Club Run to Wells on 30/10/2021

Four left Pretty Corner in light rain, but apart from a couple of heavier bursts, there was far less precipitation than anticipated. Riding roughly parallel to the coast, the westbound route went by way of Bodham, Salthouse Heath, Glandford ford, up the Downs, Langham, Cockthorpe, Binham, Wighton, Crabbe Castle and a glorious tailwind assisted descent down through Holkham Park to the coast road. The final stretch out of the Park was highlighted by a remarkable light show as the sun behind us lit up the thick black clouds over the sea and highlighted the autumnal avenue of trees along Lady Ann’s Drive. This was also a welcome sign that most of the forecast rain was now out over the sea. Both Holkham and Wells were very busy with half term holidaymakers.

It was good to see an old Wheelers’ favourite, Nelson’s Cafe, restored to full working order after the combined tribulations of a major fire and Covid. Neil felt bloated just looking at Mark’s steak and kidney pie with chips, broccoli, carrots and gravy.

The weather gods proved to be doubly generous for the return trip, providing total sunshine as well as shifting the strong southerly to a helpful south westerly. Back to Sheringham was via Warham, Field Dalling, Saxlingham, Sharrington, Brinton and generally conventional ways back up to PC.

Group: Graham J; Harvey; Mark; Neil Mc.

Distances: 53 miles to 72 miles.

Club Run to the Art Cafe, Glandford on 27th October 2021

Five Wheelers met at Pretty Corner on a warm, dry but windy day for Mark’s ride to the Art Café at Glandford. It has been a few years since the last visit and the cafe has certainly improved. Plenty of staff ensured a quick service and though the range of food was limited, the quality was good. Coffee, cake and a comfy sofa in front of a log burner, resulted in one Wheeler being very reluctant to leave!

Our 25 mile outward leg took us on a tour of the backlanes via Gresham, Bessingham, Wickmere, Plumstead, Edgefield, Stody, Gunthorpe, Bale, Field Dalling, Saxlingham to Glandford.

The shorter return leg was via the regular Wiveton, Salthouse Heath route to High Kelling, where Andrew B on his shiny new titanium Van Nicholas decided not to head home but to enjoy the extra miles back to PC, then the headwind back to High Kelling.  Our route back included Hempstead, Baconsthorpe and West Beckham to finish at PC for a total of 40 miles. 

PC to PC 40 miles, 1938 feet/591m of climbing and average speed of 14.0 mph

Andrew B, Graham A, Graham J, John S and Mark leading

Club Run to Waxham on 23/10/2021.

Seven departed from Pretty Corner for a brisk run down to the Dunes Cafe at Waxham Great Barn. After a short delay for a ‘phone call, the bunch went by way of Gresham, Erpingham, the familiar lanes to Swanton Hill, Worstead and Honing, over East Ruston and Brumstead Commons, the back way to the recently renovated Ingham Swan, Calthorpe Fen and the final push down the coast to Waxham, where the Wheelers were joined by Malcolm, who had ridden up from his hideaway in the southern Broads. The conversation over the refuelling break turned to the best way to heat the home. Malcolm stuck with the group as far as Hickling before continuing south via Ludham and the Reedham ferry. The Wheelers turned off for Sutton to connect into the little lanes leading up to Lessingham, Happisburgh Common, Hill 60, the secret way into Ridlington and past Hoole House, before finishing off on a ‘traditional’ NNW route through Trunch and Thorpe Market for Hanworth, Gresham and the split.

Group: Brian; Graham A; Graham J; Harvey; Jim; Mark; Neil S + Malcolm.

Distances: 64 miles to 85 miles (Jim H as a part of the stamina building phase in his marathon training regime).

One puncture – (front Conti, just south of Sea Palling).

Club Run to The View cafe, Mundesley on 20th October 2021 

Strangely, only three Wheelers braved the overnight deluge, forecast strong SW winds and heavy thunderstorms to meet up at Pretty Corner, for Jane’s planned ride to Mundesley. Jane, wisely had passed the route onto Andrew B and decided to stay somewhere warmer and dryer.  Mark, however foreseeing the likely reduction in numbers had pre-planned an alternative 37mile route via Mundesley so Jane can lead her route another time, Yay! You can thank Mark later Jane!

After an earlier dry and sunny spell to fool the optimistic, 10:30 at Pretty Corner saw torrential rain and a howling South Westerly, surely it can only get better said the three wise men. Eventually it did get better and we saw blue skies and sunshine but that was after negotiating many flooded roads of varying and unknown depths (it were only half way up the ducks, claimed the yokel) also removing two large branches blocking some obscure road, only to have a motorist sail down the road moments later, oblivious of our good deed.

So our southerly route took us through West Beckham, Barningham Winter, Alby Hill, Erpingham, Colby, Bradfield, Trunch and eventually, after Graham’s shoes could take no more water, we arrived at Mundesley and decided to try the former Jonet restaurant, now The View. The food was tasty, but maybe smaller portions and a little pricier than usual. Surprisingly, by now the sun was beating through the window and drying out the Wheelers and their gear prior to the next and shorter home leg of the journey.

As we headed NW out of Mundesley, around Gimingham we came across another flood, which Mark as usual blindly rode into at speed, only to discover the water above his knees and it becoming increasingly difficult to maintain any momentum, eventually after much panic induced pedalling the water became shallower and dry tarmac came into view. Once his fellow Wheelers had composed themselves, they wisely took to the adjoining field to bypass the flood.

After that, the ride was uneventful, with Graham heading off to Cromer north of Northrepps, the remaining duo avoiding the flooded car under Crossdale Street railway bridge and battled against the ferocious headwind to Metton, followed by the downpour around Gresham, where Mark bravely turned north to Sheringham leaving Andrew to enjoy the crosswind to Kelling

PC to PC 37miles, 1575 feet of climbing and six waterlogged feet

Andrew B, Graham A, led by Mark

Club Run to Gressenhall on 16/10/2021.

Alan from south Warwickshire club, Wellesbourne Wheelers (93 members), joined five North Norfolk Wheelers for the run down to the Mardlers’ Rest cafe. It was a relatively short outward route, travelling by way of Bodham Hill, Up Wood, Plumstead, Saxthorpe, Salle, Reepham, Blackwater, Sparham, Bylaugh, Robertson Barracks and Hoe. The conversation at the break turned to the relative merits of Kalas and Gear Club clothing. For the second week running Brian snaffled the last jacket potato. It was a gloriously sunny, warm and tailwind-assisted afternoon for the return leg via East Bilney, Brisley, Great Heath, North Elmham, Billingford, Foxley, Themelthorpe, Guestwick, Odessa, Wood Dalling, Heydon Park (where Neil S thought he was in paradise), Oulton, Itteringham and the very familiar last eight miles back to Sheringham.

Bunch: – Neil S; Neil Mc; Mark; Harvey; Brian; Alan R.

Distances: – 59 miles to 75 miles.

Club Run to The Old Station Cafe, Reepham on 13th October 2021

3 Wheelers met for the ride to Reepham on a good autumnal day for a bike ride.   Dry roads, sunshine and a gentle breeze combined to make really nice conditions.  It was a westerly route via Holt, Melton Constable and Hindolveston before lunching alfresco at The Old Station.  At Hindolveston, we turned south east.  Now, with a following wind and really quiet roads, things were very pleasant indeed.

The chat at lunch was pretty techy with bike computers (Mark has a new one) and electric cars taking centre stage.

The return was a straightforward run home but we went east after Itteringham to pass through Thurgarton and Sustead which offered up some nice lanes.  Graham left us at Sustead leaving Mark and John to complete the run by cycling up Gibbet Lane – always a good way to finish!

The route is shown below.

Overall a great few hours on the bikes.

Graham A, Mark and John S.

38 miles PC to PC

1400 ft ascending and 1400 ft descending.

14 mph average.

AGM 21st October 7.30pm

Just a quick reminder that the North Norfolk Wheelers AGM is 19:30 next Thursday (21st) at Sheringham Community Centre.

Due to the pandemic we have not met up for over 20 months. Given this gap, we have decided to hold our AGM now rather than in January. Although things have continued to tick over as usual it would be good to get feedback from the membership on how the club should develop.

For example, due to Covid we’ve made a number of changes to our time trials which have actually proved quite popular. We propose to continue with block payments, members ‘numbers’, online start-sheets and results. Are you happy with this? We would welcome your feedback next week.

Our regular weekly rides have continued and appear to be as popular as ever. Are some tweaks required or is everyone happy to continue as we are? Please come along and discuss this if you feel we could improve anything.

It has often been mooted that the club would benefit from the occasional social get together or maybe just the occasional coffee! How do you feel about this?

Financially, the club is benefiting from strong interest in our time trials. How would you like to spend this money? For example, we could subsidise a winter spinning group at our nice new shiny sports centre in Sheringham – if it ever opens!  Or we could sponsor a small club racing team? We don’t want to just sit on money in the bank (within reason).

Please come along next week and give us your thoughts on these or any other matters.

Club Run to Mundesley on 9/10/2021.

It must be something about mellow autumnal days, but today’s run attracted eleven Wheelers, several of whom are themselves mellow and autumnal. Today’s turnout included new man, Neil, who has recently moved up from Cambridge. The relative proximity of Mundesley offered an opportunity to follow a devious route, travelling by way of Lower Gresham, Sustead, Thurgarton, Erpingham, Colby school, Hylton Crossways, Skeyton Goat, Scottow, Frankfort, Dilham, Honing, Edingthorpe and Paston to the Corner House Cafe. It was noted in passing that the Jonet Cafe has reopened. The Corner House staff dealt admirably with the large influx, pulling together a couple of tables and dealing efficiently with eleven orders. The way back climbed up to Trunch and Knapton, crossing the outward route to Dead Man’s Grave, Pigney’s Wood and the little lane to Swafield, swinging back north and west via Bradfield, Southrepps Hall, Northrepps, Sally Bean’s, Mill Road and Metton to splits in the bunch at Gresham church and Red Barn Lane.

Bunch:- Andrew B; Brian; Graham A; Harvey; Jim; Mark; Neil Mc; Neil S: Ben; David; Scott.

Distances (for those starting at PC): 53 miles to 77 miles.

With a decent sized bunch out today, it was again evident that sensible use of downloadable route files makes it feasible to accommodate a wide range of weekend Wheelers, from the steady touring element right through to those who like to push on a bit. Even if only three riders load the route to Garmin and another who knows the route keeps an eye on the rearguard, then everyone can follow the same route, but at variable pace.