Club Run to The Wymondham Garden Cafe – 25 June 2016

Club Run to The Wymondham Garden Cafe – 25 June 2016 

A new café stop beckoned two riders out from Pretty Corner and a further three at the pick-up point at Itteringham bridge. With the weather set on warm and sunny for most of the day the decision to ride the full circuit was unanimously endorsed.

Our outward journey was via Itteringham, Cawston, Swannington Upgate, Attlebridge, Weston Longville, Telegraph Hill, Marlingford mill, Pockthorpe and finally, the cafe. On route, care had to be taken on many of the minor roads to avoid sand and gravel which had been washed off the fields after the storms of the previous days. We stopped on a bridge on route, to see the river Yare which was in full flow and had previously burst its banks into the surrounding fields. Turning the corner, we found that the road was flooded as well but undaunted by this we wadded through on our way

Our café was an excellent choice with all food homemade and for once there was unanimity on the choice – omelettes for all !.

Then it was homeward bound via Carlton Forehoe, Barnham Broom, Mattishall Burgh, Elsing, Sparham, Eade’s mill, Booton, Oulton Street, Itteringham.

Large black clouds threatened the riders from the start of the homeward ride making tired legs push hard to keep just ahead of threating rain storms and apart from a few spots we all made it home dry.

A cracking club ride and thanks to our leader who navigated us through roads which were at times like sand beaches.

Footnote: Next club run is to Waxham Great Barn which is another classic ride so come along and enjoy the miles.

Weather: Excellent

Roll of Honour: Trevor, Malcolm, Ian, Harvey and Geoff ( 5 Omeletts)

PC to PC: 67 miles

Itt to Itt: 52 miles

Max: 79 miles





ECCA ‘100’ TT Report

Eastern Counties Cycling Association (ECCA) ‘100’ on course E2/100c, Sunday 19 June – Bruce Williams
I never did locate that helicopter to enable me to hot foot it from the EDCA ‘25’ on Sunday morning down to Newmarket to see part of the ECCA 100 so the ECCA had to manage without my marshalling assistance, our local EDCA event getting my priority.  Since the NNW affiliated to the ECCA this year, we are on call for duty at one or two of their events, many of which take place on Saturday afternoons rather than early Sunday mornings.
With a 445 am first man off start time, this must have been one early start for most people, the event hq at Fullbourn opening at 345am.  Unlike other ECCA events, this one and the 12 hour are not limited to riders from ECCA affiliated clubs and, early start or not, you cannot discourage time triallists as a big field full stars and BAR contenders descended upon the Cambridgeshire course chasing fast times for their BAR bids.  I may not have been there in person, but I had a few cohorts in place and base this report on the various eye witness statements received.  This was probably the best field assembled for an open ‘100’ for a few years including National Championships.
This was a revised version of the E2/100c course consisting of 3 laps each of just over 33 miles between the Fourwentways junction at the southern end (a few miles before the A11 turns into the M11) to Red Lodge at the top end, a few miles south of the Barton Mills roundabout.  Thus the course became all dual carriageway instead of a fair section at the start and finish, as in previous years, on SC roads, with the expectation of an already fast course being even faster.   On the other side, an early start takes away much of the traffic drag effect that is experienced with Saturday pm events and the early morning good conditions of low wind speeds and low air pressure gave way to rising winds from the West – which is not favourable on the A11 here in Cambridgeshire or further north in Norfolk – and early morning temperatures were very cool.
Top performers in the field included Richard Bideau (who set competition record for the ‘100’ last year that was later expunged from the record) Tejvan Pettinger, Mark Arnold, Joe Skipper, Daniel Bloy, Liam Maybank (Twickenham CC, my old stomping ground) Colin Ward, Stephen Irwin and evergreen vet and coach, Dave Green.  A couple of big names missing from the event were triple BAR champion Adam Topham and double National 100 champion, Charles Taylor.
Riders like Irwin and Jon Wynn had travelled from the North of England as had Bideau.  Bloy and Arnold are both regular winners of EDCA events over the years, whilst Skipper is also a local man, a full time triathlete and a top cyclist. Pettinger has won this event twice before and been placed in National Championships, Maybank has done a 1.39 ‘50’ on the E2 this season and Ward was 2nd behind Alex Dowsett on his recent competition setting ECCA ‘25’ also on the E2, so the strength in depth was formidable.
There was also a strong entry in the women’s field with key competitors including Alice Lethbridge, Katja Rietdorf, Eleanor Haresign, Sue Triplow, Mary Bower and Anna Dearing.
Despite cool conditions and the rising wind from the West, some extremely fast times were recorded.  Alice Lethbridge won the women’s event in a time of 3.57 – a big achievement for a woman to crack 4 hours for the 100 and not realised by too many – ahead of Katja Rietdorf and Eleanor Haresign in 2nd and 3rd with times of 4.04 and 4.11 respectively.  The next women were Anna Dearing and Sue Triplow in times of 417 and 4.20 – these all being very good times demonstrating the increasing strength in depth in women’s time trialling.
2nd claim club member, Laurence Wright achieved a personal best time of 3.49 which, he says, is with little training since competing in the Wisbech ‘25’ a few weeks ago (part of me hopes that this is not entirely true !).  I think his previous pb, set some 5 or 6 years ago in the EDCA ‘100’ was 4.01 (he will no doubt correct me if this if it is wrong) so it appears that he can improve on his new pb time considerably further if he puts his mind to it.
Winner of the men’s event was Richard Bideau in a time of 3.22 (3 hours 22 minutes) – an average speed of 29.66 mph which is, let’s be honest, amazing – and, whilst not competition record that many considered was under threat in this event including event secretary John Golder (and CTT who arranged for on site drug testing) is one of the fastest times recorded and sets a serious benchmark for this season’s BAR.  Bideau set comp record in the Stockton Wheelers ‘100’ last season with 3.18 and this was part of his BAR winning combination until, at the end of the season, CTT re-measured the Stockton course twice finding it slightly short and expunging all times from the records. Bideau lost comp record and the BAR as a result, which was retained by Adam Topham for the third successive year – Topham had been tiny fractions behind Bideau until the CTT reversal.
It would appear that Bideau is intent on making a serious further challenge this year and good luck to him.  Liam Maybank finished 2nd, 3 minutes down on Bideau and was, in turn, 3 minutes ahead of Peter Harrison and Stephen Irwin, separated by a few seconds, in 3rd and 4th places respectively.  Local star, Daniel Bloy of Team Velovelocity came 6th in a fine 3.33 (he has done a similar time on the Norfolk A11 course) with 52 year old Dave Green, also of TVV, and a man who seems to get faster every year, recording a very fine 3.37.  Bloy finished just over half a minute ahead of Tejvan Pettinger, who had beaten Bloy by a few minutes when Pettinger came 3rd in the National ‘100’ held on the Swaffham (Norfolk) course two years ago, so this looks like good improvement for Bloy, who is making a serious BAR bid (that means doing a 12 hour for the first time) this season. 
Laurence always says that the ‘100’ is the much tougher event of the two so, with Bloy believed to be doing the Breckland 12 hour later this season, we will enquire of him subsequently whether he agrees.  I could not possibly comment.  The pain of long distance time trials, like the CTT, I long since expunged from my own records.
Flying the flag for the Eastern District in what was probably the biggest time trial of the season so far, Team Velovelocity did very well to secure the team award, Bloy and Dave Green supported by local Norfolk man, Scott Davidson who also achieved a large pb with a time of 3.44 for 14th place this being, I believe, only his 2nd ‘100’.  Laurence finished 19th telling me subsequently that he was really struggling over the last 20 miles.  I doubt that he was the only one. 
A total of 34 riders beat 4 hours and first lady, Alice Lethbridge, came 29th in the overall placings.  Peter Horsnell, 86, finished in 5.12 and won the vet’s standard prize.
At the end of this month, the Stockton Wheelers ‘100’ doubles as the National Championship – it is a fast course and presumably has been checked and re-checked for distance, which the ECCA and CTT also did for this event given the change in the course.  I am intrigued to know whether Richard Bideau will be making a return trip to Teesside for this event and, if so, whether a film crew will be on hand as contacts from a year ago are renewed?  Will there be fireworks or will there be no tension in the air?  Perhaps Bideau will return in his car with his bike and a sawn off shotgun ?
I am not sure if I will get up there for this one, although my employer has a subsidiary company and factory just off the course in Teesside. Otherwise, I will ask my local cohorts to report.
My thanks to Laurence Wright, Fergus Muir and Tejvan Petttinger for information for this report.

EDCA Championship ’25’ – Report

Eastern District Championship ‘25’ time trial on course B25/6, Sunday 19 June – Bruce Williams
Another day, another time trial.  Marshalling and helping generally seemed like a good idea once upon a time but, having been at the Breckland CC open ‘10’ (fastest sixty) at Snetterton the previous Wednesday evening and having got pretty wet at the club 10 on Tuesday, I confess to feeling a little jaded come early Sunday morning.  I was hoping that the 70 odd competitors would have a bit more get up and go than me.  Fortunately they did.
Just like the EDCA championship ‘10’ the week before, this event clashed with the Eastern Counties ‘100’ on the E2 on the same day, an event that attracted a full field containing many top performers and BAR contenders from up and down the country,   The reputation of the E2 has this effect, but you needed a qualifying time of 4.15 or lower to get in, the other problem being the first rider off at 4.45am – owing to the higher traffic flows on the A11 and A14 from 0930 onward.
No such traffic issues on the B25/6, the course based on the A47 starting east of Kings Lynn heading towards Wisbech for the ‘Little Chef’ roundabout turn at just over 6 miles, returning back to the start, then to continue with lap two.  This course format makes for some interesting action as spectators and marshals see the event unfold over the two laps whilst, for example, NNW’s Charlie Nurse, beginning his race at number 55 at 0855, was chasing a very fast number 30 a couple of hundred metres ahead of him who was on his 2nd lap.  It was never thus back in the 1970’s, but it makes the courses compact and spectator friendly.
The field was probably 10-15 light on what it would have been without the ECCA 100, but still contained a number of contenders for the EDCA title with Charlie amongst them and Aiden Bond also looking good at number 35.  Most pundits expected the race win to be between Paul Jay (number 20, Team Velovelocity) Mark Richards at 40, known as ‘Titch’ to his friends of VC Baracchi, Steve Gorbutt at 60 of Diss and Dist and Charlie. 
Conditions initially looked near perfect with sunny blue skies and wind speeds of no more than 5 mph on a Fenland course that is renowned for its exposure to the wind.  This was the case in large part, but the early starters had the best of it as wind speeds picked up over the morning and temperatures rose.
I was marshalling at the Little Chef roundabout turn and was kept busy ticking off riders for the first and second time, with riders on lap 2 sometimes overtaking those on lap 1 or vice versa.  I also noted down the approx times of the leading contenders, noting that number 30 was shifting, being 3/4 minute up on Paul Jay (20) at the first turn at 6 and a bit miles.  By his second appearance, he was clearly ahead of the field with Charlie, looking strong. between half a minute and one minute up on his aforementioned rivals, in 2nd place.
Charlie set a course personal best of 52.18 (now amended for some reason by the time-keeper to 52.28) on the day to take 2nd place, almost a minute up on Mark Richards of VCB, who had beaten Charlie the previous Wednesday evening at the Breckland ‘10’.  A tough training session on Monday followed by the club 10 on Tuesday had probably taken the edge off for Wed but, with a day or two’s rest, he was clearly sharp and back at his best for this event. 
This was just as well because, with Felix Barker winning the event by nearly two minutes but, coming from Cambridge University CC and with Cambs clubs being outside of the territory of the EDCA, it meant that Charlie won the EDCA ‘25’ championship and will collect his medal in due course.  (Barker is still the event winner and takes the winner’s prize money). The other EDCA medallists were Mark Richards and Paul Jay.  I always said that you can’t beat a good rule book. NNW’s Aiden Bond finished 11th in a time of 55.19, pretty good for someone who trains by riding to work.
The women’s event was won by Jennifer Smart of VC Norwich in a fast time of 1.0.34 (one hour and 34 seconds) which missed the course record, that has stood since 2000, by a handful of seconds, missing out on an additional £30 prize that would have gone with it.  Louise Marsden of VC Norwich, 2nd claim member of NNW, rode well for 3rd place in a time of 1.03.27. 
First vet on standard was the ubiquitous Chris Nudds (CC Breckland) aged 68 in a time of 58.32 (over 14 minutes up on standard) with Charlie second on standard !  Don Saunders and Harvey Hall of CC Breckland won the tandem event in a good time of 55.42.  Quite an interesting combination and team these two, with an age difference of about 45 years between them.
I enjoyed the event and my free cup of tea at the finish as always.  We had 3 marshals at my roundabout turn, which you need given the number of exits and the amount of traffic arriving at this point from the Wisbech direction, so entering upon the course for the first time, but with plenty of warning signs in place as well as the well-placed marshals.  Strangely the other two marshals decided to stand together at the front of the roundabout (facing the riders coming from the Kings Lynn direction) to have a chin wag together for the whole two hours, thus leaving the Wisbech end of the roundabout unattended (I noted two police cars arriving from this direction as well).  One of the two could not even be bothered to put on his high vis jacket !  All marshals are volunteers but what is the point?  Having started the day a little down beat, I must confess to ending the morning somewhat grumpy and gloomy as well.
Felix Barker, 21. of Cambridge University CC may not have been known to us officials, but he is a noted road racing cyclist with British Cycling junior / espoir credentials and overseas tours on his youthful palmares and he has a few fast times to his credit in time trials this season.  He took course record here by 40 seconds and is clearly a big talent for the future.  He looks like a contender for the National 25 if not this season, then next and subsequent years. 
Another day and another time trial coming up no doubt and, who knows, perhaps no grumpiness in sight?  The marshal’s lot is not always a stroll in the park. Like the competitors, we have our occasional off days!  At least I had my classic car out on the day to drive home in and I even took the long route !

Club 15m TT results 21/6/16

Nine riders enjoyed near perfect conditions for the weekly installment of time trial racing on the club’s 15m time trial course.   Starting in the leafy surrounds of Lions Mouth to the back of Felbrigg Hall riders pass through Aylmerton and on to the Pretty Corner 10m course to Holt roundabout and back.

With a number of riders ‘in form’ and excellent conditions, four PBs were achieved and the course record was beaten by Charlie Nurse with 32.07, beating the  previous best of 32.23.  Rounding out the top three were Mike Padfield with 34.59 beating his previous best by 1min 14 seconds and Nigel Walsh with 36.13 also knocking over a minute off his PB.  Brian Platts also went well on his new disc wheel.

21/06/2015 15m TT Aylmerton to Holt
Name Time Club Handicap time Notes
CHARLIE NURSE 32.07 NNW 32.58 Course Record
NIGEL WALSH 36.13 NNW 34.15 PB
JOHN HAYWARD 38.12 NNW 36.25
BRIAN PLATTS 38.56 NNW 33.17
GUY THOROLD 42.22 NNW 36.10
ROBSON 42.35 Tri Harman

Club Run to The Dun Cow at Salthouse on the 15 June 2016 – By Kevin Hornshaw

Three riders met at PC. On setting off we made brisk progress against a southerly wind through Matlaske, Itteringham, Corpusty and Guestwick. Alan asked at one point if we were in fact going to Salthouse via Yorkshire!! To put his mind at ease we eventually turned north from Hindolveston towards Melton Constable, Thornage and Letheringsett, over the hill at Bayfield Brecks, Cley,and along the coast road to the Dun Cow.
A very good 33 miles at an average of 16 miles an hour, the boys were ready for refreshment.
The pub did not disappoint with massive sandwiches and hearty sausages washed down with good ale.
After lunch Andrew said his farewells and pedaled back along the coast road home.
Not daunted Alan and I tackled Bard Hill, no mean feat after what we had eaten, then on to Holt, Baconsthorpe, Gresham and the last hill on Gibbet Lane to finish.
A total of 46 miles PC to PC with many Norfolk thigh- testing hills. A good day out with sunshine all the way and no punctures, what more could you ask for.
Roll of Honour Kevin, Alan and Andrew

Pretty Corner 10 mile TT results 14/6/16

After a few weeks of bad weather and roadworks the storms threatened to disrupt proceedings once again.  However despite the rumble of thunder and flash of lightning in the distance the roads at Pretty Corner were dry and there was no wind.  The field was made up completely of NNW club riders.

In warm, humid conditions fast times were expected if it stayed dry.. Riders queued up eager to get started whilst still dry.  Heading out it was if a time portal was entered at High Kelling with it being dry on the way in to the woods and wet on the way out.  The last riders experienced a heavy downfall at Holt on already wet roads as Marshall Bruce Williams was eagerly packing up.  On the way back the time portal was reversed and dry conditions re-appeared on leaving the High Kelling Woods which was very odd.

Top three were Charlie Nurse (21.31), Mike Padfield (23.07) and John Morgan (23.31), with fastest (and only) lady Theresa Harman. Henry Woodley made it back with two gears due to a broken shifter (easy and hard, he opted for hard!).  John Morgan with his sudden new found form got a course PB, with Nigel Walsh, John Morgan, Brian Platts and Guy Thorold getting their best times of the year so far.

Riders just made it back to their cars or started biking home just as the heavens opened. Well timed…

Thanks to the marshalls, timekeepers and riders as usual.

Full results below

Name Time Club Handicap time Notes
JOHN HAYWARD 23.49 NNW 21.17
NIGEL WALSH 23.58 NNW 21.12
BRIAN PLATTS 25.34 NNW 21.04
GUY THOROLD 26.53 NNW 21.26

Club Ride to The Queens Birthday Lane Party – 11 June 2016

Club Ride to The Queens Birthday Lane Party – 11 June 2016 

By design, our club run for the 11 June coincided with the Queens official 90th birthday and the many street parties throughout the land laid on to mark the occasion. The North Norfolk Wheelers celebrated this in fine style with a “Drive and Ride” to Sandringham. For those who have not yet taken advantage of these club runs they are an excellent way of learning new routes on new roads without spending enormous amounts of time getting there. Your mileage can be anything from 60 to over 100 depending on how far you want to ride instead of drive to the start.

For this event, four Wheelers arrived by car at the village car park at Hempstead and one by pedal power for a glorious ride to the Queens estate at Sandringham and perhaps a cake or two if street parties were in full flow.

Our outward ride was via Southmill, Helhoughton, Rudham Grange, Houghton, Anmer, Appleton Water Tower, West Newton, Wolferton and finally the estate of Sandringham.

Sandringham was surprisingly quiet, as it appeared that the Lady was involved in another street party in London and was therefore not available. This suited us fine as we were served quickly at the café and in no time at all we were back on our bikes for the homeward leg which comprised of Vincent Hills, Pott Row, Gayton Thorpe, Litcham Heath, Tittleshall and finally, back to the car park. The homeward leg was slightly longer which was fine as we now had a light tail wind to assist us.

To put it mildly this was “A Great Royal Ride” and enjoyed by all who were able to come.

Hempton to Hempton: 58 miles.

Max: 102 miles.

Weather: Excellent

Roll of Honour: Barry, Ben, Geoff, Scott and Harvey





East District 10 mile time trial championship

East District 10 mile time trial championship on course B10/37R on Saturday 11 June – Bruce Williams reports
70 competitors including 10 women competed in the EDCA championship ‘10’ on Saturday afternoon, a good field but 10 or 20 less than it would have been owing to a clash with a VTTA East Anglia event (a fifty mile time trial) on the E2 Cambridgeshire course on the same afternoon, a fast course that always attracts full fields with its promise of fast times.  Hopefully, the various organisations – VTTA and EDCA in this case but, on other occasions, EDCA and ECCA – can avoid clashes of this type in future years to the benefit of all parties, including the riders, and the respective events.
Flying the flag for the NNW in the EDCA championship on Saturday were Aiden Bond, seeded at number 15 and John Morgan, at 33.  Pre race favourites included Paul Jay of Team Velovelocity, at 20, and muscular, fast cycling police officer, Steve Gorbutt, Diss and District CC, off at number 50.  This event was very well organised by multiple EDCA winner and cycling coach, Daniel Bloy, who decided to forego the chance to add to his medal collection on this occasion in order to focus fully on the organisation. He said that he thought it was too stressful to try both, poor chap.
HQ for the event was Tottenhill village hall – a nice spot with excellent car parking – and, a nice touch this I thought, marshals and helpers were provided with vouchers for any number of free drinks, cakes and sandwiches at the expense of the EDCA.  I duly consumed two coffees (pre race) and two teas (post race – but no food!) consoling myself with the thought that the EDCA owed me a few freebies over the last few years.  Like riders, helpers are normally entitled to one free drink at hq after each event and previously I always paid for my 2nd cup of tea!  This was a real treat and I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth.
The course is well known to EDCA cyclists (well particularly riders of the Kings Lynn CC and Wisbech Wheelers who use it regularly for club time trials) beginning on the A10 south of Kings Lynn heading south toward Downham Market until turning left (east) onto the A1122 at Bexwell roundabout. From here it is just under 3 miles to the Stradsett cross roads with the A134 (where I was marshalling) where riders turn left again to head north to the finish at Tottenhill. An interesting tri-angular course where the finishing leg does not quite return you to the start point, but with the start and finish only separated by a mile or so.
Weather conditions were hot and very humid so I could not help but think that, whilst this was ok for a ‘10’, it would present quite a challenge to the VTTA riders doing the ‘50’ on the E2.  Best be prepared with both energy drinks and extra supplies of water for this.  Wind conditions on our course were reasonable with, as I saw it, the riders getting some drag benefit from traffic on the A10, certainly getting wind assistance on the A1122 2nd leg, but with the finishing section on the A134 proving tough.  This last leg was certainly where the race was won and lost.
Most pundits had Paul Jay as the favourite but, whilst recording a time of 21.12, he was beaten into 2nd place by Oliver Milk of Tri-Anglia Triathlon club who recorded a fine time of 20.59.  Tom Fitzpatrick of Spirit Racing Team (London West District) was third with 21.23 ahead of Chris Skinner (well known to NNW as a quite regular guest rider in our club time trials) of Team Pedal Revolution (formerly API Metrow) in 21.38, the same time being recorded by Steve Gorbutt.  Veteran’s prize was won by Chris Womack of VC Baracchi, aged 69, beating his age standard by 5.23.  Oldest vets in the field were Brian Foster and Ron Back, both in their late 70’s.
Excellent times were recorded by Aiden Bond, in 8th place with 22.03 (he really only trains by riding to work on which basis his times are remarkable) and John Morgan, in 18th place, with a fine 23.06.  He has not told me, but I suspect that John is putting in extra training and is riding well.  Probably the ride of the day was that of the aptly named Verity Smith (Stowmarket and Dist CC) who, in the race of truth, performed biblically to set a new ladies course record of 23.16 (breaking the record by a sizeable 38 seconds) ahead of Jennifer Smart (VC Norwich) with 24.30.  Louise Marsden of VC Norwich – (and 2nd claim NNW rider, (ed.)) who rides NNW club time trials quite regularly – was third ahead of Agata Milk (CC Breckland) and Francesca Rust (Ely and Dist) in 4th and 5th places.
In one sense, the action was all around my Stradsett marshalling point.  The entrance to the Stradsett country show was a short distance from us and caused some concern but, in the event, there was no traffic build up of cars turning right into the show to worry about.  However, at our very busy intersection, one OAP motorist appeared to panic at the sight of two marshals in high vis jackets on the traffic island and promptly stopped his vehicle right on the junction to the embarrassment of all traffic including a fast approaching cyclist about to make his sharp left turn.  We shouted and gesticulated to him frantically to get going but as he set off very gingerly (as my father would have said, ‘with all the pace of a burrowing mole’) rather than practically stop, the cyclist pulled out to pass him riding on or briefly over the central white line in the process.  I don’t suppose that this experience did much for the driver’s confidence for the rest of his day behind the wheel. 
This is just the sort of incident that marshals and event secretaries do not want at time trials.  We were under instruction to report such incidents to Daniel Bloy, but all accepted that, in the circumstances, the motorist was fundamentally at fault forcing the cyclist into an unusual manoeuvre.  One other competitor was warned by Bloy for approaching the left hand turn too wide (there was no line in the middle of the road and I am not sure if he would have crossed it but he might have done) in order to sweep round with more pace.  Riders had been warned of this particular junction and these transgressions in their pre-race start sheet instructions and myself and the other marshal had been asked to look out for and report these particular issues.  Amateur time trials are held on open roads and the onus is on the event secretaries and particularly the riders to exercise care and common sense.  Visibility was good but I noted that almost all riders had constant or flashing rear lights.
Next weekend is the EDCA championship ‘25’ on the Wisbech course, with Charlie Nurse a real contender; but there is also the ECCA ‘100’ on the E2 which, despite a ludicrous start time of 4.45, has attracted possibly the best national field for a ‘100’ for some years.  (That is what a fast course can do, I guess, with national BAR contenders not wanting to miss out compared with a rival). How to be in two places at once?  A good trick if you can do it.  If anyone can advise me on this, do give me a call.

Hilly TT results 7/6/16

Tuesday 7 June 7pm Club Hilly Time Trial – Bruce Williams
Eighteen keen riders turned up at the Big Splash, Sheringham to enter the club’s 18.5 mile Hilly time trial this Tuesday evening, a good turnout considering the tough nature of the course that suits all round bike riders more than time triallists, all enjoying a warm and balmy evening that promised for good conditions and fast times.  A far cry from some of the cool and grey evenings that we have had so far this season.
The drama unfolded on the day before the first rider turned a pedal in anger when it was noticed that temporary traffic lights – anathema to any time trial – were in place on the course at Upper Sheringham, a problem that could be avoided by switching the downward leg into Sheringham onto the straight but steep descent of Holway road, a version of the course used by the club on previous occasions.  Unfortunately, plan B was disrupted as temporary lights were also in place on Holway road, so a last minute course change plan was hatched whereby riders continued on the A148 in the direction of Cromer, instead of descending into Sheringham, finishing the normal 18.5 mile distance a couple of miles past the ‘10’ finish at Pretty Corner and nearly three miles from the start at Big Splash.
It must have seemed a bizarre sight as club officials and marshals were seen urgently studying maps to check the new course with marshals and cycle event warning signs being despatched to points of interest on the course, old and new, just in time to get the event underway as planned.  John Chambers even checked the course distance in his car in order to determine the finish point – it takes more than the Highways Agency can muster (not much !) to stop a NNW club event, especially on such a fine evening.
Worried looking competitors got to the start line on cue and proceeded to make the best of this fine evening, not least Charlie Nurse who stormed round in 45 minutes and two seconds (45.02), taking the win by 2 minutes from Aiden Bond. 
A number of NNW club riders were fresh from competing the previous weekend in the UCI world championship qualifying event (a total of 800 or more riders in all) and were clearly energised by the experience.  Mike Padfield recorded an excellent 48.12 to take third place with good times recorded by other NNW riders including Nigel Walsh (he was also fresh from a cycle training stint in Italy) with 51.12, John Morgan with 52.04, Henry Woodley 53.19 and John Hayward with 53.51. 
Tommy Power, a 2nd category road racing rider of the Strada Sport cycling team based in Wymondham, showed that he can turn his hand to time trials by riding strongly from number 3 to record 48.48 for fourth place.  Tommy is likely to be riding the Lotus League at the Hethel track the following evening so is clearly a man that takes his cycling competition seriously.  Apparently he almost went off course at one point – which he realised when he overtook the same rider twice in quick succession – but evidently did not lose too much time and completed the course strongly.
Unfortunately that was more than could be said for 3 new club members who, despite riding a full distance, had to be classed as DNF when they went off course near the finish.  Having marshalled lap one at Holt, I proceeded to Lodge Road (Sheringham Park entrance) for the left turn that competitors do on the first lap, but I directed them straight ahead on lap two (the change in course as above) in order to finish on the A148.  I then got to the finish point to join Geoff Paice, John Chambers and Chris Knowles awaiting the last 3 riders who duly did not make it, all apparently making the left hand turn down Holway road back to the start area.  Unfortunately, it turned out that 6 marshals were not enough as a 7th would have gone to this juncture to direct riders straight on. 
I suppose a last minute change and double change in the course is always likely to cause problems of this type, especially with inexperienced new members.  Rather a shame, but these things happen.  Hopefully the new competitors and club members will not be put off by the experience.
Apart from this, the club did well to get the event on given the course problems encountered.  Credit to Chris Knowles for working out the new course and John Chambers for matching the distance at 18.5 miles.  Well done to all the riders as well.  At the end, club members discussed the differences between the revised (one-off) course relative to the usual one and opinion varied slightly with the new version considered to be anywhere from half a minute to one minute faster (Ed note:  I think it was a slower and longer route).  Personal best times do not really count in these circumstances!  Hopefully the next ‘Hilly’ will be back on track with normal service restored.
Name Time Handicap time
CHARLIE NURSE 45.02 45.00
AIDEN BOND 47.12 47.14
MIKE PADFIELD 48.12 44.49
BISHOP 50.26
COZENS 50.57
NIGEL WALSH 51.12 43.49
JOHN MORGAN 52.04 46.13
JOHN HAYWARD 53.51 47.33
ROB LEE 54.3
GUY THOROLD 58.49 47.25
BRIAN PLATTS 58.54 48.20
ROBSON 61.38

Club Ride to The Rising Sun at Coltishall 4 June 2016 Leader – Dual Act

Club Ride to The Rising Sun at Coltishall 4 June 2016 Leader – Dual Act 

With John D unable to lead the club run it fell to Trevor N and Geoff P to improvise a route to the Rising Sun at Coltishall. GP lead the first part of the ride to Banningham and then gleefully pasted over the baton to TN. This was when the ride really started and TN showed his knowledge of the lanes to the benefit of all.

From Banningham we rode left to go to Suffield and then towards Antingham where we turned down the long straight lane to Felmingham. At this point we turned onto the main road to ride round the back of the old airdrome before finally arriving at St James and the pub having by then completed some 28 miles.

At the pub we had the joy of sitting outside by the river and were joined by Maggie and Chris K plus John D making a grand total of nine out.

Time passed too quickly and we were once again on our bikes for the homeward journey. We rode right out of the pub and then left back to St James and then another obscure route round the airfield before going towards Skeyton and then Tuttington, Banningham and minor roads to Sheringham.

Many thanks Trevor for leading the outward ride. It was also good to see our friend Graham back with us from Leicester- always welcome on our club runs.

Roll of Honour: Alan, Chris, Maggie, Geoff, Malcolm, John D, Kevin, Trevor, Graham

Conditions: Warm and sunny on the outward ride – cold and overcast on the homeward ride.

50 miles for most – a lot more for a few