Club Run 27th of April to The Crown, Banningham – leader Trevor Neild

Seven Wheelers met at PC for Trevor’s run to Banningham.  Those cycling to the start from the east recorded “personal worsts” for the cycle to PC – the wind was quite strong.

At the top of Red Barn Lane, Malcolm joined us for the speedy “with the wind” passage towards Banningham.  We were close to Antingham in no time but Trevor was enjoying the easy cycling conditions and led us further south east.  This was good fun but the further south east we got, the longer the slog into the wind for the return to Banningham.  We were well past RAF Coltishall before we turned.  But it wasn’t that bad and we had a stonking average speed to the turn.

Geoff was at the pub to meet us.  The Crown always looks after us well and we dined in great spirits.

The run back to PC was the traditional direct route via Ingworth and Thurgarton and, as usual, riders left the group at various points, leaving four to return to PC.

Whilst the wind was pesky, the sun shone for the whole ride and the countryside looked fantastic.

A really nice ride out that saw the welcome return of Hugh.  Many thanks, Trevor.

9 out.  38 miles PC to PC.  0 punctures.

Thursford 10m TT report 19/4/16

NNW ‘10’ mile Time Trial, Tuesday evening 19 April – Bruce Williams reports
25 cyclists, including a number of guest riders from Fakenham based East Coast Riders and a couple from Iceni Velo, assembled at the Thursford lay-by last Tuesday evening for the club ‘10’ that takes place on the A148 between Thursford and Fakenham, facing bright and breezy conditions.
The club again had two time-keepers and assistants at the ready and two marshals reported for duty at the Fakenham (town centre, Shell petrol station) roundabout turn. a busy intersection with traffic heading to and from the town, Kings Lynn and Swaffham. 
Fast men expected to do quick times on the day included Charlie Nurse and Aiden Bond both of the promoting home club, with Charlie eager to keep up a good run of winning early season form in both club and open time trials.
Unfortunately, the club event was somewhat over-shadowed by an accident that befell NNW’s David Carrier just after the finish line when it seems that he drifted off the tarmac to the left when his wheel stuck in the soft and muddy verge throwing him forward off his cycle and into the grassy verge, resulting in what appears to be severe bruising to and inflammation of his spine.  He was tended on the roadside for an hour before being taken to hospital and, whilst no bones were broken, at time of writing the remedial treatment and recovery period is not known.
Finishing just behind David at the finish line was Richard Herrell of Iceni velo, starting only his third time trial apparently, but a fireman used to dealing with accidents and injuries and qualified in first aid and, by a further stroke of fortune, a surgeon from Kings Lynn stopped in his car shortly after and was also able to provide invaluable assistance.  In the end David was treated by paramedics and doctors involving two ambulances with police also on the scene, so every eventuality was covered.  Other club members recovered his cycle and belongings and arranged for his wife to be brought to the car and be fully informed.
We take the opportunity to wish David a speedy recovery and to thank Richard Herrell and the passing surgeon for their great help.  Evidencing gallows humour that is part of cycling’s long folklore, David enquired at the scene of club officials as to his time for the event and, on being told, commented that he should have gone faster to make it worthwhile. Ah well, there is always another time trial next week or next month.
Back to the action and some good times were recorded by Karl Read (he has already recorded a fast 55 minute ‘25’ mile time on the rapid A11 course based on Newmarket) and Mike Padfield of the NNW, the latter recording a personal best for this course, and by Gavin Barron of East Coast Riders who came third with a time of 23 minutes 17 seconds (23.17).  Fastest lady was Louise Marsden with a fine 26.02.
Aiden Bond stormed home in a time of 22.16 which was bettered only by Charlie Nurse winning by a margin of one minute and one second, proving that his blistering early season form is right on the mark.  Seasoned competitor that he is, Charlie was still less than pleased missing the course record by a handful of seconds.  Ah well, another week and another event.
On to the next club time trial which is the ‘15’ on Tuesday evening 26 April starting at Aylmerton; all NNW and guest riders are, as always, welcome.  An update on David Carrier will be available on the club web site / facebook pages shortly.
Name Time Handicap time Notes
NURSE 21.26 21.07
BOND 22.27 21.31
BARRON 23.17
READ 23.26 21.40
PADFIELD 23.31 21.39 CPB
O’NEILL 23.35
WATKINS 23.47 21.09
COOK 24.27
PYE 24.36
HICKS 24.51 22.23
DENNY 24.55
D.CARRIER 25.50 21.26 CPB
MARSDEN (f) 26.02
PLATTS 26.06 21.36
JANES 26.14
MOOR 28.21
THOROLD 28.27 22.51
BOLAN 29.16
VIDLER 30.43

Club Run – 20 April 2016 to The Old Railway Station at Reepham – leader John Sharples

   Club Run – 20 April 2016 to The Old Railway Station at Reepham – leader John Sharples

In contrast to the recent Saturday club rides Wednesday rides have been cloaked in warm sunshine with dry roads and little wind. This Wednesday was no exception. From Pretty Corner eight club members met with John for a rearranged ride to Reepham.

This was one of John,s classics. We left Pretty Corner in good spirits and headed out towards Bodham. Next on the agenda was a hard push round the back lanes accumulating in a long hammer up hill. Eventually, and after many turns, we arrived at the café to be greeted by Ian S and Robin R.

The weather was quite remarkable allowing us to sit outside and enjoy almost summertime warmth.

Homeward bound was via Briston and then the enjoyment of a little tail wind for good measure.

Our thanks John for a splendid ride

Conditions: Brilliant


Café: Good


PC to PC 45


Role of Honour: John D, John S, Trevor, Alan, Robert, Kevin, Ian, Robin, Andrew, Peter and Geoff




Club Run – 23 April 2016 to the Small Sticks Café at Cart Gap

   Club Run – 23 April 2016 to the Small Sticks Café at Cart Gap

From Pretty Corner there were no takers for the club’s Saturday ride. GP rode a lonely furrow to the pick-up point at Banningham. On route he was treated to a hail storm and the now traditional heavy down pour of rain. At Banningham , better luck as two club members had braved the element – Trevor and a welcome return of Robin Rush.

Setting off we rode down to Tuttington where heavy rain fall could be seen in the distance. Then to Swanton Abbott where Robin started his own class of spinning. The reason for this was unfortunately his freewheel had gone and no amount of persuasion could restart it. It was a case of “all the kings horses and all the Kings men could not get Robin’s freewheel moving again”. Assistance called for we said goodbye to Robin and made our way to Cart Gap. Here, John H met us for lunch having already done over 60 miles.

Food gone and now into a difficult headwind we rode homeward via Ridlington, Edingthorpe Green, Truch, Thorpe Market, Hanworth, Sustead and finally home.

Conditions: Mix to say the least

Café: Good  

PC to PC 50 miles 

Role of Honour: Trevor, Robin ( part), John H ( at café) Geoff


David Carrier – Update

As many of you will already know, David had an accident on his bike just after the end of the club’s time trial on Tuesday evening. An ambulance was called for and David was taken to hospital.

The latest information we have is from Chris Knowles, who spoke to Dave’s wife yesterday. Thankfully there appears to be no broken bones. David, has however, sustained severe bruising to his spine, and it will be at least six weeks before the inflammation comes down and a further assessment can be made.

Our best wishes go to David and we hope he will make a speedy recovery.

Club Run – 16 April 2016 to the Barnes Café at Walsingham – Webbed Feet Members Only

A tale of one club run but in two parts.

Not surprisingly, only two stalwart members of the club turned up in monsoon weather to ride to the Barns café at Walsingham. This was not a “mirror image” of the previous week club ride as the rain fell upon the members from the start of the day rather than later on. Memories of Wednesday’s club run became just distant dreams of warm weather, dry roads and sunshine. Determined not to bow to inclement weather however, the valiant two rode out of Pretty Corner to Edgefield, Briston, The Beck, Hindoleston, Fulmesdeston, Croxton, Kettlestone to Little Snoring, Great Snoring and finally, the café. On route the roads had become rivers and each member took it in turn to “paddle” through the deluge.

Cafes are welcome on any club run but surely no more than this café. A roaring fire, places to dry gloves, headwear and warm soaking wet clothes.

And the Pies are fantastic.

With many thanks to the lady with enormous pies we set off homeward bound.

By now the rain had stopped falling and warm sun was upon us with a tail wind for good measure. We rode home via Hindringham, Bale, Sharington, Stody, Edgefield, Hempstead and then home. An enjoyable ride quite in contrast to the outward journey.

A shorter club run than envisaged but at least we had miles in the bank. 

Conditions: Challenging

Café: Pies to die for.

PC to PC 45 miles

Role of Honour for the Webbed Feet membership: Kevin The Brave – Geoff Of Webbed Feet




Club Run on the 9 April 2016 to The Hill Top Café at Rackheath – Leader John Dimascio

After months of wind, rain, mud and muck the day finally came when there was no wind, no rain and no muck but plenty of sunshine and warmth plus dry roads. Add to this a planned visit to one of Norfolk’s best priced cafes and you have the essence of an excellent days riding. Nine riders met at Pretty Corner to follow John D on a superb club run. Among the nine was a welcome return of Peter.

We started by going down Gibbet Lane, then through (nearly) Matlaske to Aldborough. We then went via Ingworth, the back way to Aylsham, Dunkirk and then across the A140 and on via back lanes to the Buxton Road. Then from Buxton, towards Stratton Strawless through Hainford, Frettenham and Staninghall to the North Walsham road. On route our numbers increased as David C joined us. Straight across here to a bunch of delightfully named lanes; Caius Heath, Burntwood, Granny Bard’s, Primrose, Dobbs, and lastly Sloe, which led us to the Wroxham road with fine views across the construction site of the new North Norwich bypass. Then a small climb to the cafe. Here, we were able to eat outside. Meals in this place are enormous and reasonable priced. Bafflement how some riders were able to hammer home afterwards.

Meeting us at the café was Malcolm.

The return route was past another interesting lane – Muck Lane – which thankfully we did not use. Then it was via Horstead Mill, Coltishall, the Hautbois’s, Badersfield ,Skeyton and then Tuttington, Banningham, Erpingham and finally Sheringham. 

A day to remember – many thanks John 

Conditions: Excellent

 Café: meals gigantic 

PC to PC 51 miles. 

Role of Honour : John D, John S, Robert, Trevor, Malcolm, Kevin, Peter, Paul , David, Andrew, Alan and Geoff

TT results 13th April 2016

13/04/2016 B10/5 10m TT
Name Time Handicap time
NURSE 21.01 20.52
POWER 22.07
NELSON 22.21
RISBY 22.54
BARRON 22.58
PADFIELD 23.26* 21.44
READ 23.35 21.49
WOODLEY 23.49 21.22
HICKS 24.05 21.37
HAYWARD 24.19 21.47
MORGAN 24.57 22.07
WALSH 25.20 22.32
CARRIER 25.33 21.09
I.RUSH (f) 26.03 21.18
PLATTS 26.10 21.40
THOROLD 28.11 22.35
CARTER 28.13
VIDLER 30.55
*includes 20 second penalty due to flying start.

Club Run on the 20th of April

We’re heading East to discover the ‘delights’ of some of the rural roads between Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft/Oulton Broad.

We will be parking at Mill Lane Playing Fields and Community Centre, Bradwell, NR31 8HS.  There are two car parks – the Community Centre car park and another just before the entrance to the Community Centre. We’ll use the general playing field car park that’s immediately ahead of you as you make the turn from Mill Lane.  See the image below.

See you there.

Mill Lane

18.5m Hilly TT results 10/4/16


NN Wheelers Hilly TT 10/04/2016
Name Time Handicap time
C.NURSE 46.06 46.04
A.BOND 47.13 47.21
D.WATTS 48.45
M.PADFIELD 49.25 46.02
N.WALSH 52.13 44.28
J.HAYWARD 52.31 46.13
M.FARROW 53.11
J.MORGAN 53.13 47.22
M.CURTIS 55.58
B.PLATTS 59.09 48.35
R.LEE 59.48
P.MORLEY 61.25
G.THOROLD 62.13 50.49