafes in Norfolk. Shortly after leaving Pretty Corner our leader had the misfortune to puncture. There are times when punctures are an inconvenience to say the least but this one was in the back of beyond, no wind, no rain, no traffic and a warming sun which gave us hope that spring is not too far away

Puncture fixed and tyre inflated despite a recalcitrant valve we set off going the back lanes via Briston and Reepham before arriving at café at Lenwade. Here, we met two more Wheelers makinga grand total of eleven out for the day.

After an excellent lunch it was back on our bikes and back via Cawston, Itteringham and home.

An excellent day’s ride in good weather – the only drawback was the state of the roads which remain appalling.


Many thanks John.


Punctures 1, 42miles, Weather: WARM and Sunny .



Donating Blood and Training

I regularly give blood and have on occasion met other athletes at the donor sessions.  Without doubt blood donation is a good thing to do, as we are cycling and running out on the roads we are at greater risk of accident and may one day need to draw on the blood donated by others.  We are also healthy individuals ideally suited to supply blood without a significant impact on our own lives, but how will it affect our training and athletic performance?

If you have gone through the blood donation process, their risk averse health and safety warnings make you believe you should not even think of moving quickly after donation, but what is the truth?

A 1-pint donation of blood reduces blood volume levels by about 10 percent.  The loss of fluid has an affect but if you race or exercise in warm weather you will lose more fluid than this and still function relatively normally.  Just rehydrate as you would on a warm day.  What’s different is you will also lose blood cells.  Blood cells will natuarally regenerate, returning blood levels back to normal after about 48 hours. However, the level of blood hemoglobin, your body’s oxygen transport mechanism, typically does not recover fully for up to three to four weeks after donating, so competitive athletes may observe a slight decrease in physical performance during that time period.

A 1995 study published in the “American Heart Journal” evaluated 10 male cyclists before and after blood donations to test the effect of blood donation on performance. Each cyclist was measured for oxygen consumption during maximal exercise testing at baseline, two hours before donating, two hours after donating and seven days after donating. Results showed that the maximal performance of the cyclists decreased for at least one week. Submaximal performance, however, was not affected by blood donations. The study concluded that while competitive cyclists should not compete for seven to 10 days after donating, cyclists exercising or training at submaximal intensity may not have negative experiences aside from a higher than normal heart rate the day after exercise.

So in summary we will be affected by giving blood, our race performance will suffer for about a week so don’t do it just before an important race.  It also tells us we can continue our sub – maximal training, the level most endurance athletes work at 80% of the time, almost immediately after donation.  Accepting you may experience an elevated heart rate and some reduction in performance for the following 48 hours.

If you give blood already I hope this helps you decide when to resume training and racing after donation and if you don’t it may encourage you to know you can safely include training, racing and giving blood in your athletic lifestyle.


Club Ride to The Corner Cafe, Mundesley – leader Trevor Neild. 13th Jan 2016.

Welcome to first-timers Phil and Sean, who were part of the six that met at Pretty Corner to follow Trevor to Mundesley.  The weather gods must be cyclists because this was the second Wednesday in a row where conditions were ideal for (winter) cycling.  Off we set, basically heading for Aldborough, Banningham and then Worstead before turning north for the coast.  A nice use of lanes to bring us into Mundesley from the east.

Four more Wheelers met us at the cafe where we were very well looked after and a splendid lunch was had by all.

Suitably refreshed, ten left for the trip home with folk departing at various points along the way.  The route was Trunch, Bradfield, then crossing the A149 at Thorpe Market for a run through Hanworth and home.

A really nice bike ride with loads of sunshine.  Many thanks, Trevor.

10 out.  41.5 miles PC to PC.  Same stats as last week but no punctures – hurrah!


Annual Presentation Dinner

The Annual Presentation Dinner has been booked at The Links Hotel West Runton on Saturday 23rd January 2016 at 7 for 7.30.

This is a great social gathering, with good food and includes the presentation of club trophies from the 2015 time trials and other club awards.  The cost of the meal is £25,which includes a tip.  If you wish to go to this event please could you send a cheque payable now to Ian Spencer along with your choice of food to him by the 12th January.

Ian’s address is 11 church close, Antingham NR28 0NN.

His contact details are tel.(01263) 834011, Links Festive 4 4 4 menu