AGM 10th January 2018

Sheringham Community Centre, Holway Road, 7pm.  We would like to encourage all members and prospective members to attend.  You can renew or get new club membership at the meeting. Note that existing Kalas club kit will be available to purchase at half price.

Club Run to The Three Swallows at Cley 25 October 2017

Cool and damp conditions first thing in the morning prompted several Wheelers to prepare for an Autumn run but fairly warm and sunny weather was to be the order of the day as 9 Wheelers, plus Jack who left us early on, set off from PC on Kevin’s ride to Cley next the Sea.

A straightforward enough route to Itteringham only notable for a reasonably stiff westerly breeze which would surely help us on the return leg. However halfway up New Road hill and a turn right and Kevin’s ride became very interesting following a great route via Corpusty and on to Thurning. On the way a swiftly repaired front puncture for John S didn’t delay us for long!

It’s impossible to predict when hedgerows are going to be cut and unfortunately Thurning to Hindolveston took far longer than planned as a thorn strewn stretch of road brought puncture after puncture after……… a slow flat that Andrew hoped would at least last until the lunch stop! It did as it happens!

North to Melton Constable and then Briningham, Thornage, Letheringsett, Glandford and finally the pub. What a great ride and we all looked forward to a refuel.

Whether an allergy to CO2 (the cartridge now being the preferred method of inflation after a puncture), butyl tubes or otherwise, Alban’s hands had suffered an alarming reaction to something or other and he, Andrew (GP retired) and Stephen (escort home if needed) left us to seek treatment by way of an antihistamine. Hope it was sorted!

The remaining six Wheelers suitably refreshed left The Three Swallows by way of the long drag up Holt Road to Bridge Road and finally to the junction with the A148. Always a busy road it took a few minutes before we could all cross safely. As we headed due East we said goodbye to Robin who turned towards Plumstead then Barningham, Itteringham and home and five continued to the junction of Mill Road and Red Barn Lane where two carried on to Lower Gresham and beyond while just the three turned left to return to PC.

What a glorious day and a great ride, thanks Kevin.

Alan, Alban, Andrew, David C, Jack, John S, Kevin, Malcolm, Robin, Stephen.

38 miles PC to PC – (would have been longer but Kevin amended the return route because of lost time to punctures).

Club Run to The Goat Inn at Skeyton 18 October 2017

Eleven headed towards Itteringham on a cool and initially wet Wednesday morning to start Robert’s ride to Skeyton.

With most wearing water (or at least wind) proof tops the NNW logo was only just on display; overshoes were worn by some for possibly the first time this year; and there were two diehards in shorts – good for them and just as well the NE wind wasn’t cooler and stronger!

After Itteringham and en route to Cawston Robert announced that today’s run was going to be a straightforward loop on good roads. Good choice Robert! The other Saturday when we were joined by Owen of Cycling Weekly he did ask if we changed our lanes and byway routes after or during bad weather and in the winter months when the road conditions deteriorate. After all it generally means safer riding conditions, less punctures and less time cleaning your bike!

Fortunately the rain didn’t continue today and the bunch arrived at Cawston nicely warmed up. Crossing the B1145 we then followed The Norwich Road as far as Easton way where we paused to reflect on the new Ratcatcher’s Inn. Mixed feelings on its new appearance – it did have a good reputation in the past – we’ll see when it re-opens!

Onward along Haveringland Road, where we said goodbye to John D, into Shorthorn Road and eventually Stratton Strawless. Then Buxton before arriving at The Goat Inn at the same time as a beer delivery – is this what is meant by serendipity! Trevor left us as he had a busy afternoon ahead.

Once inside most of us resisted the temptation of the ales on offer and enjoyed a good lunch before setting off up Long Road. Reaching Church Road we carried straight on to Tuttington and then Banningham where Malcolm left the group and the remaining 8 Wheelers headed in the direction of Ingworth.

From there Calthorpe, Wickmere, Bessingham (at which point Robert lead himself home), Gresham and finally PC.

Thank you to Robert for leading today’s ride.

Alan, Alban, Andrew, John D, John S, Kevin, Malcolm, Robert, Robin, Stephen, Trevor.

PC to PC 40 miles

Club Run to The Old Railway Station at Reepham, 11 October 2017

Seven Wheelers met at PC for the run to Reepham.  It was quite windy with a stiff south-westerly blowing – we were headed south-west!  We welcomed visitor Chris from Lincolnshire who last rode with us three years ago.  Shorts were still in evidence, but most plumped for long tights.

Off we set for Bodham and Holt before turning southish for Briston – the wind was now a bit troublesome.  Some delightful lanes then followed for the second half of the outward leg.  Robert punctured under half a mile from the café – he suggested we press on but we stayed to enjoy the show.  However, Robert was actually quite speedy and we were on our way in no time.

The café was really quiet on our arrival so service was swift.  Conversation turned to the as yet unfulfilled aspiration to tackle the Marriot’s Way (not on road bikes!) – next summer perhaps. Trevor joined us at the venue, taking the total of Wheelers out to eight.  With three regulars away, this was a good turn-out.

With the sun breaking through, we set of for PC – the wind now generally behind us.  The average speed shot up.  There were again nice lanes to savour, with the highlight being the section through Heydon Estate.  It was to the north for the return home.  A loop around Baconsthorpe was planned to get the miles close to 40, but this involved turning back into the wind a bit, so it was dropped.

You really can really revel in the Norfolk countryside on a day like this – it looks fantastic in the autumnal sunshine; we do cycle in a fabulous part of the country!

Alban, Chris (from Lincolnshire), David C, John S, Kevin, Robert, Stephen and Trevor.

35 miles PC to PC.

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 19.18.48

Club Run to The Chequers Inn at Binham 4 October 2017

Seven Wheelers met at PC on a cool and breezy morning for Alan’s ride to Binham. Most had wisely chosen either 3/4 or full bib tights but a hardy two were still in shorts.

Red Barn lane into Plum Lane before a right turn taking us to Baconsthorpe followed by Edgefield, Hunworth, Stody and Brinton. Pausing at Gunthorpe for a few minutes Andrew suggested taking the lead as Alan had been taking the full hit of the headwind up to this point. We made our way up to and across the A148 and then Little Walsingham, Wighton and finally Binham. We were looking forward to the warmth of the pub!

The Chequers is now a Community Pub so we’re glad to be able to support it in our small way. The service was efficient and friendly and the food good quality. Stephen left us after a quick refreshment and, after lunch, the six continued on their way bypassing Field Dalling and Bale before arriving at Sharrington.

At Letheringsett we could and, in retrospect, should have joined the A148. Instead we chose to ride the footpath alongside which was strewn with cuttings from the recently trimmed hedgerow. Surely this could only end in tears! Firstly Andrew double punctured (front and rear that is) before we even reached the main road. He was happy for us to carry on without him. Geoff left us at Holt.

Then on the stretch to Hempstead David C punctured, then Alban – both without doubt the result of thorns or other debris picked up on that footpath – Alan and Malcolm carried out a further check of their tyres – at this rate we might run out of inner tubes!

Alban left us at Hempstead and the three pedalled on to Baconsthorpe. Shortly after David C and Malcolm bade farewell to Alan who made his way back to PC and they carried on to Gresham before going their separate ways home.

Thank you to Alan for leading today’s ride.

Alan, Alban, Andrew, David C, Geoff (not our Geoff but a welcome visitor), Malcolm, Stephen

40 miles PC to PC; 50 – 60 miles for some.