Club Run to Smallsticks at Cart Gap 28 April 2018

With just 3 meeting at Banningham for Malcolm’s ride to the coast, due to holiday breaks various and probably also due to the fact that conditions were more autumnal than spring-like, we set off from the Crown.

Through Tuttington and on reaching the crossroads it was decided that any extra loops would probably be best avoided today so we turned left to pass through Skeyton and Swanton Abbott the rain now well and truly set in (more than likely) for the day!

Our route took us to Tunstead, Ashmanhaugh and Neatishead before turning north to eventually cross the main Yarmouth Road and then onto Dilham and Honing where we paused for a few minutes to sort out a minor mechanical and take a comfort break (not so comfortable in the soggy conditions!!)

Out from Honing on the East Ruston Road we passed the Butcher’s Arms thinking it might be good to pop into this cosy pub but continued on to the Stalham Road then across to Happisburgh Common, Whimpwell Green and Cart Gap.

There was no problem getting a table today and the hot storage heater right next to us was very welcome. After a refuel we left the café together but soon split into two groups (if 3 can split into 2 groups) with Trevor preferring a slightly more direct south-westerly route home and Malcolm and Brian heading in a north-westerly direction on the Coast Road to Walcott.

The pair continued at a good pace through Keswick and Broomholm up Bloodslat Lane and along the North Walsham Road. We wound our way through the outskirts of North Walsham and on reaching the Cromer Road decided to do a two way split with Malcolm pedalling the short distance home leaving Brian to make his way back towards Colby and home.

As Brian remarked “We kept the flag flying today”.

Brian, Malcolm and Trevor.

Approx 40 miles covered by each of the three and most of it together!

Club Run to The Goat Inn at Skeyton 25 April 2018

10 met at PC on a cooler day (What happened to that warm Spring sunshine?) for Robert’s ride to this always popular venue.

“Left at the bottom of the hill” shouted the leader from the middle of the group as we set off. Those at the front assumed that meant a left turn to East Beckham and Lower Gresham; so it was as we made our way via Metton and Fellbrigg to Northrepps.

After Southrepps we plunged down into Lower Street and then a left turn to Bradfield and Swafield. As we headed towards Knapton the leader announced next right which took us along a little used but very pleasant lane, across Hall Lane and eventually to Edingthorpe Green. We took a right turn off the North Walsham Road and then followed the long straight stretch through Bacton Woods and on to Honing.

Briggate, Worstead and Swanton Abbott brought us to our lunch stop where we enjoyed the usual good food and good service. As it had started to rain we were not in a great hurry to leave, so congregated for a few minutes in the smoking hut at the back of the pub. However as we didn’t have a single Woodbine between us we decided that we might as well head off.

Malcolm left the main group for a direct route home while the remainder started the steady climb to Banningham and then a familiar route back to PC and beyond (except for the Sheringham residents of course!)

Many thanks to Robert for leading today’s ride.

Alan, Geoff, Graham, Jane, Kevin, Malcolm, Robert, Robin, Stephen and Trevor.

40 miles PC to PC

Club Run to The Barns at Walsingham 21 April 2018

Spring (Summer) appeared to have finally come with a warm sunny day hopefully marking the end of what surely has felt to be one of the longest and most miserable winters on record. Our journey on Saturday was to the Barns at Walsingham which is a particular favourite to the day’s leader and to most of the members.

At Pretty Corner we welcomed the return of Geoff the Younger from Potters Bar. Brian P also grabbed the chance of a few more miles to meet with us at the start. Then, down to Itteringham to pick up Robin, Malcome and David C. It was good to see David out again.

Our route was via Mannington Hall, Corpusty, Horseshoe Lane to near Briston and then down the aptly named Sandy Lane. We then turned towards Hindolveston when, wonder of wonders, we met Trevor and Guy. Excellent foresight on there behalf on the route we would take and the timing. 

Down to Kettlestone, across the main road and then past the round church to Walsingham. Here, we added on an additional loop before descending to the café.

 Excellent food and wonderful service added to the weather made for a perfect day and memories of the harsh winter start to fade.

Homeward bound via Hindringham, Sharrington, Edgefield and home.


18.5m Hilly TT results 19/4/18

19/04/2018 18.5m hilly
Name Club Time Handicap time Notes
TOMMY POWER Richardsons-Trek RT 46.17
ANDREW TAYLOR VC Norwich 46.59
IAN ROBERTSON Tri Anglia 47.23
MIKE PADFIELD NN Wheelers 47.34   45.35
JACK BACON Aylmerton Road Club 49.43
NIGEL WALSH NN Wheelers 50.16 44.04 PB
BRYCE PEGG Aylmerton Road Club 50.32
SIMON HARDY King’s Lynn CC 52.52
BECKY SCHOFIELD Tri-Anglia 51.09
DANIEL CROWE Iceni Velo 52.17
JASON   CORNER Retro Racing 54.12 On a fixie!
JON MAYNARD NN Wheelers 55.01
DAN WRAY North Walsham Velo 56.03
GUY THOROLD NN Wheelers 59.09 45.55
BRIAN PLATTS NN Wheelers 1.00.26 47.17
ADRIAN JAY NN Wheelers 1.00.39
SARAH JAY NN Wheelers 1.01.22
KATE LUCAS Gt Yarmouth CC 1.02.36 Four up team
JENNIE ANDERSON Gt Yarmouth CC 1.02.36
JAN SMITH Gt Yarmouth CC 1.02.36
TRACEY YOUNGMAN Gt Yarmouth CC 1.02.36

10m TT Thursford Results

17/04/2018 10m Thursford
Name Club Time Handicap time
MATT RATCLIFFE Iceni velo 22.01
ROB WARWICKER Tri- Anglia Triathlon Club 22.30
GRAHAM DENNY East Coast Riders 22.53
MIKE PADFIELD NN Wheelers 22.58  22.01
AIDEN BOND NN Wheelers 22.59  22.00
ARRON GREEN  Tri Harder 23.04
PAUL HARROWING East Coast Riders 23.29
BEN WATT Tri Harman 24.12
ROB KITCHEN East Coast Riders 24.17
NIGEL WALSH NN Wheelers 24.29  21.25
LUKE PETTIT WyndyMilla 24.32
JOHN MORGAN NN Wheelers 24.50  22.39
PHIL HURR NN Wheelers 25.48  21.55
MARKOS JANES VC Norwich 26.02  21.21
PETE FARRELL East Coast Riders 26.30
JON MAYNARD NN Wheelers 26.31
CHRIS EVERARD  Un-attached 26.55
KARL VASSALLO  Un-attached 27.29
BRIAN PLATTS NN Wheelers 27.44  22.48
GUY THOROLD NN Wheelers 28.48  23.29
AMANDA MARSHALL NN Wheelers 29.03  22.30
PAUL ELVIN East Coast Riders 29.04
SARAH WILLIAMSON Hemel Hempstead CC 29.10
PHILIP WEST NN Wheelers 29.45
TERESA HARMAN TriHarman 29.50  24.05
SUSIE TOWNING TriHarman 30.20  24.18
TRINE MIDDLETON TriHarman 34.01  22.52

Club Run to The Hill Top Café at Rackheath 18 April 2018

8 met at PC on a glorious Spring morning for Kevin’s ride to Rackheath. Joining us for a second time was Jane and also Paula both of whom are welcome additions to the Wednesday group and hopefully will become regulars.

The downside of the warm south westerly breeze was that it would be against us for at least some of the outward route but you can’t have it all! We passed through Gresham and Metton and having crossed the A140 to join Topshill Road made our way on the long straight stretch to Thorpe Market. On the way we paused for a tube change after a pinch puncture but the group were happy to stop and chat in the warm sunshine. After Lower Street and Bradfield the narrow twisting lanes took us to Swafield and shortly after, via the B1145 and Little London Road, to the North Walsham Road in the direction of Edingthorpe Green.

We then descended through Bacton Woods and eventually to Honing where we said goodbye to Jane and paused briefly to sort what we thought was a simple mechanical. Kevin’s “loose saddle” turned out to be a broken rail however. What to do but to carry on and hope that both rider and saddle lasted the distance!

The route now took in Dilham, Sloley, and Tunstead, turning right just after the village centre into Tunstead Road, over the railway line and eventually to St James and Coltishall. Already 27 miles since PC – we were building up a good appetite! At Horstead we took a left into Mill Road (where we passed Trevor cycling in the other direction) on to Granny Bard’s Lane and more back lanes before we reached the Wroxham Road and the short sprint to our lunch stop.

While Hill Top is great in cooler/wetter times it is perhaps not the best for alfresco style eating as both the noise and dust from the busy main road is a bit of a pain. Nonetheless we all welcomed our refuel before we set off on the return leg via Swash Lane, retracing our steps along Dobbs Lane and Primrose Lane, before heading towards Frettenham and Buxton where we said goodbye to Peter and Paula.

The 5 remaining Wheelers passed through Oxnead and up to Church Road where we left Robin and on to Tutttington where Malcolm peeled off down Beck Lane towards North Walsham leaving just 3 to make their way to Banningham and a familiar route back to PC and beyond.

Thank you to Kevin for leading today’s ride. Both Kevin and his saddle made it home; he recovered, unfortunately his saddle didn’t and is now confined to the great bike bits scrapyard in the sky (ie the garage) – well you never know there might be a use for it!!!

Alan, Andrew, Jane, Kevin, Malcolm, Paula, Peter and Robin enjoyed the sunshine.

Distances covered varied from 55 miles PC to PC to up to about 65 miles for some.

PS The group wish John S a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing him again soon.



– Cycle to the Moon –

The club was contacted recently to see if anyone might be interested in joining a charity cycling campaign called Cycle to the Moon – Save a Dad.

Here is a link to their site:

They can provide campaign t-shirts to people who sign up and take part. Any support is greatly appreciated. If anyone has any questions please contact Peter Adams

**Club Kit**

We are placing an order for new club kit next week. Planning on getting long or short sleeve skin suits, bib shorts, short/long sleeve jerseys and possibly socks at the moment.

Exact price will depend on numbers ordered but we expect it to be roughly as follows if we get 5 items of each (+VAT to be added to the following), so we will get exact price before confirming order.

Long or short sleeve skinsuit £53 short, £55 long
bib short & short sleeve jersey bundle £65
bid short only £40
short sleeve summer jersey £35
long sleeve summer jersey £37
cycle socks (minimum order of 10) £6

David Carrier will hold the stock and can be collected from him at a time trial or Cromer. If really not suitable when delivered then the club will hold the kit in stock for others to buy.

All will be printed with the attached design (with a couple of minor edits to be completed), with good pads and high quality zips. Sizing chart attached.

Please let us know what you want and size by email as soon as possible thanks!

Club Run to The Dun Cow at Salthouse 11 April 2018

6 Wheelers (plus one soon to become a Wheeler hopefully) met at PC on a very murky morning for Andrew’s run to Salthouse. Foggy conditions bring their own particular hazards so we knew we would need to take a bit more care than usual today!

We passed through Baconsthorpe, Plumstead and Edgefield and just before reaching Briston turned towards Stody, Brinton and Sharrington. The holiday traffic made crossing the A148 slightly tricky but safely across we descended to Binham and Cockthorpe before turning into a headwind to Langham, Glandford and Wiveton.

By now we were all feeling a bit damp (but at least not too cold) and looking forward to the usual good food and hospitality at the Dun Cow. There to meet us was Trevor who had been waiting for some time as our arrival had been delayed by an unfortunate puncture just a few miles from the lunch stop!

Trevor had left earlier for a solo pedal home and on departure, Jane and Peter also left us leaving just 5 to climb up to Wood Lane where we parted with our leader to follow a familiar route back towards PC. Barry left us a couple of miles from Holt and what remained of the original group continued up Bridge Road via High Kelling, over the A148 and eventually to the junction of Mill Lane and Red Barn Lane where Malcolm headed off to Gresham and beyond while Alan and John S dipped, dived and climbed the last couple of miles back to PC.

Not ideal conditions but a great outward route from Andrew and of course good company. Thank you to all.

Alan, Andrew, Barry, Jane, John S, Malcolm, Peter. Trevor (at the pub)

Approx 40 miles PC to PC