10m Thursford Fakenham Interclub Competition 29/8/17

The discounted entry fee or the possibility of getting a gold medal ensured a course record of 32 riders signed up for the 2nd Annual (and newly named) Interclub 10m TT competition.  Clubs represented included the hosts North Norfolk Wheelers with East Coast Riders, Tri Harder and Tri Harman and a scattering of other clubs.

Conditions were not bad with a cool cross tail wind out and cross head wind back,  although the light was fading as the last riders set off (with their rear lights flashing!).  Traffic was busy but started to subside at Fakenham with the last of the day trippers heading home, although a few riders got caught in a bit of traffic near the Shell roundabout (sorry Connor!).

North Norfolk Wheelers Kim Morrison blasted into first place with 21.31, followed by Aiden Bond (22.00) second and Mike Padfield (22.17) third.

Fastest veteran male on VTTA handicap time was Nigel Walsh (NNW) with a seasons best time of 23.53, with fastest veteran female Susie Towning (TriHarman).  Fastest on road bikes were John Morgan (Tri Harder) and Amanda Marshall (TriHarman).  Fastest two-up where the dynamic duo of Matthew Whittaker and Peter Farrell (ECR).

Apologies to Sarah Jay who I announced had won her veteran female category only to be replaced at the last minute by Susie Towning (following a short stewards enquiry).  However Sarah did win the club handicap time (and I gave her a spare medal!).

It was good to see some new people to time-trialling with at least two new riders from Tri Harder on their maiden time trials and looking to do some more in the future.

Thanks to the marshals and timekeepers; David Carrier, John Chambers and Geoff Paice who did a great job in tricky conditions.

29/08/2017 10m Thursford-Fakenham
Name Club Time Club Handicap time (not related to comp.) Competition Winners
KIM MORRISON NNW 21.31  21 24 Overal Female & Team Winner
AIDEN BOND NNW 22.00  21 29 Overall Male & Team Winner
MIKE PADFIELD NNW 22.17  21 20 Team Winner
WITHINGTON  Beacon Wheelers 22.19
AARON GREEN Tri Harder 23.21
NIGEL WALSH NNW 23.53  21 08 Fastest Vet male
BULLEN Peterborough CC 23.54
JOHN HAYWARD NNW 24.37  21 58
JOHN MORGAN TriHarder 24.32 Fastest road bike male
RICHARD COLLYER TriAnglia 24.50  21 12
CARL MACE Tri Harder 24.52
GUY THOROLD NNW 26.41  21 17
JACK YOUNG Tri Harder 26.41
SUSIE TOWNING TriHarman 26.47  Fastest Vet female
SARAH JAY TriHarman 26.59  21 03
AMANDA MARSHALL TriHarman 27.37  21 04  Fastest road bike female
EDDIE ROBSON TriHarman 28.24  21 59
LUKE ASHTON Tri Harder 28.29
GEORGINA SUTTON Tri Harder 30.08

10m TT results 22/8/17

22/08/2017 10m Pretty Corner-Holt
Name Club Time Handicap time
AIDEN BOND NNW 21.51  21 20
MATT RATCLIFFE Iceni velo 22.28
JOHN MORGAN NNW 23.34  21 11
NIGEL WALSH NNW 24.42  21 57
MARTIN WALL TriHarman 26.30
ADRIAN JAY NNW 26.44  22 10
MARKOS JANES VCN 26.53  22 12
SARAH JAY TriHarman 26.56  20 57
GUY THOROLD NNW 27.03  21 39
EDDIE ROBSON TriHarman 28.43  22 18

Club Run to The White Horse at Crostwick 23 August 2017

Words by John D

3 Wheelers met up at Pretty Corner for John D’s ride to the White Horse at Crostwick.

News had obviously got out of the prospects for a good day’s riding because 11 more riders appeared before the off at 10:30. Two of our number were holidaying in the area, another a “local” trying us for the first time, and the rest the usual suspects!

Heading down the dip and left into Sheringham Road we met the first of the day’s obstacles. Once this large agricultural one was safely negotiated we headed through to Gresham, where we picked up the 15th rider of the day, and on through Sustead and Hanworth to the A140. Now, crossing a major road is always a challenge and with a larger group, more so. A thank you here then to the guys who helped at this and subsequent crossings.

From the A140 we headed along Topshill Road to cross another main road and on past the old Suffield Arms (now a house) to Antingham. Again another obstacle, this time the Sheringham express, which held us (à la TdF) for a few minutes.

The next obstacle was of our own making – Corvette Kingdom, just north of the Trans Norfolk Highway (aka B1145), with its doors open to reveal some stunning automobiles detained the men momentarily, until they realized that whilst a new bike can often be smuggled in the back door, one of these could not.

With the scent of lunch in the wind, we drove south into an increasingly strong breeze, pausing only briefly to ponder how far the pub in Skeyton was!. At one point, near Hautbois, the NNW lead out train was seen to be faster than the Aylsham – Wroxham express!

We approached the lunch stop by heading out of Coltishall via Heggat Road, Granny Bards Lane and Dow Lane. The White Horse is used to large parties and coped well with the men’s demands.

Leaving the pub in increasingly warm and humid conditions, we rode the back lanes through to Buxton and via Oxnead, Banningham and Aldborough to home, losing some riders as they turned off to make their way to their original starting points.

47 miles PC to PC and no punctures (very good considering that there would have been around 750 miles of road covered by all the bikes). 60+ miles for some. No incidents of note.

Roll Call: John D, John S, Malcolm, Kevin, Robert, Trevor, Andrew, Peter, Alan, Geoff, Stephen, Alban, Robin, Tim, David

(15 out is something of a recent record for a Wednesday ride)

Note from Wednesday Club Run Captain

Many thanks to John D for leading the ride – a great route!

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 19.34.39



10m TT results 20/8/17

A ‘select’ group of club riders, defied the ‘lockdown’ and temptation to have a rest on a Sunday afternoon by doing battle on the club B10/5.  This was an experimental day and with only 5 riders we will probably stick to the Tuesdays where we regularly get 20+ riders.  However with almost no wind and little traffic, conditions were good.

Mike Padfield got a course PB going under 22 minutes for the first time on this course. After both doing a 5k race in the morning John Morgan nearly equalled his best, followed by Nigel Walsh (an age-group winner in the 5k race he entered that morning).

Bruce kept David C company on the roundabout and remarked how close we all were at the turn due to the order of the start (the reverse of the results below).  Thanks also to John Chambers and Geoff Paice who carried out start and timekeeping duties.

There are only a few more 10m TTs left this season to post a time and potentially bag yourself a nice shiny trophy so put the dates in your diary. (22nd and 29th Aug, 5th and 12th Sept).

20/08/2017 10m Pretty Corner-Holt
Name Club Time Handicap time
MIKE PADFIELD NNW 21.57  20 45
JOHN MORGAN NNW 23.23  20 42
NIGEL WALSH NNW 24.40  21 55
GUY THOROLD NNW 26.25  21 01
TESSA MORGAN NNW 29.39  22 11

10m TT results 15/8/17


15/03/2017 10m Pretty Corner-Holt
Name Club Time Handicap time
AIDEN BOND NNW 22.03 21.32
HEATHER Team Skipper 22.23
PHIL WATKINS 34 Nomads 23.12 21.29
BULLEN 23.52
JOHN MORGAN NNW 23.57 21.46
HEWITT 24.47
JOHN HAYWARD NNW 25.22 22.43
ADRIAN JAY NNW 25.54 21.20
WRIGHT 26.26
MARTIN WALL TriHarman 26.38
SARAH JAY TriHarman 27.18 21.19
TERESA HARMAN TriHarman 27.51 21.57
EDDIE ROBSON TriHarman 28.43 22.18

Club Run to The Kings Arms at Reepham 16 August 2017

Seven Wheelers met at PC for John C’s welcome return to the Wednesday group and his ride to Reepham.

Conditions were dry and a little cloudy but with the prospect of sunshine and higher temperatures later on in the day all was well. What was not expected was a stiff SW wind which made the going slightly tougher!

We made our way to Cawston along the traditional route and in doing so met David C at Itteringham bridge. From Cawston we followed the lanes skirting Brandiston before joining the Reepham Road (heading away from Reepham) and into the stiff headwind again. Turning right we followed an enjoyable if twisting path towards Sparham and then heading NE with a healthy tailwind we passed through Whitwell and onwards to our lunch destination.

The Kings Arms was a first for the Wheelers and will definitely feature again before too long as it is an historic pub with a good atmosphere, provided good food, good service and had a sheltered area for the bikes at the rear.

Trevor decided to head for home towards Buxton after lunch as the remainder pedalled to Guestwick where Peter peeled off towards home. Then Briston at which point we said goodbye to our leader who had been experiencing a problem with his front mech which no doubt would be quickly solved after consultation with Black Bikes of Sheringham. John S gallantly stepped up and led us by way of Edgefield and Baconsthorpe back to PC, Robin and David C having left us en route.

An enjoyable day and many thanks to John C.

Alan, David C, John C, John S, Malcolm, Peter, Robin and Trevor

39 miles PC to PC; 60 – 65 miles max.

25m Albert Lefever Trophy TT 13/8/17

Seven riders took part in Sunday’s TT on the Holt Fakenham Course.  During the warm up a lone rider from Wisbech was walking towards Holt with a broken rear wheel.  After directing him to a local bike shop in a rush before the start I realised they wouldn’t be open (sorry!), so hopefully he managed to get sorted, as a long walk home…  I had my own rear wheel issue with it locked on against the frame which took some re-assembly at the start to get sorted.

After a bit of pfaffing everyone got off ok and Geoff Paice did a great job on his own at the start.  There wasn’t too much traffic when out of Holt , which was a help (or hinderance depending on your views), the sun was out for a change and the wind was light, although the potholes were slightly deeper than last time out.

Mike Padfield (NNW) got a course PB with 58.07 followed by Alex Lubbock of API Metrow in 60.28.  Alex is a promising young rider who has a PB of 54.07 on the fast E2/25 – indicating the more rolling terrain on our club 25 course… Third was Phil Watkins of 34 Nomads in 61.44 (his best for a 25 is 51.15 in 1992!).  There were some good performances from the ladies Susie Towning and Amanda Marshall who are progessing well this year.

Thanks to super-stand-in marshalls Graham Denny and Rob Warwicker who kept the Fakenham roundabout company and cheered us on whilst we dodged the traffic.


13/08/2017 25m Holt Fakenham Albert Lefever Trophy Race
Name Club Time Handicap time Notes
PHIL WATKINS 34 Nomads 61.44 56.62
JOHN MORGAN NNW 62.40 56.33
NIGEL WALSH NNW 64.02 58.07
P. HURR 66.09
SUSIE TOWNING TriHarman 73.43

Club Run to Smallsticks Café at Cart Gap 2 August 2017

9 Wheelers gathered at PC and were herded off by Malcolm to begin the run to Cart Gap by way of Banningham where we hoped to round up one or two others.

Sure enough reclining on the bench on the village green were David C and Bob (2nd claim member, his primary membership being Velo Club Norwich). So after a quick phone call to the café to confirm the numbers we set off due south against a stiff breeze through Tuttington up to Church Road and then swooped down through Skeyton and Swanton Abbott.

The leader for the day clearly wanted to stretch his legs and on the straight road to Worstead put the hammer down and then waited opposite a slightly bemused bin lorry crew as the riders regrouped before enjoying a tailwind to take us sailing through Briggate, Honing, Crostwight, over the Stalham Road to Happisburgh Common, Lessingham and finally the café. Distance 28 miles from PC.

Realising there would be a little wait, one or two diners availed themselves of the rather good scones before the main courses arrived and all enjoyed a welcome refuel. Good food, friendly service. The only thing that let lunch down slightly is that Bob had asked for his dessert to come with a pot of tea after the meal and unfortunately the order got lost somewhere. The rest of the group were ready to leave some thinking a heavy shower would not be long coming and Bob was happy to make his own way back home. Hope to see you again soon Bob and all the best to VC Norwich!

The shower did not happen as we returned via Happisburgh, Ridlington, Edingthorpe Green, Trunch, Lower Street, Thorpe Market and Hanworth. Various riders had peeled off en route and on reaching the open grazing area of Hanworth Malcolm also bade farewell to Alan, Andrew and Graham who made their way back to PC and their various final destinations.

A good pace today but hopefully nobody’s legs were too tired and all enjoyed a good Wednesday run!

Alan, Andrew, Bob, Brian, David C, Graham, John S, Malcolm, Peter, Robert and Robin

50 miles PC to PC   Max 65 – 70 miles


TT result 10m B10/5


02/08/2017 10m B10/5 Pretty Corner-Holt
Name Club Time Handicap time Notes
KIM MORRISON NNW 21.07  20 54 Course Record
CHRIS SKINNER NNW 22.06  20 32
ROB WARWICKER Tri- Anglia Triathlon Club 22.27
MIKE PADFIELD NNW 22.35  21 27
PERRY 22.36
JOHN MORGAN NNW 23.11  20 52 CPB
PHIL WATKINS 34 Nomads 23.50  22 07
LUKE PETTIT WyndyMilla 24.26
HURR TriHarman 24.39 PB
NIGEL WALSH NNW 24.47  22 02
JOHN HAYWARD NNW 24.56  22 17
BRIAN PLATTS NNW 26.23  21 49
SARAH JAY TriHarman 27.09  21 10
ADRIAN JAY NNW 27.41  23 07
EDDIE ROBSON TriHarman 28.57  22 12
TESSA MORGAN NNW 29.57  22 29