Club Ride to Waters Café at Yaxham – 27 February 2016

                                   Club Ride to Waters Café at Yaxham – 27 February 2016

The month of February tends to be one of the most solemn of the year – short cold days – wet, muddy roads and bitter cold winds. This, however, did not deter seven North Norfolk Wheelers from making the epic ride of the month down to Waters café in faraway Yaxham.

Four club members left Pretty Corner and rode down to our new pick up point at Itteringham Bridge where we were to meet three more riders ready for the fray.

Our route down was Cawston, Swannington, Attlebridge, Weston Longville, Rotten Row, East Tuddenham, Welborne, Brakefield Green to Yaxham and Waters. This route covered miles of excellent lanes which for once were dry. There was the added bonus of plenty of sunshine and a side wind that was of little trouble to us.

The total mileage when we arrived at the café was nearly thirty.

At the café a table had been reserved for us and if you wanted to score the establishment then it would be at the very high end for both value of the food and their attention to their customers.

Our return journey was to be character building as the wind had now turned to be a head wind virtually the whole way home. Also, the sun had gone home and the temperature had now dropped like a stone. This was a small price to pay for the enjoyment of the day.

Our homeward route was via Cutthroat Lane (a lane not to hang about in!), Etling Green, Elsing, Sparham, Eade’s Mill, Booton, Cawston, splittig at Oulton Street.

This surely must have been one of the best February rides for a long while. Congratulations to all those who came out. To those who were unable to join us this time I am sure the venue will appear later in the year.

Conditions: More sun than forecast. Cold, stiff north easterly. Dry roads.

Distance: PC to PC 63 miles. Three did over 70, including one touching 80.

Trevor, Phil, Malcolm, Geoff, Dave, Darryl, Harvey.

Club Ride to The Butchers Arms -24 February Leader: Geoff Poulter

Club Ride to The Butchers Arms -24 February Leader: Geoff Poulter

The weather forecast for Wednesday morning was for an artic frost which could potentially lead to the club run being cancelled on safety grounds. As it transpired however, the frost was nowhere as severe as expected and a quick discussion between John S and Geoff P confirmed that the run would go ahead.

The route out from Pretty Corner was a “North Norfolk” classic going past Gresham across to Banningham, Tuttington, Swanton Abbott then onto Worstead and finally the Butchers at East Rushton.

The pub continues to welcome us in the same friendly manner as it has done for many years. Food is good value and timely served. Meeting us at the pub was Ian, Malcolm and Trevor.

Food consumed, it was back on our bikes for the winding way home and making the best of the now excellent weather.

On route, unfortunately one members punctured on tyres which seemed they would stop a Zulu spear from deflating them.

Tyre fixed in record time it was back on the road again.

A little further on another club member suffered the second puncture of the day in the “not so new” tyre on his bike which could mean further outlay on another one making a matching set……

Riding back via Trunch to Thorpe Market then to Hanworth and finally Sheringham.

An excellent days riding – dry roads – sunshine – little wind and a good pub – HEAVEN

Thanks to all that came out.

Robert, Trevor, Kevin, Malcolm, Ian, John S, John D, Phil, Geoff

2 Puncture, 46 miles starting at Sheringham, 9 riders out. And some photos for the web

Club Ride to The Nelsons Café at Wells Next the Sea -20 February Leader: Geoff Poulter

Club Ride to The Nelsons Café at Wells Next the Sea -20 February Leader: Geoff Poulter

With the weather looking unfavourable only three riders met at Pretty Corner for the challenging ride to Wells Next the Sea. Surely, a first for some time, all three riders were from Sheringham. We welcomed back to the Saturday club rides Hugh with Kevin, who had an all-day pass. The route was to ride down to Briston and then along the Beck keeping the worst of the wind off of us and then turn up to the Snorings.

Unfortunately, shortly after leaving, one member punctured. This was the same tyre which had caused problems on the previous Wednesday club rides and it took “old gimlet eyes” to find the offending flint hidden in the cross ways in the tyre. The break did however give David C chance to join us for the ride as he had already been out on a training circuit.

A hard push was then undertaken down to Briston and then to Kettlestone where we crossed over to the Snoring. Here, another puncture slowed us down. Then, with the wind on our backs and dry roads, we road down to Walsingham and up “gut wrench hill” to Wells.

At the café a further puncture was fixed and then the long ride home going via Hindringham to Stody and Edgefield to finally Sheringham and home before the rains started.

Congratulations to all those who came out in far less than idyllic conditions.

3 Puncture, 52 miles starting at Sheringham, weather windy going out but disappeared when we needed it on the homeward leg, roads muddy in part. Café good !


Club Ride to The Explores Bar and Coffee House at Briston -17 February Leader: Andrew Chapman

Club Ride to The Explores Bar and Coffee House at Briston -17 February Leader: Andrew Chapman

The lure of sound of the Explores Bar and Coffee House brought six riders out initially to follow Andrew on a tour of the back lanes of North Norfolk. We set out from Pretty Corner and rode across to Bodham and then skirted Holt to ride down numerous back lanes towards Gunthorpe where we crossed the main road to the Snorings and then onto Hindolveston and finally Briston and the pub. Our leader had made a point at the start of the club run that it would be all “downhill”. Having transversed fords and a good mix of hills as well as a few very muddy lanes in the 29.6 miles to the stop the general feeling was that the “downhill” section had been forgotten!.

At the pub we met up with two more wheelers – one cycling and one on Shanks’s pony.

The food here is of an excellent quality and calls were made to have this venue a standard club run!

All too soon it was time to mount up for the club run home which was along traditional lines going via Edgefield and Baconsthorpe to Sheringham and home.

A splendid ride Andrew – many thanks for your time and effort.

8 riders out. Mileage 40. Weather cold but dry.

John S, Andrew, Kevin, Dan, John C, David C, Geoff, Barry and Malcolm (only part way)

1 Puncture, 40 miles starting at Sheringham, weather windy, roads muddy in part with ice in the gullies and little snow in the fields. Very Cold


Club Ride to The Old Railway Station at Reepham-10 February 2016 Leader: John Sharples

Club Ride to The Old Railway Station at Reepham-10 February 2016 Leader: John Sharples

Unfortunately Robert was unable to lead the club run so John S stepped in to take the club on it’s journey to Reepham and the favourite NNW café of The Old Railway Station. Seven club members left Pretty Corner going out towards Hempstead. On route we came across posters that had been put up advising users of the road that there were toads about and that we should proceed with caution. Shortly after seeing the notices we met a group of lady cyclists out for a spin – surely the notices did not refer to them !.

The club run then moved on to Briston and finally the café where we met Trevor and Chris and Maggie. After lunch it was a hilly ride back on what had been a good club run with roads slowly becoming cleaner and drier.

Many thanks John

8 riders out. Mileage 40. Weather cold but dry.


John S, Andrew, Trevor, Kevin, Chris and Maggie K, John D, Alan,Phil and Geoff.

And no punctures !



BE A FILM STAR! (for a night)

This is a call for volunteers to ride their bikes at Foulden (IP26 5AD) 5 miles south of Swaffham for a BBC film on Toad crossings. We can claim back fuel expenses and will get refreshments. The filming we be on 27th and 28th February from 6 to 10pm each night. We can have a couple of people in club jackets, but no large advertising logos (although Im guessing the logos wont really be visible anyway!), bike lights will be needed and warm clothes if we have to sit about. We need a minimum of 6 people each night, so will limit it to 10 volunteers per night, which will allow for any last minute changes.

Please can I have volunteers for one or both evenings, fine to bring partners (non-club members etc) by next Tuesday? (first come first served basis). I will confirm when we have enough takers.



Club Ride to Hadfield Garden Centre at North Walsham (The Growing Club Tea Party)

Club Ride to Hadfield Garden Centre at North Walsham (The Growing Club Tea Party)

3 February 2016 Leader: David Carrier

On a cold and blustery morning five club members met for our ride to the garden centre at North Walsham. After a slight delay in setting off due to a minor mechanical difficulty we rode out towards Itteringham but turning left to Matlaske and then back to Itteringham, past the Worpole Arms and then turning left towards the back of Blickling . It was a fast ride with the wind on our backs round many back lanes which were for once, dry. Eventually our leader’s route took us to Skeyton where we rode to Worsted. Here, after much debate, we turned left out of the village and then left again. This was a long drag up what appeared to be a never ending hill but eventually we actually arrived at the top. Here, we dismounted and crossed the road and then walk up a pathway. At the top, one of our “local” riders temporary went the wrong way……

The café was heaving with customers when we arrived. After some discussion we elected to stay and fortuitously a table came free. The question then was how many cyclists could you sit round a table for four ?.

Peter L joined for a short time. Then, John D arrived. Then Malcolm S arrived. So did Trevor N. Finally, Chairman Chris K made a welcome appearance.

So, our numbers became 10 in total. Not bad for a cold February day.

Homeward bound we had a tour of North Walsham and then across to Bradfield and Hanworth to Gresham and home.

Our thanks to David C for his excellent ride aided by the ability to navigate by way of a small piece of paper.


10 riders out and 9 rides out I total. Milage 40. Weather COLD and Windy on the return.


Dave C, John S, Trevor, Kevin, Peter L, Chris K, Malcolm S, John D, Alan F and Geoff.

And NO punctures !