**Winter Club Kit Order**

To ‘welcome’ the first day of autumn we are putting in an order for some winter club kit.  Estimated prices (including VAT) are as follows (depending on number of items ordered)

All items have the NN Wheelers design
Roubaix long sleeve jersey £36  click here for link
Roubaix bibtight £42 click here for link
Winter Jacket £55 click here for link
For size chart Click here
Other items can be requested let me know.
If you would like anything let me know items and size by 15th September by email. I will confirm final prices, payment and collection details then.
Mike P

10m TT Thursford Fun Comp 28/8/18

Another good turnout and some good competition between the North Norfolk Wheelers and other local clubs including ten from East Coast Riders of Fakenham (mainly competing on road bikes).

The competition winners are as follows:

Overall fastest man & lady Graham Denny Kim Charlton/Amanda Marshall tied
**Fastest VET on standard man & lady Graham Denny (+4:31) Amanda Marshall (+1:57)
Fastest Club Handicap Time Philip West
Fastest on road bike (without tri-bars) man & lady Rob Kitchen Lorraine Jarvis
Fastest two-up (road or TT bike) Matt Whitaker/Sean Price
Fastest non – NN Wheeler rider (not a 1st or 2nd claim member) Jonny O’Neil

(Phil West you can collect your medal at the next time trial)

**For those who want to work out their age handicap (VET on standard time) click here:vet standard

The event was run at the earlier time to avoid darkness at the finish, however due to a couple of riders getting held up by increased traffic around Fakenham this is likely to be moved to earlier in the season next year at a later start time.

Thanks to the timekeepers, marshals and riders.  See you next Tuesday for the penultimate 10m TT at Pretty Corner.

28-08-18 10m TT Thursford Comp
Name Main Club Time Club Handicap time Notes
GRAHAM DENNY NN Wheelers 22:05 21.13 CPB
PHIL WATKINS NN Wheelers 22:50 21.08
LUKE PETTIT CS Velo Sport 23:18 21.24 CPB
JONNY O’NEIL East Coast Riders 23:52
ROB KITCHEN East Coast Riders 23:57 PB
CONNOR RUMBLES East Coast Riders 24:07 PB
CARL MACE Tri Harder 24:14 21.37
JOHN HAYWARD NN Wheelers 24:44 21.43
MATT WHITAKER/ SEAN PRICE Fat Birds/East Coast Riders 24:51 2 up road bike PB
TOM GRIFFITHS London Heathside 24:57
GUY THOROLD NN Wheelers 25:19 21.05 CPB
FOWLER East Coast Riders 25:29
ADRIAN JAY NN Wheelers 25:48 21.10
PETE FARRELL East Coast Riders 25:50
MARKOS JANES VCN 25:59 21.18
PHILIP WEST NN Wheelers 26:26 20.56 PB
AMANDA MARSHALL NN Wheelers 26:42 21.18 CPB
KIM CHARLTON Tri Anglia 26:42
CARL SAYER East Coast Riders 27:00
PAUL ELVIN East Coast Riders 27:15
THURGILL East Coast Riders 27:28
SARAH JAY NN Wheelers 27:46 22.06
SUSIE TOWNING TriHarman 28:08 22.06
LANCE WRIGHT East Coast Riders 29:30
KEITH BESWICK TriHarman 30:04 22.30
WILL DORSETT API Metro DNS Punctured warming up

10m TT Results 14, 19 and 21st August

A concentration of 10m time trials at this time of year at Pretty Corner saw the return of Will Dorsett (API Metro) with the second fastest time in recent years (20:42) on the 21st August, followed by Toby Morrell and Graham Denny. Luke Pettit continued improving with the fastest handicap time and a PB.  PBs kept falling over these races for a number of other riders achieving some late season form including Guy Thorold, Philip West and Nigel Walsh.


14-08-18 10m TT
Name Club Time Handicap time Notes
GEOFF FROST Team Velovelocity 23:23
NIGEL WALSH NN Wheelers 23:35 20:49 PB
JOHN HAYWARD NN Wheelers 24:22 21:25
CARL MACE Tri Harder 24:26
RICHARD COLLYER NN Wheelers 24:41 22:40
GUY THOROLD NN Wheelers 25:26 20:17 PB
ADRIAN JAY NN Wheelers 25:46 21:08
PHILIP WEST NN Wheelers 26:30 20:07 PB
SARAH JAY NN Wheelers 27:10 21:23
TIM DAYKIN Wensum Valley 29:13
J.VIDLER Plomesgate CC 30:13
19-08-18 10m TT
Name Club Time Handicap time
GEOFF FROST Team Velovelocity 23:35
JOHN HAYWARD NN Wheelers 24:16 21:25
PHIL HURR NN Wheelers 25:40 22:07
GUY THOROLD NN Wheelers 25:52 21:26
SUSIE TOWNING TriHarman 28:17 22:15
JOHN VIDLER Plomesgate CC 30:04
21-08-18 10m TT
Name Club Time Handicap time Notes
TOBY MORRELL NN Wheelers 21:33 20:25
GRAHAM DENNY NN Wheelers 21:55 21:03
PHIL WATKINS NN Wheelers 22:44 21:03
LUKE PETTIT CS Velo Sport 22:51 20:03
RICHARD HERRELL Iceni Velo 23:24
NIGEL WALSH NN Wheelers 23:26 20:51 PB
GEOFF FROST Team Velovelocity 23.36
CARL MACE Tri Harder 23:37
BULLEN TriAnglia 23:58
JOHN MORGAN NN Wheelers 24:27 22:16
RICHARD COLLYER NN Wheelers 24:43 22:42
TOM GRIFFITHS London Heath Deal 25:03
GUY THOROLD NN Wheelers 25:14 20:48 PB
JON MAYNARD NN Wheelers 25:46 21:29
AMANDA MARSHALL NN Wheelers 26:26 20:25 PB
PHILIP WEST NN Wheelers 26:39 21:09
JAMES SIMONS Tri Harder 26:42
BEN WALKER Tri Harder 26:44
ADRIAN JAY NN Wheelers 26:54 22:06
SARAH JAY NN Wheelers 27:30 21:50
TIM DAYKIN Wensum Valley 28:49
J.VIDLER Plomesgate CC 29:58






Club Run to The Staithe & Willow Tea Rooms at Horning 22 August 2018

9 Wheelers at PC soon became 10 as we met David at the pre-arranged pick-up at Banningham for Malcolm’s Run to the banks of the Bure at Horning!

On another warm, slightly humid, late summer’s day with fairly light winds there was a relaxed feeling in the bunch even though the pace was and remained fairly swift. Our progress was interrupted just after passing All Saints Church Skeyton by a pilot car announcing the approach of a ridiculously large piece of agricultural machinery. We were squeezed to the sides but the road was just wide enough to allow a safe passing.

Swanton Abbott, Scottow, Tunstead and Hoveton Hall came and went and the Stalham Road was eventually crossed with the bunch regrouping on the other side to begin the gentle descent down Long Lane. The road does narrow considerably alongside Bewilderwood and the leader slowed to give way to a car travelling towards us. Perhaps due to a slight loss in concentration or late braking two riders came to grief as they touched wheels but all was well as they checked their bikes, remounted and continued on with the group to the lunch venue.

There to meet us were Trevor N and John S. Some chose to eat inside at the reserved table while the remainder sat in the garden and took their chances with the wasps that have seemed to be a bit of a problem this summer. The S & W provides good service and good value food and we left well set up for the return leg.

While Trevor made his own way back, John joined us for a few miles. Our route took us past the Neatishead Radar Station, Smallburgh, Dilham and on to Honing where John left us. Then Crostwight, Bacton Woods, Edingthorpe Street, Knapton and Trunch (where we said goodbye to Robin);  Southrepps, Northrepps (cheers to David and Robert), Crossdale Street, Felbrigg and Metton, where there were splits in the group. Firstly Graham headed off towards Aylmerton and the remaining 4 riders decided not to wait for Alan and Kevin, the former taking it a bit easier on the homeward stretch as he was suffering the effects of a summer cold!

Malcolm paused at Lower Gresham to say his goodbyes to Alan and Kevin leaving just 3 to climb the last mile or so back to PC.

Alan, Andrew, David, Graham, John S, Kevin, Malcolm, Robert, Robin, Stephen, Trevor E, Trevor N

52 miles PC to PC (70 miles for some)

Club Run to The Old Railway Station Café at Reepham 15 August 2018

Eight of the Wheeler flock gathered at PC for Andrew’s ride to Reepham. The question was would the flock manage to stay together under his leadership?

All began well as we headed down and up Red Barn Lane before the right turn at Mill Road and then a left to run more or less parallel with the A148, through Bodham, Hempstead, Hunworth, Stody and Brinton. A few of the group seemed a bit puzzled as to where we were, such is the twisting and turning nature of the North Norfolk lanes and by-ways. Our leader confirmed that we were passing through Gunthorpe and only one or two more upward stretches to go!

On reaching Swanton Novers a quick check confirmed all were present but then en route to Hindolveston (or thereabouts) 3 became detached. While 4 of the group waited, Malcolm retraced our tracks but could find no trace of our “lost sheep.” Just the 5 pedalled on to Guestwick and then a quick dash along the lanes to Reepham, thankfully managing to avoid the worst of the debris and holes along the way!

The original 8 were eventually reunited at Reepham and we all enjoyed a pleasant lunch in the garden of The Old Railway Station Café in the company of Trevor N and Chris and Maggie K who had ridden/driven out to join us. Apologies were offered for what has to be said was a basic error – not ensuring that all members of your group were together or at least not being aware that some were off the back and may have missed a junction, had a mechanical or worse! It would be unfair to point the finger only at the leader on this or any club run – we all have a responsibility to look out for each other. On this particular occasion it was a missed junction!

CJ, Maggie and their German Shepherd (might have been useful earlier on!!) made their own way home; Malcolm accompanied Trevor N on a wind assisted return via Booton and Buxton and the group of 6 began their return journey via Wood Dalling, Thurning and Briston where Trevor E and Stephen departed for Walsingham.

For the remaining 4 riders Edgefield Street to Baconsthorpe; at the radio mast at West Beckham (Geoff’s corner) Andrew and Barry turning towards High Kelling.

Thank you to Andrew for leading today’s ride.

Andrew, Barry, David C, Jane, Kevin, Malcolm, Stephen, Trevor E

PC to PC 41 miles

Message from Andrew

“Sorry about the lost sheep!!”

Club Run to The Three Horseshoes at Warham 8 August 2018

As 9 Wheelers gathered at “The Reservoir Gates” for Peter’s run to Warham we were all relieved that the excessive heat and humidity of the previous day had given way to cooler, cloudier conditions even if we were going to be pedalling into a headwind for most of the 30 miles to our lunch stop!

Barningham Park and on to Plumstead, Edgefield, Briston and over (rather than the usual through) a very dry Craymere Beck before the long straight stretch to Hindolveston and Fulmodeston. No big black dogs today (if you need to ask you weren’t there!) but we did encounter a roadworks. “There was a sign saying Road Closed!” said the workman “Well we’re only bikes” replied Peter.

Onward through Croxton, over the busy A148 Holt Road to Little Snoring and inevitably Great Snoring. Peter decided to use the RC Church By-pass around Little Walsingham, then Edgar Road aka Sandy Lane to reach the B1105 Wells Road. Had Stephen missed the right turn to Wighton? No he was on his way back to Wells – things to do and all that! The few remaining miles to the pub took us past the Warham Camp Iron Age Fort but you wouldn’t know it as it is hidden from the road and there’s little else to indicate that here lies probably the best preserved Iron Age Fort in East Anglia!

After a very enjoyable lunch enhanced greatly by Andrew’s round of drinks celebrating his 3 score and 10 it was decided that The Three Horseshoes needs to be a regular on the Wheeler’s list. This could prove to be a popular venue although the total round trip of 65+ miles (for some) could be a bit much in the colder wetter conditions likely to be encountered Nov – March.

There was a helpful tailwind on the return leg as we passed through Binham en route to Field Dalling. We had already said goodbye to Paula as we turned north-east to Saxlingham now saying goodbye to Jane as we pressed on to Wiveton, cheers Andrew, and the long climb to Bridge Road. Peter left us at Kelling Road to head towards Holt and home while just 4 reached High Kelling. It was then the familiar route to Geoff’s Corner where 3 followed the road to West Beckham and back to PC and Sheringham while Malcolm reached into his pocket for a snack bar for that last 12 miles or so home.

Many thanks to Peter for leading today’s ride and Happy Birthday Andrew!

Alan, Andrew, Ben from Bedford, Jane, Kevin, Malcolm, Paula, Peter, Stephen

48 miles PC to PC

NN Wheelers 10m TT 31/7/18

There were 8 PBs on a perfect night for time-trialling. Thanks to the riders, marshals and timekeepers.


31-07-18 10m TT
Name Club Time Handicap time
GRAHAM DENNY NN Wheelers 22.18 21:26
HAGUE ?????? 22.38
PHIL WATKINS NN Wheelers 23.21 20:40
NIGEL WALSH NN Wheelers 23.46 20:15
LUKE PETTIT CS Velo Sport 23.48 20:50
JOHN HAYWARD NN Wheelers 23.51 20:53
DANIEL CROWE Iceni Velo 24.39
DAN WRAY NN Wheelers 25.10 20:49
GUY THOROLD NN Wheelers 26.09 20:50
JAMES JOHNSON Welwyn Wheelers 26.11
AMANDA MARSHALL NN Wheelers 26.59 20:20
PHILIP WEST NN Wheelers 27.23 20:59
KEITH BESWICK TriHarman 28.34 20:05
EDDIE ROBSON NN Wheelers 28.34 21:59
TIM DAYKIN Wensum Valley 29.20

“The Barbecue in the Sun” – 12hr EDCA Time Trail Championship Report

Bruce Williams

What a day we had for the Eastern District Championship on Sunday – the CCB 12 hour is the EDCA Championship – with brave souls from around the country descending on Norfolk early on Sunday to do battle with the clock, the roads, each other and, above all, the elements.  Men and women, stars and novices, young and old, all were there for the challenge.
I went down to the Eccles Road turn about 1030 – first rider started at 6.01 – to meet one or two marshals and helpers and then made my way up to the Browick / Mulbarton turn (the top end of circuit 2, the southern/western end being Eccles road) for 12 noon along with 4 other marshals at the same place (the turn consists of two roundabouts separated by a bridge over the A11) all doing our EDCA marshalling duty without which these events could not take place.  With two different circuits on the A11 – each about 20 miles and each being covered by the cyclists up to 4 or 5 times – followed by a cross country lane trek to the finishing circuit, plus an official feeding station, this time trial needs almost as many helpers and officials as competitors.  Half a dozen or so time keepers are located on the finishing circuit in order to time and stop the riders just as their allotted 12 hours elapses.
A unique atmosphere is found at 12 hour events with great camaraderie between the cyclists and with helpers for one or other also giving assistance to others in need, say, of spare wheels or bottles.  A large crowd assembled at the Hingham village turn on the finishing circuit with every competitor that was still going – this is an attritional race – getting a gladiatorial clap and cheer as they rode past, many of them temporarily increasing their pace as a result, despite 11 or so hours in the saddle.  I got to the finishing circuit about 5pm and would have cheered them on myself but I was too tired and dehydrated to find the energy.  Strangely, quite a few of the finishing circuit cheered me as well, leaving me wondering as to the mistaken identity that was apparently taking place, until someone more alert than me pointed out that it was because of the ‘elderly’ car that I was driving.  Funny things, bikes and cars, really, but it is the the people that are more interesting than the metal.
This would have been a fine day for the 12 hour with wind speeds below 5 mph all day, except for the unrelenting heat that made the day so attritional.  If I were doing the 12 hour (optional guffaws cost extra) I would most certainly pull out of the event after a few hours to avoid this kind of exposure.   Temperatures officially reached 30 Deg C by mid to late morning and did not drop until 5 or 6 pm, but the A11 is largely exposed and with the heat bouncing back off the tarmac, probably riders were experiencing temperatures in excess of 35 Deg C.   How they kept going is a mystery to me, but many of them did and some even looked strong in the last few hours.  Suffice it to say that my marshalling point had no shade and I got burned on the face and hands.
My 4.5 hour stint of duty started interestingly when National 100 mile champion, Alice Lethbridge, who also broke her own competition record in the EDCA ‘100’ 3 weeks earlier, turned up at Browick on a road bike asking me where she was supposed to be for her own marshalling duty.  My hopes that she had turned up to re-acquaint herself with me being dashed and much as though I am sure I would have enjoyed the company, I had to tell her that she was due at the Eccles road turn and so send her on her way 10 miles down the A11.  Despite riding an ordinary bike and with a back pack, apparently she managed to overtake one or two competitors on the way.  We never did that in my day (it was regarded as bad form) but I guess she was worried about being late to marshal!
Andrew (Andy) Wilkinson was last man off and said to be on a mission to regain the competition record (of 318 miles) that he had established in this event 6 years ago.  He has been back the previous two years but in support of his wife, Jill.  As far as I know, this was his first attempt at the 12 hour since he regained comp record in 2012, the driver for him being that Adam Duggleby had the temerity to take his record with ride of 322 miles (when the aforementioned Alice Lethbridge also broke her own national record achieving 290 miles) at the National 12 hour championship a few weeks ago.
Wilkinson first won championships and BAR’s back in the mid and late 1990’s and I assume that he is now approaching 50, so coming back for a tilt at the 12 hour record after a long gap always seemed like a tall order.   He started very fast – as he did 6 years ago – but we saw him stop on the Browick / Mulbarton bridge (his helpers were there) after 6 or 7 hours.  He later told officials that he was suffering with back pain and I noticed that his black skin suit was stained white by body sweat as he struggled to remove it.  The bike position is always tough on a long distance event – no one knows more about this than Wilko – but the heat of the day was also gruelling for the riders.
The fastest rider that I could track at my station was Charles Mitchell at number 30, a novice in the 12 hour, but the winner of the EDCA ‘100’ a few weeks before with the very fast time of 3 hours 26 minutes (an average speed of just over 29 mph) who was taking about 46 minutes to cover the 20 or so miles of circuit 2.  Mitchell also had his team mates from A3crg back, the same guys that did the ‘100’, with Stephen Williamson (number 40) looking very strong taking about 48 minutes for each circuit.  Mark Smith of Crawley Wheelers was also back after the ‘100’ and looking strong as did Victor Chetta of Artic Tacx (a man who had ridden the 24 hour event only two weeks before ….) at number 45 and likewise Matt Ivings (Buxton CC) at number 25.
Local man and vet Dave Green of the promoting club (number 20) started well but seemed to struggle in the heat, but he still finished with a fine 289 miles (provisional).  Simon Hardy of Kings Lynn was one of those that seemed to get stronger in the second half of the event and still looked fresh after completing his 240 miles, 6 miles more than he achieved the previous year.  John Swindells of Iceni Velo, however,  really seemed to struggle in the heat of the day (after starting well) finishing with 240 miles, but again he rode without a helper.  As a man on or about 4 hours for the ‘100. and covering a lot of miles as he does, I believe that he cud do 260 miles on the right day with the right back up.  This was a day only for people with remarkable resistance to heat exhaustion which, sadly, did not include me.  What was that I said about the marshals trade union?
The ever popular John Golder (Chelmer CC) chose this 12 hour over the ECCA event later this month and was chasing a national age record.  (I am guessing that he is 63 or 64).  It is believed that he achieved comfortably over 260 miles (probably about 264) and that he therefore achieved his goal, but provisional results were only available for the leading riders and all are subject to verification.
Rebecca Murley of Wisbech Wheelers, making her first attempt at this distance after a top season and a tremendous sub 4 hour ride in the EDCA ‘100’, was the subject of much interest and cheer and was provisionally given the win with 267 miles, however she believes that this is miscalculated and will be corrected to perhaps 260 miles.  Helped on the day by her loyal parents, she started cautiously and, as a result, finished strongly, as did John Golder.  She said the heat did not trouble her too much except for her feet which, at her request, her parents regularly doused with a bucket of cold water.  Many riders got the Tour de France mountain stage treatment with a bucket of water being tossed over the whole torso.  I think you possibly needed that every 10 minutes.  i know I did.  I had bottles of water with me, but they were hot….
Christina Mackenzie of the Stirling Bike Club was accredited with 266 miles, a Scottish National record, and this may be the winning distance for this event, she also having done the 24 hour event two weeks previously.  Some people just wont give up.  The men’s team win has provisionally been allocated to A3crg – Messrs Mitchell, Williamson and David Shepherd – with a combined distance of 891 miles, a new National Competition record assuming distances are confirmed.  Finally, special mention should be made for the husband and wife tandem team of Becky and Howard Lewis (mid Shropshire Wheelers) who recorded 286 miles, also provisionally a new Competition record for the mixed tandem.
Charles Mitchell won the men’s event with a provisional mileage of 311 miles, an average speed of about 26mph, an extraordinary effort on the day provided the distance is confirmed,  Mark Smith is provisionally second with 296 miles with a further 5 riders recording distances in the 290’s, Dave Green being 8th with 289 miles.
Personally, I am not sure if 12 hour events should take place under temperatures like these, but the riders, or many of them that finished, clearly have other ideas.  I got home about 8pm for a cold shower and some after sun lotion.  I had worn long sleeves and long trousers advisedly, but I should have taken a face mask and gloves.  Some might say that these accoutrements could usefully be permanent, but I could not possibly comment.   Later I switched the TV on and came across an old edition of Morecambe and Wise;  “Bring me Sunshine’, they chortled…
Photos are courtesy of Fergus Muir
12 hour Charles Mitchell12 hour Christina Mackenzie12 hour Rebecca Murley12 hour mixed tandem

Club Run to The Crown at Banningham 1 August 2018

Run Leader and Report – Alan Fisher

Nine riders met at PC in pleasant sunny conditions.

Down to East Beckham and Gresham, up towards the Lion’s Mouth turning right into the park past Felbrigg House heading in the Roughton direction via the Metton/Cromer Road. We crossed the A149 at Crossdale St then took the long way around past North Repps Hall to North Repps. We then followed quiet lanes to South Repps, Lower Street and Antingham; over the A149 again to Felmingham and Skeyton before looping back to Tuttington and our lunch venue at Banningham. Waiting for us were CJ, David C & Trevor.

After a fortifying lunch we said goodbye to Trevor (out for short run) and headed to Ingworth, turning left to follow the River Bure Valley round the Blickling Estate to Itteringham and then the well followed route back to PC. We said goodbye to Peter & Paula at Little Barningham and David & Robert at the Gresham turnoff.

A pleasant ride out with good company and good weather.

Unfortunately 1 puncture and 2 mechanicals.

38 miles PC to PC

Alan, Barry, Graham, Kevin, Paula, Peter, Robert, Stephen, Trevor E

(CJ, David C, Trevor for lunch)