Ely Hardriders 25m TT

Whilst most of us are still hibernating, clutching on to the thought of spring somewhere in the distance future, a few hardy time triallists are out competing in open events.  Phil Watkins is one such rider who braved the Arctic conditions to do the Ely Hardriders 25m TT last weekend and got his photo taken.  Well done Phil!

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Club Run to The Banningham Crown 21 February 2018

With actual and threatening showers and cold temperatures it seemed unlikely that we would see the sun today – maybe tomorrow but that’s not club run day!

So the sturdy 6 set off from PC on Robert’s ride to Banningham united in determination but hoping that an open fire would great us at the pub.

After passing through Gresham a technological hiccup halted us briefly but we soon continued on through Metton towards Felbrigg. The B road linking the A148 with the A140 always seems busy but we didn’t mind being held up for a couple of minutes as 3 “artics” thundered past. A brief encounter with the B road before a left turn at Crossdale Street and on to Northrepps, Southrepps and Trunch.

As we headed towards Swafield the previous day’s rain had turned Bradfield Road into a bit of a mud bath but Little London Road topped today’s charts as it provided plenty more and potholes too! Still, it gave others the opportunity to give Malcolm a ribbing about his bike’s well known aversion to mud.

Bluebell Road and Marshgate completed the North Walsham diversion as we exited via Spa Common and White Horse Common to reach the A149 at Bengate and then a familiar route to the lunch stop via Worstead, Swanton Abbott and Tuttington.

We enjoyed friendly and prompt service at The Crown and didn’t linger for too long before leaving in 2 groups one of which would split again leaving just 3 to return to PC by the most direct route, that is Erpingham, Aldborough, Bessingham and Gresham.

Thanks to Robert for leading today’s run.

Alan, John S, Kevin, Malcolm, Robert and Robin

37 miles PC to PC

No punctures – we must all have invested in good winter tyres!

Malcolm would not be the only one on bike cleaning duties on arriving home.

Club Run to Jules Country Kitchen at Alby 14 February 2018

It was cold, it was blustery, it’s still winter so what do you expect!?!

If the 8 Wheelers who set off from PC thought that this was going to be a familiar route to Alby we have to remember that Alan always comes up with a cunning plan.

So it was today as we took a westerly route around Baconsthorpe and Edgefield before heading south to Saxthorpe, Corpusty, Salle and onto the B1145 towards Reepham. A left turn into Orchard Lane provided a hazardous descent through mud (albeit dry), ruts and potholes to the junction with New Road where we expected to meet up with Robert and Robin who had got a bit held up on the main road. Alan went in search but came back empty handed so Malcolm made a quick call to learn that R & R were on their way to Cawston having gone into the centre of Reepham and found no sign of us. Apologies for this from Malcolm who should have made sure that R & R knew where we were going!

Cawston wasn’t part of Alan’s plan unfortunately as we continued on through Booton, almost into Buxton and Oxnead. A welcome tailwind took us to Tuttington, Banningham, Colby and finally the lunch stop after some 32 miles. As some had cycled 8 – 15 miles to PC a good thirst and hunger had developed.

Suitably refuelled the bunch split into 3 with Robin heading off to Aylsham via Erpingham and Malcolm and Trevor back towards Banningham and home.

Barry, Kevin and Robert went their own ways at the junction of Plum Lane and Mill Road (Red Barn Cottage, about 1.3 miles from the start).

Just John S back to PC.

Alan punctured on the way home. 

Alan, Barry, John S, Kevin, Malcolm, Robert, Robin, Trevor

40.15 miles PC to PC

Club Run to All Things Nice at Cawston 7 February 2018

Words by John S

With some patchy snow on the ground and a cold day forecast, it could have been a day for giving the ride to Cawston a miss.  Not so, though; five plucky Wheelers met at PC to follow John D to a regular haunt.

Off we set, following an unusual easterly trajectory, albeit with a tad of south in it.  We were seemingly headed for Cawston-on Sea!  But John had a plan, and after turning south near Antingham, we pedalled some delightful (if not mucky) lanes to skirt Tuttington and Brampton before turning west for Cawston.  It was a really nice ride with some sunshine and a tail wind for most of the time.  Big smiles all round.

Our arrival at Cawston was synchronised with that of Trevor and Malcolm – the latter sporting a ridiculously clean bike given the conditions.

The welcome and service at All Things Nice was as friendly as ever and we dined well.

It was clear when we pointed our bikes towards home that the sky was about to serve up some precipitation of the winter variety– not a good thing given the pesky north-west wind.  With three riders peeling off after lunch, the four that returned to PC were treated to a mixture of sleety-rain and rainy-sleet.  It was cold and windy and hard work.  What I had not seen before was the degree of flooding on the roads with some really big “puddles” forming.  Still, riding through them was a good way to clean your bike after such a muddy day out!  Another plus was that Geoff was able to confirm, once again, that his new gloves are truly waterproof!

As the four who returned to PC parted, Kevin made the case for always going out even if conditions are challenging – and he is right.  Rule One – always go (but warm up quickly when you get home!)

John served up a super ride that we should do again.  Thanks very much, John.

36.5 miles PC to PC.  7 out. Quite a lot of water about and some cleaning to do.


Club Run to The Corner House Café at Mundesley 31 January 2018

As 3 waited at PC wondering if others had thought that the run might have been cancelled Trevor joined us having persevered through a heavy shower after leaving home. Not many runs are cancelled (6 in 2017 and 2 this year) and normally only on safety grounds. It has been suggested that should a Wednesday run be cancelled it could be rescheduled to Thursday. The response to this is maybe but not necessarily but Malcolm will do his best if the occasion arises again!

So off we set, with Malcolm leading, on a cold and decidedly breezy day towards Banningham via Gresham, Bessingham, Aldborough, Suffield and Corby. The roads were not too bad considering the earlier rain – the drying effect of the wind helping here.

After a brief chat it was decided to take a more direct route to the lunch stop and we made swift progress (with the tailwind) along the B1145 to North Walsham; then along the Mundesley Road before rejoining the B1145 (aka the “Bypass”) and on to Swafield. Forgoing the pleasures of Trunch we stayed on the B road eventually reaching Knapton and then big ring, heads down to Mundesley!

Reserved for 6, but just the 4 sat down to a good value refuel before a (yet another brief) chat to agree the return leg. We decided that as a birthday treat we would escort Trevor home – so it was Paston, Bacton and, turning right out of Sandy Lane into an incredibly strong headwind, along the North Walsham Road before a left turn and plunging south through Bacton Woods to Briggate.

Over the A149 to Worstead and then over the B1150 to Swanton Abbott.

As the saying goes “Every cloud………….” Alan punctured, albeit slowly, and slow enough to allow us to reach Trevor’s place, where not only was there a track pump but also a refreshing cup of tea courtesy of Trevor’s better half. Dragging ourselves away from Mr and Mrs N’s hospitality the 3 climbed to Skeyton Corner. Then Felmingham, onwards past Corvette Kingdom to the junction at St Margaret of Antioch Church, Suffield where Malcolm bade farewell to the remaining 2 and headed off back to North Walsham.

The 2 cut through to Suffield, around Gunton Park and then followed a familiar route via Hanworth and Gresham back to PC.

Both parties enjoyed a short, sharp hail shower on their way back.

Alan, Kevin, Malcolm and Trevor

53 miles PC to PC

Many Happy Returns to Trevor!